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Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

Updated on September 1, 2014

Romantic Picnic Time!


Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

Ah, a picnic. If you are in love, there are few better ways to spend time with your special someone than in the great outdoors with a nice, relaxing, romantic picnic. Whether it is under a warm summer sun, or beneath a cool night sky, a picnic is a great way to show your love and appreciation for your partner in a fun and romantic way.

To make your romantic picnic truly special, stay away from the greasy fried chicken and egg salad sandwiches. The difference between any ordinary family picnic and a romantic picnic is partially in the food you eat-- you will want to make a sumptuous, special spread for the love of your life. Here are some great ideas for you to use-- and you can even take credit for them. I won't say a word.

What is Romantic Picnic Food

The mood of a romantic picnic needs to be one of love and passion. Yes, picnics are generally very low-key occasions, but if you really want it to be romantic you've got to fan the flames and go a little above and beyond the ordinary picnic.

Romantic picnic food should be a beautiful sensory experience... you'll want to engage the senses to get the heart flowing, so you'll want to include things that are fragrant, sweet, juicy, plump and spicy. You want a variety of textures, from crisp and cool, to melt-in-your-mouth warm and soft. Everything should be something you and your date will want to savor.

You'll want to choose foods that are light-- the last thing you want to present your lover with are things that are greasy, things that weigh on the palate and in the stomach. Instead, choose foods that are fresh and crisp tasting, so you don't feel like you have to loosen your belt and want to go to sleep.

Think about foods that are easy to eat-- finger foods are a great option. A girl doesn't feel very lady-like and romantic, for example, when she's got two hands trying to hold a hoagie together, mayo dripping out of it and has to practically unhinge her jaws to get a bite. On the other hand, a dainty little finger sandwich, crust off, a smattering of cheese cubes and some berries are much easier to handle and eat.

Finally, elevate your picnic food when it's a romantic picnic. You want to show your date you are going out of your way to make them feel special, to make an impression. Instead of slapping a big, thick mound of mac and cheese on a plate for her, why not a more sophisticated pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil, and sprinkle of Parmesan? Instead of big, greasy hunks of fried chicken, a better option would be spicy boneless chicken tender fingers with a lovely blue cheese dipping sauce.

Picnic Time!


Romantic Picnic Ideas: Intimate Sandwiches

One of my absolute favorite ideas for a romantic picnic is to incorporate sandwiches into the meal. This has several advantages. They are easy to make and do not cost a lot of money. They are not hard to transport either, and can be served warm or cold. Plus, you get to feed them to your partner – and what is more romantic than that?

Try this recipe for success. Use finger-sandwich sized pumpernickle or rye bread. Make a plate of assorted tasty sandwiches, such as prosciutto paired with Swiss, or smoked turkey and brie. Top with a spinach leaf or arugula and thinly sliced plum tomatoes or marinated roasted red peppers.

You can prepare the sandwiches before hand if you like, but making sandwiches together is another option. This is especially a good idea if your love has food allergies or is picky. Lay out a nice platter with assorted meats, cheese and sliced toppings and provide the bread so you can each make up your own sandwiches as desired. It is a wonderful activity for romance.

Another beautiful thing about these sandwiches is that they do not take up a lot of your attention or time. Your focus should be on your special someone, after all, not the food.

Romantically Delicious

Imagine feeding these to each other-- how sweet!
Imagine feeding these to each other-- how sweet! | Source

Romantic Picnic Food Ideas: Side Dishes and Desserts

Sandwiches are fine, but not enough to complete a romantic picnic setting. You'll want to add at least a couple of side dishes in the mix. Again, save the overly-heavy, oily, carb-riddled salads at home.

A nice little cheese platter with 2 or 3 different kinds of cheese, some grapes and crackers is a nice appetizer or addition to your picnic spread.

A raw vegetable plate with cleaned and peeled vegetables makes a colorful display, and keeps things crisp and light. Cucumber spears, broccoli clusters, red and orange pepper slices, baby carrots, celery sticks, etc., look so pretty spread out on a place. In the center, add a creamy dipping sauce, such as ranch dressing, blue cheese or hummus.

Keep dessert simple. Perhaps a small bowl of fruits like cherries, strawberries, melon balls and apple slices (soaked in lemon juice to prevent browning) and some dark chocolate cubes to add a bit of sweetness.

If you prefer to go for something a little rich, such as cake, keep it simple with miniature cupcakes or bite-sized cheesecake bits, or perhaps single-serving pastries like chocolate eclairs. Desserts are the only time you're allowed to bypass the 'light foods only' rule of thumb, but keep portions easy to handle while sitting on a blanket.

Romantic Picnic Food Ideas: Beverages

Of course you do not want to forget to bring a beverage. Light wines are best for picnics, but you might want to seek advice of an expert as to what will go best with the foods you are serving. You can even make stopping at a local winery or fine wine shop part of the date, on the way to your picnic.

Usually white wine or light-bodied reds are ideal for picnics, which are casual and light fare. Sparkling wine or champagne is certainly preferred for a special occasion, though.

If your date does not drink wine, consider a bottle of sparkling grape juice, apple cider, a refreshing iced tea with mint and lemon, or a pink lemonade.

I hope the romantic picnic ideas above really help you on your next romantic outing. Sandwiches seem simple, but really they are perfect for a romantic getaway outdoors. They are easy to make – which leaves you even more time to enjoy the magic of being with the one you love.

If you like this, you are welcome to read more: Great Picinc Food Recipes for Children


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      7 years ago

      Thanks Kai77 and perty :-)

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      7 years ago

      Sounds nice!

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      8 years ago from Chicago

      Great tips, thanks!!!

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      9 years ago

      Thanks Seriina :-)

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      9 years ago from Anywhere

      Love this article:)

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      9 years ago

      Thanks every one .Glad you liked these romantic picnic ideas.

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      benny Faye Douglass 

      9 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Great ideas for romantic picnic hub, thanks for sharing all your great ideas. Blessings. creativeone59

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      9 years ago

      nice I will remember this lol

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      9 years ago

      nice I will remember this lol

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      9 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Great Article. GBY My Friend.


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