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Nutritional Benefits of Chickpeas

Updated on August 20, 2015


Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, belong to the legume family along with lentils and peas. They provide a good source of protein and is available year round as dried or canned. Garbanzo beans comes in different colors including black, green, red and brown beans. Garbanzo beans has excellent source of molybdenum and manganese. Also they provide a good source of folate, fiber, iron, phosphorus and copper. Chickpeas can be used in salads, stews and curries. Below you will find some of the nutritional benefits of chickpeas.

Interesting facts about chickpeas:

1. Chickpeas was first found in Turkey.

2. Biggest chickpea producers are India, Pakistan, Turkey and the Mediterranean.

3. Ground garbanzo beans used to create chick peas flour called gram flour or besan flour. Ground chichpeas is used in falafels and hummus.

4. Chickpea plant grows to 20 and 50 cm high and has small feathery leaves on either side of the stem.


Nutrition and health benefits of chickpeas:

1. Protein: Chickpeas has good source of folic acid, manganese, iron, copper, magnesium and molybendum. Also they provide fat free and high quality protein.

2. Lower your risk of heart disease: Regular consumption of chickpeas or garbanzo beans can lower bad cholesterol and total cholesterol levels. Studies also shown that chickpeas can lower the risk of heart disease.

3. For Women: Garbanzo contain phytochemicals called saponins, which can act as antioxidants. It could lower the risk of breast cancer, and protect against osteoporosis. It also minimizes hot flushes in post menopausal women.

4. Iron for energy: Chickpeas can boost your energy because of their iron content. If you're pregnant or lactating, your needs for iron increase. Children and adolescents also have increased needs for iron.

5. Weight Loss: Due to high fiber content, chickpeas are good for weight loss diets. Salad with chickpeas are tasty and also keep you full longer which helps to contol the appetite. Iron is an integral component of hemoglobin, which transports oxygen from the lungs to all body cells.

Green garbanzo beans
Green garbanzo beans

 6. Manganese: Chickpeas has excellent source of trace mineral manganese. It is an essential cofactor in a number of enzymes in energy production and antioxidant defenses.

7. Molydenum: Molybendum is a mineral for body's mechanism to detoxify sulfites. Sulfite-sensitive individuals may experience headaches, confusion and a racing heartbeat.

8. Glycemic index: High fiber and low glycemic index content of chickpeas prevents blood sugar or blood glucose levels from rising too rapidly after a meal. Legumes can be digested very easily because of their high fiber content. Chick peas is a great choice for individuals with diabetes, insulin resistance or hypoglycemia.

9. Constipation: Dietary fiber prevents constipation and digestive disorders.

10. Calcium: Chickpeas has siginificant source of calcium. Some sources quote it as equal to milk and yogurt.


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    • profile image

      brandonsroy 5 years ago

      Excellent Hub. I hope to see more.

    • jennyjenny profile image

      jennyjenny 7 years ago from Somewhere in Michigan

      Great Hub! Very informative and resourceful! Always on the look out for nutritional feedback! Thanks for sharing! :) Can't wait to read more!

    • Shil1978 profile image

      Shil1978 7 years ago

      Nice hub blessedmom. Very informative. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Pcunix profile image

      Tony Lawrence 7 years ago from SE MA

      We really like hummus, but considering the basic ingredients, it surprises me how much taste varies from brand to brand.

      If you sort of don't like it but know it's good for you, try another brand - you just might like it!