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Recipe Suggestions for Salmon

Updated on July 20, 2009

Few tips and suggestions for quick, great tasting salmon dish

For those healthy eaters or for those who just want to maintain their weight, fish is considered one of the healthiest and best food to feed our body next to fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, fish is not really that popular to most people. They just simply don't adore fish. Period. You can't blame them. Fish gets spoiled easily and have that fishy smell that grosses out people. Growing up in the Philippines, I am used to that smell since my father would always take me to the wet market where there is a lot of different kinds of fish you'll see. Also in the Philippines, fish is very popular for those poor families who can't really afford to buy meat. There are gazillions of different kinds of dried fish also that is really, really good and very cheap as well. If you want to try some fish dishes, here are a few suggestions for salmon recipes. You can check some of them in one of my hubs. Happy cooking and Enjoy!

Raw Salmon salad

Baked/Broiled salmon fillet

Broiled Salmon Pattie

Salmon Alfredo with roasted red peppers


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