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Updated on May 1, 2010


Souffle omelets are usually served for dessert and can have a variety of fillings. The omelet mixture may be cooked in an omelet pan on top of the stove or in a souffle or oven-proof dish in the oven.

Jam Omelet ( Stove-top Method)

1/4 cup apricot,strawbeery or raspberry jam

4 large eggs,separated

1 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoons light cream

1 tablespoon butter

2 tablespoon confectioners' sugar(for sprinkling)

2-3 metal skewers; 8 inch omelet pan

Alternative fillings for the omelet are fresh sliced strawberries mixed with 1 table=spoon warmed red currant jelly, or 2-3 bananas,sliced and sauteed in a little butter and then sprinkled generously with sugar and a little lemon juice.


Beat the egg yolks with the sugar for at least 5 minutes until thick and light. Stir in the cream. Warm the jam in a small saucepan.Beat thr egg whites until they hold a stiff peak and fold into the yolk mixture with a mental spoon.

Set oven at hot(400 F) or turn on the broiler. Heat the butter in an omelet pan and when foaming add the egg mixture. Spread it out in the pan and cook over moderate heat for 45-60 seconds to brown the bottom. Do not stir.

Put the pan in heated oven or under the broiler and cook 5 minutes or until the top is set. Spread omelet quickly with the warmed,melted jam,turn or slide onto a warm platter and fold over with a metal spatula.

Put the skewers in a flame or under broiler until red hot.(Heat several skewers at a time rather than one by one.)Sprinkle the omelet with confectioners sugar and mark a lattice across the top with the red hot skewers. Serve at once.

Note: marking souffle omelets with heated skewers gives a traditional finish and a pleasant taste of caramel: otherwise,simply sprinkle the omelet with granulated instead of confectioners sugar.


Make as for jam omelet and fill with jam or bananas. Then heat 2-3 tablespoons of rum,flame and pour around the the finished omelet just before serving.


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