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Restaurants With Reasonable Portion Sizes

Updated on June 2, 2010

One of the reasons that people ruin their diets by eating out at restaurants is that it is so easy to overeat at restaurants. This is due in part to the fact that many restaurants over-fill your plate with portion sizes that are far more than what you actually need to consume. If you're trying to maintain a reasonable weight and still want to eat out, you can; you just need to find restaurants with reasonable portion sizes and make wise dining choices when you eat out.

Here are some tips for finding restaurants with reasonable portion sizes:

  • Seek out restaurants that specialize in healthy eating. Restaurants that advertise how healthy they are generally know about the importance of reduced portion sizes. In general, restaurants that have normal food but which mark their menus with "healthy options" also have reasonable portion sizes on their healthy meals.
  • Eat at the buffet. This sounds like the opposite of what you want to do when you're trying to find restaurants with reasonable portion sizes since the meals are "all you can eat". However, if you're able to maintain restraint, buffets are a great way to actually select the size of your portions to meet your hunger needs with exceeding them. Just make sure that you make good food choices and don't overdo it.
  • Go vegetarian. It's not always true but it's a general trend that vegetarian restaurants and restaurants that offer a plethora of vegetarian options usually have reasonable portion sizes.
  • Look or the words: "nouveau" and "fusion". Additionally, seek out restaurants that specialize in the appearance of their plates. These types of foods and restaurants usually have smaller portions.
  • Eat ethnic. Restaurants that serve more exotic cuisine from other countries tend to have much more reasonable portion sizes than American diners. Try out the different tastes of Indian, Ethiopian, French and Greek restaurants.

Here are some additional tips for making reasonable portion sizes out of meals at any restaurant:

  • Cut it in half before you start eating. This is a common dieting tip and one you should get in the habit of if you regularly eat at restaurants with big portions. Simply ask up front for a "to go" box with your meal, then split the entire plate in half and put half in the box before you even start eating.
  • Always leave a little on the plate. Reduce your portion sizes by committing in advance to leaving a certain portion size on your plate at each meal.
  • Order an appetizer as an entrĂ©e. Appetizer sizes are smaller and tend to be reasonable portion sizes for entrees at most major restaurants.
  • Share with someone else. Splitting anything from appetizer to dessert reduces the portion sizes and makes them reasonable for consumption for the average person.
  • Ask for smaller portion sizes when ordering.

You don't have to avoid eating out at restaurants when you're on a diet. By making good choices in your eating habits and leaning towards restaurants that have good portion sizes, you can still enjoy restaurants without adding on excess pounds.


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    Leaidan 3 years ago

    Home run! Great slnguigg with that answer!

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    Lettie 3 years ago

    Thanks Joe for the great tips on how we can all make healthy eatnig on the go a reality! The tips you gave are so simple to follow thanks for bringing them to our attention. Looking forward to your next show.

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    anggieee 6 years ago

    omgggg ii lovee you soo much whoever made this thank you so muchh