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Recipe For Blackberry Ice Cream

Updated on February 20, 2012

There's no better time of the year than winter to make fresh ice cream. Well, at least there's not a better time for me, that is. Having no ice cream machine, winter is the only time of the year that offers plenty of free ice cream making material, snow! I just load up a bucket, pour on some ice cream salt and get to churning. Luckily I was able to catch a great sale on fresh blackberries right as the snow began to fall. Blackberry Ice Cream was set for the menu, and on that cold snowy night, a great recipe was born. Whether churning by hand or by machine, learn how you too can make great this great recipe for blackberry ice cream.


Start off Fresh -

You'll never hear me recommend a canned or jarred substitute. Go for the real deal! When it comes to any dish (yes, ice cream included), fresh ingredients are always better. If you can't find fresh blackberries, try raspberries, strawberries or blueberries instead.

Ingredients -

  • 5oz Fresh Blackberries
  • 1/3 Cup Sugar (Optional)
  • 2 Cups Milk


Prepare the Blackberries -

For this ice cream to remain smooth and creamy, just the juice of the berries is used. The seeds and more solid parts of the berry are separated and can be saved for smoothies or frozen for later use in sauces, etc.

  1. Clean berries and place in a large bowl. Pour sugar over the berries and mash well with a fork.
  2. Through a flour sieve, strain out the juice into a separate bowl.

Making the Ice Cream -

If you have an electric ice cream maker, that's all the better. All you'll have to do is put the recipe together and follow the directions on your machine. For those folks like myself who lack a machine, hand churning is the only option. I've found that filling a bucket with snow (or ice) and placing a gallon size freezer bag in the middle works great to make ice cream. Surround your bag with the snow and ice cream salt mixture and churn in the middle. It can be a painstaking process, but it's well worth it.

My best hand-churned effort. I stirred the mixture a few times in the freezer to make sure that large crystals didn't form.
My best hand-churned effort. I stirred the mixture a few times in the freezer to make sure that large crystals didn't form.
  1. Combine the berry juice and milk.
  2. Churn in a machine or by hand. By hand it took me about 20-25 minutes for my ice cream to set up enough to move to the freezer.
  3. Once the mixture has thickened up greatly, but is still overall pretty soft, move it to the freezer to solidify. For hand churners, it's best to pour your ice cream into a bowl before adding it to the freezer.
  4. Leave in freezer for about 2 hours.
  5. Serve with cobblers, as a milkshake or just by itself with a sprig of mint.


As simple as this recipe is, it produces high quality ice cream every time. Plus, who doesn't love the amazing purple hue? The great part about the whole deal is that you don't have to feel guilty eating this ice cream. With very little sugar, and nutrient packed berries, you'll actually be doing yourself a favor by eating a few hearty scoops of this frozen treat. Thanks for reading my article discussing a recipe for Blackberry Ice Cream. If you'd like to see other heart healthy options, please be sure to checkout some more of my other great recipes below.


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    • Joe Macho profile image

      Zach 6 years ago from Colorado

      Allana Calhoun - Glad you enjoyed it. I'll definitely say that it's a lot easier with a machine, but come on, where's the fun in that? Good luck to you. Thanks for reading

    • Allana Calhoun profile image

      Allana Calhoun 6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Cool! Have wondered how one could make ice cream without an ice cream maker. Definitely food for thought now :D

    • Joe Macho profile image

      Zach 6 years ago from Colorado

      @breathing - Yes, it is pretty tasty. It would be a perfect summer time treat. Thanks for stopping by to read.

      @prairieprincess - The ice cream tastes of fresh berries!I was pretty impressed myself with how simple the recipe was too. Thanks for reading.

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada

      This sounds delicious! It's amazing how simple of a recipe it is!

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 6 years ago from Bangladesh

      I like Ice-Cream but here at this moment we all struggle against the temperature. Really too much cold here. We are not habituate with this kind of low temperature. But sure in summer I will try this at my home because it seems very yammi....