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Oulala, Zhe Bistro 'Chez Nuggetry' eez now Open, 'ubNuggets galore!

Updated on August 29, 2013

Anything to do with French cuisine needs to be read with a French accent! (n'est pas, s'ils vous plait)

'ubpages eez growing so much zhat it now includes a new bistro on zhe main floor of zhe 'ubpages 'eadquarters on zhe east side of zhe building. Eet eez called 'Chez Nuggetry' and has zhe best of zhe best weekly on eet's menu. We even 'ave outside seating for zhose who would like to enjoy zhe rays.

We take reservations over zhe internet and zhe awesomely talented 'ubteam works 'ard at getting zhem out to you, zhe reader.

First of all zhe two 'ubPages employees who will continue to be zhe "Communicators of Awesomeness!" Maddie and Jason.

Maddie Rudd 'as earned 'er title of "Communicator of awesome Fairness" by being zhe 'ubpages moderator. With zhe great Hup going awol she 'as taken on some of zhe extra duties in zhe Nuggettry too. Maddie enjoys as you can see from 'er (uh 'ow you say 'image' in zhe eenglish...ah oui) picture, she loves zhe great outdoors, writing and loves to share healthy recipes too.

'ere you see 'er in the 'ubpages orchard checking to see which 'ubnugget wannabes are ready, ripe and oh so juicy. (Only green ones on zhe tree for now as zhe good and ready ones were all picked by zhe Nugget-picker team.... more 'ubnugget wannabes next week)

Now Jason Menayan ees the other ''ubPages employee who eez also zhe "Communicator of Awesomeness" in zhe marketing field who will also take up some of zhe MIA Hup's duties with zhe Nuggetry. Zhis great new Bistro "Chez Nuggetry" wouldn’t be possible without the 'ard work and creativity of Jason and the rest of the 'ubPages crew.

'e, Jason enjoys to travel, great food, and all the cool stuff that continues to develop online especially at 'ubpages.

Maintenant (now) pleeeeze let mee be zhe first to introduce to you zhe fantastique chefs zhat serve up zhe weekly 'unhugget wannabes'.

Shirley Anderson, 'ead Chef and zhe team leader of zhe 'Chez Nuggetry' Bistro. She ees a merveilleux 'ow do I say, great career writer filled to zhe gills with pep and energy. Zhat eez what zhe 'ubnuggets can do for you... give you plenty of zhe energy. Shirley enjoys quiet walks through zhe weekly 'ubmobs too.

In 'er picture you can see the strength zhat just oozes out of 'er. (I wish she would do somezhing about all zhat facial 'air but as I'm just new to zhe team and can not be free with my words yet. It might look quite attractive on Jason but on her??? it seems a liittle tooo 'airy, eef you know what I mean)

Zhis eez mon ami, Sous Chef Patty Inglish who eez amongst ozzer zhings a martial arts grandmaster, an extraordinary Nuggetologist and 'ubnugget wannabes picker. She gets zhe job done, writes about zhe jobs and great recipes too. 'er 'ands are registered lethal weapons, she lines up zhem 'ubnugget wannabes in a row with one swift kick and a 'ayahhh' squeal a la Bruce Lee (you should see 'er in action).

Patty enjoys to write, hiding away in bookstores or libraries and walking on warm sandy beaches (still with her nose in zhe book) where she does not have to shovel snow... Zhis is still 'ush 'ush, a secret, but Patty and I are planning on buying an island somewhere, where it's warm and gorgeous year-round, and only great 'ubwriters will be allowed to come to.

Sous-Chef RedElf eez zhe other newcomer to zhe " 'ubnugget-picker team". She eez an accomplished artist, singer/songwriter and writer extra-ordinare. She eez one of zhose happily creative people who just loves to try out new challenges all zhe time. RedElf enjoys cooking for 'er family and friends... zhat eez us 'ere on 'ubpages. Zhe Bistro 'Chez Nuggetry' is lucky to 'ave 'er 'elp with zhe weekly nugget-picking, prepping zhem into bite size pieces and dishing zhem out to zhe bistros 'ungry customers.

Ripplemaker eez zhe official 'ubNugget cheerleader, taster and overall encourager of zhe new 'ubnuggeteers. She 'as only nice zhings to say about anyone which eez zhe reason she 'as friends galore from around the world, across zhe seven seas, oceans and continents.

She can also jump in at zhe Nuggetry and act as a Sous-chef, 'er picture wearing zhe coveted tall 'at proves zhat.

Ripplemaker enjoys traveling, writing great 'ubs, creating art with and for 'er pupils.

Not just a Sous-Chef at zhe Nuggetry, mais non, B.T. Evilpants 'as suggested zhat the Bistro 'Chez Huggetry' needs a reliable and fast delivery system too. Lately 'e 'as been hopppping around from coast to coast, from zhe north down south, to every corner of zhe globe fueled solely on 'ubnugget wannabes dunked in zhe gravy and enormous side orders of Canadian buttertarts. So officially zhat makes 'im zhe 'ubnugget wannabes deliverer. Eef you would like to 'ave your next orders brought to your door 'is number eez 226-555-HUBS (226-555-4827)

B.T., zhe famous Jackalope enjoys writing, taking romantic walks on zhe sandy beaches with 'is friend rmr's wife's ass (you know zhe mule or zhe donkey... 'is words not mine), jazz, coming across to Canada for 'is buttertart binges and doing evil throughout North America, parts of Europe, actually world wide...

For some silly reason zhe word 'Bistro' alone brings out zhe Francais en moi, oops zhere it goes again, my 'at keeps falling down... my Sous Chef 'at, eet eez nice, non? One good zhing 'owever my legs have never looked slimmer, don't you agree?

I enjoy long walks on zhe sandy beaches of zhe internet, eet and I are zhe best of amis (friends) I can keep reading and reading and zhe knowledge pond never empties. My ozzer loves include writing, gardening, handy-work, my children and grand-daughters and mes animeaux (my many pets).

Now for zhe menu of zhe week: 'ere are zhe 'ubnuggets wannabes

Zhe 'hubnugget, you want to know what eet eez, Non? Well read zhis eet will explain eet all!

To be eligible for HubNugget consideration, you must have joined hubpages within the last 60 days, and have an author score of 75 or above. Your hub must have been published within the last 7 days, and have a hub score of 55 or above. That's it!

Now you may be asking how you can achieve all of that when you're still learning your way around here. Excellent question! If you recently joined us, then you're halfway there. If you haven't, why not go ahead and join now? It's free, and it only takes a few minutes.

Now about those scores. Build yourself a hub with well written, original content. Next, add a few relevant photos. You can even add a video, or news feed if you like. Move your capsules around to create an attractive layout, and preview your handy work. Now all that's left to do is hit that "publish" button, and watch your score rise. Your friends at HubNugget Central will do the rest!

If you want more detailed information, Shirley Anderson has written a hub on the whole process. You can find it here.

 or here

All 'ubnuggets are served with soup du jour, salad, rice pilaf,and zhe scrumptious dessert

What eez your choice?

See results

Just a little gossip if I may!

Zhis little bit 'ere eez just a little gossip... just keep eet between us okay? You did not 'ear zhis from me.

Since Frank the pooch 'as gone MIA with 'zhe great Hup I 'heard zhat zhe whole team is a bit lonely... no pet lurking under zhe desks... so I 'eard from a secret source zhat zhis might be zhe next 'ubpages mascot. Isn't she beautiful? She would fit right under Maddies desk and no-one would know she is even zhere... She 'as one hub.. oh silly me one 'ump... you know like some camels 'ave two 'umps zhis one only 'as one, as she is a dromedary.


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