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Right Ways of Grilling Fish

Updated on July 11, 2016

Food connects the world from one continent to another and interestingly, the preparation method stands different for each of the communities. Fish is one common food that almost all people around the globe prefer, and there are umpteen numbers of ways to cook it. Grilling the fish happens to be a very common delicacy that suits almost all types of occasions – be it your evening snacks or party appetizer, cooking a fish is both tasty and fulfilling. There is also a medical reason why people prefer having grilled fish; the pathological microorganisms get destroyed while cooking. Nowadays most of the people use disposable grill trays to prepare these recipes. In fact, using disposable food trays are healthier than other ways of cooking.

Grilling the fish retains the flavor, and color intact, and grilling fish is seen to be the favorite summertime activity in most of the cold countries, while it’s a healthy way of preparing the food. The time taken is also less as the parts of the grill are made from metals which are an excellent conductor of electricity.

The prime ingredients needed are:

Boneless white fish fillets

1 teaspoon of salt and pepper

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

3 garlic cloves

2 shallots

lemon grass (the white portion)

galangal powder, finely sliced - 3 stems, and

4 tablespoons of oil

For garnishing:
You would need coriander leaves,
chilies and steamed rice as the main dish.

The process of using grill trays to grill fishes are very easy, all you need to do is grind all garlic, turmeric powder, shallots, lemon grass salt, pepper, galangal powder and chilies to make a pasted filler. Clean the fish and get it ready by slicing it into large eatable pieces. Store the fish in a bowl and spread the paste on it, toss the fish in two ways so that it gets properly covered and keep it in the fridge at least for 15 minutes. While keeping the bowl, store it with foil that keeping in line with grill tray and store for 3 to 4 minutes. Make sure that you are tossing the fish on both sides to get it well cooked and develop the brown color. You can serve it as an appetizer or also with steamed rice and preferred fish sauce.

Grilling fish is a popular culture and a part of their weekend plan. The most preferred fishes are tuna and salmon that are made using different cooking techniques; while grilling you need to keep in mind the right type of fish that are suitable for grilling as some fish tend to get dry fast. Opt for trout and salmon as these are rich ones and retain their moisture even after grilling is done. You can also take whole fishes, steaks, and fillets; the basic idea is that while grilling you will need 8-10 minutes per inch of thickness to cook completely. If your fish has the tendency to break up easily, wrap it in a foil and place it on a grate. For such items, the best equipment is grilling basket or a grilling screen. However if you use the broiling method, with a broiler pan it might take 5 to 10 minutes in the broiling position

One major point to be remembered while grilling fish is to marinate it for several hours in order to get the right flavor. Use a properly cleaned grate so that the fish does not stick to it; you can also consider applying oil to your cooking surface and prevent the fish from drying. If you are grilling whole fishes, you can put in lemons within to bring a tangy flavor. People also prefer sprinkling pepper and salt to grilled items.
Even experienced grillers sometimes miss out one point, i.e., of understanding if the cooking is done completely or not. You can try out the fork method to check; flakes would come out from the center of the fish if you pierce with the form. Turn both sides to get a complete grill. Either undercooked or overcooked foods do not taste good when out from a grill. In fact, they can even upset your stomach.

Now as you know the right ways to grill your fish, you can quickly grill it anytime you want and can enjoy the special occasions every weekend.


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