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Quick and Easy Recipe: High Protein, Lower Carb Pancakes

Updated on July 15, 2014

Fast and Easy, High in Protein!

I look for quick, healthy recipes that are very flavorful. After experimenting, here is a recipe for high protein pancake batter. It's a great breakfast choice, and has the proteins and carbs you need for right after a workout, without all the sugar!


• 1/2 cup honey wheat or whole wheat pancake mix*.

• 3 scoops vanilla whey protein powder (For price and value, I like EAS Premium Protein, available at Costco.)

• 2 eggs, 1 separated, 1 whole (add the eggs even though pancake powder doesn't usually require it. It makes a nice difference.)

• 1/2 to 2/3 cup water

*You can use just whole wheat flour, but it's a heavy pancake, which also requires baking soda and baking powder in the mix.


Combine pancake mix and protein powder in a medium mixing bowl. Add one whole egg and the egg white of the second.* Stir mixture while adding water until it's the right consistency.

Using 1/4 or 1/2 measuring cup, scoop batter and pour onto griddle or frying pan.

Makes 4 to 6 pancakes, depending on size.

* You can mix the eggs in a separate bowl and fold them in the mixture, but I have no patience for that. I just dump it in and whisk until the mixture is the right consistency.

For Waffles:

Follow the direction above but add a little more water to make a slightly thinner consistency. I don't add any oil, but if you choose to, add 1 tablespoon of a healthy oil such as Smart Balance Omega Oil. This is especially good for you right after a workout.

Spray hot iron with a nonstick cooking oil before pouring batter onto the iron.

Makes about 4 waffles.


Top with fresh fruit, no sugar maple flavored syrup, peanut butter (good, healthy fats!) or another healthy choice that you like. If you want to sweeten your fresh fruit a little, use a teaspoon of Splenda, or another sugar substitute. (Put the fruit in a bowl and stir in the sugar substitute. The fruit will become more juicy.)

Additions to Your Breakfast:

If you want scrambled eggs with it, use a low or no cholesterol egg substitute, cage free eggs, or, if none of those are available, use 1 egg yolk per 4 eggs, discarding the other 3 yolks, using the 3 egg whites.

You can also include turkey bacon if desired. Lean ham is also a good option.

Since the batter and fruit will have all the carbohydrates you need, it's best not to add additional foods like cereals, breads, etc.

If you add fruit juice, remember it's also principally carbohydrates and natural sugars.

Nutrition Facts:

Based on either 4 pancakes or 4 waffles, each pancake or waffle contains*:

Calories: 112.5

Total Fat: 1.5 grams

Cholesterol: 18.75 mg

Sodium: 162.5 mg

Carbohydrates: 12 grams

Fiber: 6 grams

Sugars: 2 grams

Protein: 14.5 grams

* Numbers are approximate, not exact, although I think they are pretty accurate.


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