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Picnic Food Ideas - Summer Picnic Food Ideas

Updated on April 4, 2015

Summer Picnic Food Ideas

Planning the Perfect Summer Picnic: Food Ideas For You

Ah, a picnic. When we hear that word, we instantly have pleasant memories filled with fun, laughter, and, of course, a lot of delicious home-cooked food spread out over a blanket or a picnic table in the sun. The great times we have all had with our loved ones over a picnic come flooding back and remind us of how special a picnic can be. Well, if you want to recapture that magic and plan a picnic of your own, then read the picnic ideas written below. Hopefully they will spark your imagination and let you plan the perfect summer picnic.

Picnic Time!


Picnic Foods


Lovers’ Lane: Perfect Picnic Food Ideas for Romance

If you want picnic ideas for a private outing with that special someone, then you have come to the right place. Many people say that planning a romantic dinner has to have this, and has to include that, and has to be structured a certain way. The real truth is that romance is about individualization and personalization. It is far more romantic to plan to serve your partner’s favorite food rather than just select any random dish. So, if you know what your lover enjoys, then bring that to the picnic if possible.

Still, there are times that you may not be able to cook your partner’s favorite food, or bring it to a picnic. Other times you might just want to try something new. If that is the case, then I have a couple of suggestions for you. For a main course, finger foods are great because you can feed them to each other – which is very intimate and highly romantic. And for dessert, I recommend taking your lover’s favorite fruit and dipping it in chocolate (or vanilla, if they prefer that) for a sensual treat.

Bring the Family! Picnic Ideas for a Family Outing

If you are preparing food for the entire family, then your picnic food ideas will revolve around food that you can produce in quantity as well as quality. I am from the southern United States, and where I am from, fried chicken is the ultimate picnic food. It is plentiful and easy to spread around, but also extremely delicious. Party subs or other sandwich platters are great for family picnics as well, since they do not take up a lot of space and are easy to serve. And for dessert, consider making cupcakes – one batch can easily satisfy a family, plus they are simple yet tasty.

Picnic in Style


Picnic Ideas - Friends, Food, and Fun

If you are throwing a picnic for your close friends, then you are probably preparing for a full meal that gives you ample opportunity for chatting and having fun. Grilling out is your best bet. Throw some hamburgers, hot dogs, and bratwursts on the grill, toss in some potato salad and baked beans, and bring a cooler full of your favorite beverages. That is the perfect combination for a winning picnic for a group of buddies hanging out in the great outdoors.

No matter what kind of picnic you choose, however, just keep in mind one thing: They are supposed to be fun! With these great picnic food ideas, you can make your outing a truly memorable one.


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