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Pot Holders: Make Them, Collect Them and Use Them

Updated on August 15, 2014
That Grrl profile image

Laura likes retro, vintage, old things. Choosing to preserve or repurpose is her dilemma - can't change your mind once started.


I bought myself pot holders from the department store. I loved the colours, that's why I picked them. But, the colours faded after a couple of washings. Disappointing. It would be smarter to just make my own I decided.

I liked the pot holders made with upcycled/ repurposed jeans. Doubled over, they would be nice and thick for picking up hot pots and pans. But, I still think they need a layer in between for keeping out more heat, plus, keeping them dry rather than letting water soak through. If you have ever picked up a hot pan with a wet pot holder you will know why a pot holder must be dry. Fully dry, not even just a bit damp. I feel pain just remembering.

So, when you are making pot holders, be aware of the wet/ dry issue. Consider fabrics or yarn which keeps dry and does not melt in contact with heat. A safer thing would be to have a middle fabric in your pot holder which would prevent both sides getting wet at all.

Of course, you don't want a pot holder made of anything too thin. Another element with crochet or knit pot holders are having gaps in the pattern which you could poke a finger through while picking up a hot pan. If you use a lacey knit or crochet pattern give the pot holder a backing which will keep your hands safe from burns.

Another nice thing about pot holders is how washable they are. It's pretty easy for them to get something slopped on them. My pot holders double as a something I can always sit the hot pan on once I pull it out of the oven. If I don't get something on them from the pan while taking it out of the oven, by the time dinner is done someone else will have dripped and dribbled something on them while serving themselves. This is why I stopped using anything not easily washable as a pot rest (do they have a real name of their own?).

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    • That Grrl profile image

      Laura Brown 5 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      I especially like the house one.

    • nmdonders profile image

      Nira Perkins 5 years ago

      Those are really cute. They can be decorative and personal. What a great idea!