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Reproduction Whiskey Jugs | Stoneware Pottery Jugs

Updated on June 23, 2015

Authentic Reproduction Stoneware Whiskey Jugs

Authentic reproduction whiskey jugs are still handmade in the USA in a small family owned pottery shop just like they were made by master potters centuries ago.

Whether you’re looking to bottle up some home brew, play the jug in a hillbilly band or to just use for decoration, these reproduction authentic whiskey jugs will fill the ticket.

Sizes range from a quarter Gallon to one gallon to fit almost every need in either decorating or for a functional use.

Whiskey jugs are made using the same clay and lead free glaze as stoneware cookware.

These jugs will hold up to the same harsh treatment as bakeware, they are microwave, dishwasher and oven save.

Although cleaning in a dishwasher is probably not the most ideal, as the small open top won't let the spray clean the inside effective.

Placing them inside a dishwasher after cleaning inside will still provide the sterilization benefits.

Hot water and dish soap along with a dish rag hooked on to a long wire and then pushed inside to allow to roll around inside for cleaning. Make sure the wire is secure to be able to pull the dishrag back out. A bottle brush used for cleaning wine jugs can also be effective.

Dish soap used with a bleach mixture to provide disinfection inside is probably advisable.

Rinsing out a jug can also be a challenge, as no matter how much you spray inside soap suds continue to show up.

To rinse fill under running hot water sitting in a sink until the dish soap and suds overflow out the top and only clear water is exiting.

Jugs can be funnel filled with pantry staples and used as canisters, providing an easy pour solution into mixing bowls and measuring cups.

Stoneware also provides some natural cooling for liquids, making these jugs perfect to surprise guest at country style events such as barn weddings with whiskey jugs filled with water and drink mixes.

Whisky jugs can also be personalized with hand painted sayings or names making these jugs a nice gift idea for the guy that seems to already have everything.

Stoneware jugs also make great decorating items as standalone or converted into such things as table lamps.

Jugs are available in the old style white or blue stripe or can be customized with a variety of hand painted arts.

Reproduction Whiskey Jugs courtesy of Cottage Craft Works .com


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