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Restaurant Reviews & Dining Guide For Phuket Thailand

Updated on September 20, 2011
The Family
The Family


If you are travelling to Phuket Thailand, you will have the opportunity to eat at some of the world's best restaurants. You will have to be careful where you decide to eat, the Island has a lot of tourists and there are plenty of average restaurants with inflated prices. Phuket is world renowned for having fresh seafood, however you should always check to make sure you are eatingf fresh wild seafood harvested from the ocean, and not farmed seafood. I will comment on a few of Phuket's best restaurants that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Recommended Restaurants

The B.B.Q. Hut - Located in Patong Beach on Haa Seep Bee rd. (50 years rd.) the B.B.Q. Hut has a wide selection of authentic Mexican and American cuisine. They are famous for their huge racks of smoked B.B.Q. pork ribs. Other favourites include beef tacos, burgers, chili, and a wide variety of Mexican food. This is one of only places in Patong Beach that you can get Western food for a reasonable price. The portions are quite healthy and the price range is approximately $5-10USD per dish.

The Family Restaurant - The Family is located on Whichit rd. approximately 100 meters from the Chalong traffic circle. The owner of The Family is a retired Israeli man married to a Thai lady. The Family specializes in Mediterranean food, however they also have great Thai food. This is a perfect place to go when one person wants Thai food and the other wants Western food. Some of my favourite dishes at this restaurant include the chicken Shawarma plate, or chicken Shawarma pita sandwich. There are several dishes that include pita bread with hummus, eggplant salad and tahini. Most dishes are priced under $5USD, some of the best value for your money anywhere on the Island.

Fatty's - Located on Chao Fah West rd. approximately 2KM from the Chalong traffic circle, Fatty's is a little out of the way. They specialize in steak and schnitzel with potatoes. After weeks of eating rice and chicken, some people just crave meat and potatoes, and when they do, they go to Fatty's! My favourite dish at Fatty's is Tornadoes (medallions of beef with pepper sauce and mashed potatoes). Most dishes are between $4-7USD and because of that it might be difficult to get a table in the evenings.

Mr India - Located on the Chalong pier rd., Mr. India is my favourite Indian restaurant in Phuket. Mr India is one of the only places that offer reasonable prices for half decent Indian food. They are not going to win any awards for best curry or anything like that, but they do put out decent food at a reasonable price. For Indian food, Mr India wins by default.

The Roxy Bar
- The Roxy Bar is located in Phuket Town on Pangnga rd. near the Kasikorn Bank. The Roxy is a great place to go for a drink in the evening, they also have some great Turkish food and Tacos. The Roxy is a great place to go if you want to watch a football match and have a meal at the same time. Prices are very reasonable, most dishes will be less than $5USD.

Formula 1 Restaurant - Located on the main road in Kata Beach, The Formula 1 restaurant is run by a French chef who used to work as a chef for the drivers on the F1 circuit. There are photos and memorabilia from famous F1 drivers on the walls. Most people will take a look at this place and get the wrong impression from a first glance. The food is excellent French cuisine and the prices are more than reasonable.

Jaay Mee - Located on Patak rd. across from the Phuket Shooting Range, Jay Mee is a Thai style B.B.Q. restaurant.They specialize in B.B.Q spare ribs as well as beef,pork,and chicken.My favourite dish is the B.B.Q. ribs, if you don't know what else to order I would suggest "Nam Tok Neua" it is a sliced beef salad. I can have a few cold beers and dinner for my whole family at Jay Mee for less than $10USD.

The Sandwich Shoppe -
There are 2 locations, 1 on Chao Fah West rd. and the other in Patong Beach. The Sandwich Shoppe has great coffee, free wireless Internet and great sandwiches. My favourite sandwich is the breakfast sandwich with sausage and eggs. Prices are a little higher than I would like to pay for a sandwich, but nowhere does a better sandwich for less.

I will give you a list of a few places that I consider to cater exclusively to tourists, because locals won't eat there. These places are grossly overpriced and serving what I consider to be average food. I am just trying to save you from being disappointed, I know how much it ruins my day when I spend a bunch of money on average food!

Hard Rock Cafe
Dino Park
Joe Kools
Pizza Hut
The Coffee Pot
The Boathouse

My apologies to the owners of these establishments, perhaps if you improve the quality of the food you are putting out, and price it accordingly, you can let me know!

DISCLAIMER - I am not affiliated with any of these businesses. This is not a paid advertisement, This is an accurate account of my experiences eating at these restaurants. If you find any of my comments to be inaccurate, you can contact me and let me know why? If you can convince me of any inaccuracies I will edit accordingly.

The Family Restaurant


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      Bon Island 6 years ago from Bon Island, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand

      Come over to Bon Island for some great food by the beach!