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Fat burning champions for you

Updated on August 16, 2012

If we could rate the products according to their usefulness as to help us stay healthy and slim at the same time, there would be five of them that we can call “the best of the best”.
The products that I am going to write about do not only contain lots of vitamins and micro-elements - they also help us keep in good shape.


1st place - Grapefruit

If you eat one grapefruit or drink one glass of grapefruit juice daily, you can loose up to 1 kilo in one week. This fruit diminishes the level of insulin in blood. And this, in return, diminishes the desire to have a snack.

Attention! If you have stomach problems, add water to your grapefruit juice.

2nd place – Green tea

It slows down the absorption of fats and just like grapefruit, regulates the level of sugar in blood. Besides, green tea washes the slag out. But this is only leaf freshly brewed tea.

3d place – Protein products

Proteins work like muscles builders, take time to be absorbed, and use more calories than fats or carbohydrates. As a result excessive fats are burned away.
The best source of protein are turkey, chicken chests, fish and the white of the egg.

4th place – Onion and garlic

They purify blood veins and improve cell nourishment. One hour after we ate onion or garlic the metabolism accelerates and excessive fats burn down.

Important! However, abusive eating of onion and garlic can harm your stomach.

5th place – Species

Chicories, ginger and cinnamon have a slimming effect. Add them to your food more often. A quarter of teaspoon of cinnamon per day helps better consumption of sugar and reduces sugar level in blood. This means that you can easily control your appetite and won’t overeat.


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