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Obesity Caused by Eating Convenience Foods

Updated on August 31, 2011
Eat healthy and lose weight by cutting out convenience foods
Eat healthy and lose weight by cutting out convenience foods

Weight loss is a struggle for many of us. Most of us tend to opt for easy and convenient meals, that just so happen to be high in fat and sodium and unfortunately, not too great for the waist line. Fast paced lives leads to fast paced meals on the go. And when we have a moment in the evening to sit and breath, something to eat may come as a comfort.

Processed Foods and Growing Up

Since the 1950’s the food industry’s that produce processed foods have grown in leaps and bounds. This shows how much our lives have changed and the roles within the families have changed. It is common for both the mom and dad to work out of the home and fast foods have become a welcomed commodity. Even preparing lunches for yourself and your children is easier with pre-packaged foods because it frees up so much time.

Obesity Stats

Obesity is a rising problem and very common, the fact that 2 out of every 3 people in North America are obese says a lot about how we are eating. After all of these convenient meals, the weight starts to creep up. Weight loss is a hard thing to do if you are unable to prepare yourself with healthy foods in the kitchen. Yo-yo dieting can get the best of us and it is hard to stick to a strict “starve-yourself” diet.

The Disadvantages of Convenient Food

Convenience foods have many disadvantages. One to consider is that there is much less nutritional value. Processed convenience foods contain artificial flavors and additives and some are known to have carcinogenic properties. The FDA allows “additives” to be added to the ingredients without revealing what is in the additive. This is because the ingredients are considered (GRAS) Generally Regarded As Safe. All the label has to say is “artificial flavor/coloring”. These chemicals have been linked to causing cancer and that would be just another issue to deal with alongside the weight issues. Processed foods do not offer the nutritional value that our bodies need, so to eat packaged and canned foods we may often feel tired and need to take supplements just to keep up.

What Can You Eat?

Many diets promise success but much too often fail to deliver. That is because dieting is a healthy life choice. It requires changing the way we think about food and about the way we eat and when we eat. But the key to starting out on this weight loss journey is to think about how we think and talk to ourselves. Proper food preparation and learning how to cook wholesome meals will benefit you and the rest of your family.

  • Think of creating a meal that is easy and looks good. Plan ahead each days meals and buy the groceries for the week. By deciding ahead of time what you are eating takes half of the guessing game away. Many times, out of not knowing what to make, we just pick the easiest on the shelves.
  • Cut up veggies ahead of time or at the beginning of each weeks grocery purchase. That way, you save time later when preparing a delicious, vitamin packed meal.
  • Make healthy low carb choices to cut out the extra. By cutting down on carbs, you will lose weight easily!
  • Buying local produce also helps to support your community farmers and cuts down on pollution because of it going less of a distance to be shipped.

So eating and buying foods that are good for you are actually good for everyone!


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    • Steph0596 profile image

      Steph0596 6 years ago from Ontario

      Hi Phil,

      We, my kids and family, have managed to stay within a healthy weight range(not without our struggles though, mostly for me and hubby)and occasionally we too go out to fast food restaurants, but we keep it in moderation- since it's expensive and not the best for us. It's hard to make healthy food choices when you're out and busy.

      But even in cereal, there is lots of hidden sugar. I once read that it would be better for a parent to buy the unsweetened kind of cereal and let their child add as much sugar as they want because it wouldn't even be a fraction of what the sweetened kinds have added. It's all in the little things that make the overall difference. Thanks for the vote up!

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      This is a significant point considering the rising rates of child obesity. We're doing a pretty good job of keeping our kids on a good diet, only succumbing to a McDo trip no more than seven or eight times a year. Vote up and useful from me!