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The Family Restaurant, Mediterranean Food In Phuket Thailand

Updated on October 21, 2011

The Family

The Family Restaurant is owned and operated by Ovadia Shicartzy and his lovely wife. Ovadia is from Israel and his wife is from Thailand. Together they have put together a wonderful mix of delicious Mediterranean food and authentic Thai food. Ovadia is passionate about his food and about his business, this is evident when you enter his restaurant. He treats his customers like his family and he is always a gracious host. The Family is one of Phuket's most popular restaurants among locals and expats, it is one of only a few places you can get good western food for a reasonable price. If you are travelling to Phuket, this is one spot you will want to try.

Ovadia Shicartzy
Ovadia Shicartzy
chicken shawarma
chicken shawarma
chicken shawarma
chicken shawarma


The Family Restaurant is well known in Phuket for having some of the best Mediterranean and authentic Thai food in Phuket.The original restaurant was located in Chalong, opposite the Chalong police station. The new location is not far away: on Wichit road (the road to Rawai). The Family is located approximately 1 km from the Chalong traffic circle. The restaurant is in front of the entrance to Tesco shopping center. Nothing has changed, actually most of the restaurant was physically moved to the new location. The food is still just as wonderful as it was at the old location.


Chicken Shawarma -
The most popular dish at the Family Restaurant is undoubtedly the chicken shawarma pita sandwich. The fresh chicken is sliced from the kebab, and piled into pita along with fresh vegetables and tahini sauce. The chicken shawarma sandwich sells for 2-3USD and it is a good sized meal. They also have the chicken shawarma plate, served with pita and french fries.

Falafel - The falafel pita sandwich is another favourite. Vegetarians will find quite a few options at the Family Restaurant. They also have an excellent eggplant pita sandwich. All these sandwiches are 2-3USD.

Chalong Plate - The Chalong plate is a serving of falafel, fresh pita bread and tahini, hummus and eggplant salad. This is a great meal for one person, or a good share plate for two people. The Chalong plate sells for 4-5USD.

Chicken Schnitzel - The chicken schnitzel is available served in a pita sandwich for 2-3USD, or as a plate served with pita bread and french fries for 4-5USD.

Tom Yam Soup - The Tom Yam soup is authentic Thai style spicy soup served with chicken or shrimp. Tom Yam sells for 3-4USD.

Farmers Breakfast - this might not be the typical farmers breakfasts that you are used to. The farmers breakfast at the Family Restaurant is more like a breakfast hash. It is served as sauteed potatoes mixed with egg and bacon. It is one of my favourite dishes and it sells for 2-3USD

The Family Restaurant is like a factory for producing pita bread. They make fresh pita bread to order, and supply many other local restaurants with their pita bread. I love pita bread and I have eaten pita bread all over the world. The pita bread at The Family is certainly some of the best that I have ever eaten.


Many restaurants in Thailand have problems keeping staff, and often the faces will change from month to month. This is not the case at The Family, Ovadia treats his staff like his family.The staff seems to share his passion for providing quality food and excellent service. One of the cooks is severely handicapped, with almost no use of one of his arms, this gentleman is perhaps the hardest working staff member in the restaurant. The waitress has been working there since the restaurant opened and she knows the menu very well, she almost never makes mistakes, and this is rare in Thailand. Ovadia's wife is also a lovely hostess and she speaks English extremely well. The service is always top notch at The Family!




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    • TravelinAsia profile image

      TravelinAsia 7 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia

      Thank you I will be in touch!

    • profile image 7 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok

      The Family is one of my favourite places in Phuket!