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Bear N Mom Recipes - Canning Apple Slices

Updated on October 14, 2016
apples ready to peel and cut
apples ready to peel and cut
Peeling apples
Peeling apples
cutting apple slices
cutting apple slices
Apples sliced and just from microwave
Apples sliced and just from microwave
apples preserved in mason jars
apples preserved in mason jars

Shopping for Apples in Fall

I frequently shopped at the Farmers Market that used to be at the Highland Park Zoo on Fridays. In the summer, I would shop for Swiss Chard and those vegetables that were not normally sold in the supermarkets. In the Fall I would shop for my apples to be stored for winter use.

I got into the habit of buying 3 bushels of different types of apples. I would prepare half for apples slices and half for applesauce.

By combining 2 to 3 types of apples you achieve a more powerful flavor. I would pick a green cooking apple such as a Granny Smith and a speckled apple such as a Northern Spy. The third apple can be either a Mackintosh or a Jonathan. By blending of different apples you get a better taste and consistency.

Preparing Apples

  1. Peel and core and equal amount of apples into a large bowl. [This step replaces the cooking in a pot method!]
  2. Sprinkle the apples with 1/3 cup of sugar and cinnamon to your desired coloring. Do not use diabetic sweetening or the seal on the jars will pop. If making for diabetic leave out the sugar.
  3. Cover the Apples with a glass lid orclear plastic wrap and place in microwave for 10 minutes on high.
  4. Scoop apples into mason jars to brim, being sure to leave no air pockets or the apples will mold and let cool. You do not have to pour wax on these apples.
  5. Once they are cool you can cover with the lid and lock the freshness by screwing down the lid cover.


Do not use diabetic sweetener when canning your apples.

I used Sweet N Low one year and lost the entire bath because the seals burst and bubbled. Since using the diabetic sugar was the only difference in my canning that had to be what happened to my fruit that year.

Additional Uses

Putting up apples in the Fall gives you enough apples to do pies over the winter and those apple cobbler or strudel recipes for the holidays.

I particularly love Apple Pandowdy or Apple Upside Down Cake. If you are using your preserved apples for this recipe, you don't need to precook the apples in the pan. You just layer the apples and then pour your cake batter over them.

I have recently started eating Gala Apples. The skin is more tender and they are so flavorful.

Making Recipes From Fresh Apples

So many of the supermarkets now carry a multitude of apple varieties year round. If you get in the mood for one of the many apple recipes you can now purchase what you need to make a good tasting apple pie, cake or salad from fresh apples. Just remember to pick and choose a variety of different types of apples for the best consistency and flavor.


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