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Updated on April 7, 2012
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Sample of the Pancake
Sample of the Pancake



By Benjamin Ugoji



Are you tired of eating sandwiches as a meal option in your lunch box? How can you become more creative in turning simple raw materials to valuable meal options? This article just describes how to transform simple recipes to 'mouth watering' delicacy.


Ingredients and Equipment

You will need - Self raising flour, Eggs, Lettuce, Cucumber, Chicken or ham slices (as the case may be) Fresh semi-skimmed milk, margarine, Granulated sugar, Non stick frying pan, cooker.



1. Weigh your self-raising flour, baking fat and sugar into a bowl. Carefully mix the whole ingredients to a homogenous mass with your finger-“the rob in method”.

The ratio of the ingredients could be (2:1:1); that is if you use 50grams of flour. You will need 25 grams each of fat and sugar respectively.


2. Meanwhile beaten egg is added to the mixture and the is scrupulously mixed with a wooden spoon. You have to use your imagination in this regard to estimate the number of eggs required. You can use two eggs to say 100 grams of the flour.


3. Add warm semi-skimmed milk to the mixture until you produce a emulsion with a very smooth consistency but very fluid in terms of rheological properties.


4. Put the non-tick pan over the cooker (gas mark 2-3); and add a little vegetable oil just enough to lubricate the pan. Allow the oil to spread all over the pan by moving the pan side ways. Pour the pancake mixture into the hot pan and quickly spread the mixture evenly across the pan to form a very thin overlay. Allow it to cook for few minutes and turn the flat pancake on the other side to cook. The texture of the finished product will appear soft and springy almost like an 'earlobe texture'


5. Put the lettuce, sliced cucumber and chicken and roll over the pancake. Cut into two equal parts with table knife and enjoy!



This recipe for making pancake is very valuable because it will help you to add value to otherwise simple ingredients. This is because you can literally include any choice of ingredient to the pancake roll. For example, vegetarian may add his or her own choice of vegetables rather than meat as an option. Therefore, you can create different meal options by using this simple recipe.

In terms of nutritional properties, the product is a source of nutrients required for healthy option.


Copyright 2009, Benjamin Ugoji


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