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Sandwich Making Tips

Updated on August 26, 2009

Sandwich Making Tips And Suggestions.

1. Sandwich Spreads

You'll find that sandwich spreads add flavor to your sandwiches but also quite often add moisture and creaminess to your sandwiches. Most people think of mustard and mayo first but you don't want to stop there. You should experiment with vinaigrette's, pesto, barbecue sauces, and salsas. You'll also find that some dips make excellent sandwich spreads.

2. Be Sure To Choose The Right Bread.

Be sure that you choose the appropriate bread for your fillings. You should keep in mind that the more moisture you have in your sandwich fillings the more dryer and denser your bread should be. Bread with a good thick crust works great also. Swap in your regular bread for flour tortillas especially the large tortillas will work good for really moist sandwich fillings and flour tortillas will keep your fillings in your sandwich where they belong.

3. Use Care Choosing Your Toppings.

Why not thinly sliced cucumbers or radish sprouts instead of your standard lettuce and tomato. Remember that if your sandwiches have to go a long way to take your toppings along in plastic boxes or sandwich bags and add them to your sandwiches when you get ready to eat them. There's nothing that ruins a great picnic like soggy sandwiches.

4.You Want To Keep Away Sogginess.

Remember you will want to spread your mayonnaise , mustard , or cream cheese all the way to the edge of the bread to create a seal against sandwich sogginess. Remember its easier to pack high moisture items in plastic bags and take them along to add to your sandwich at the last minute before you eat the. This way you will keep the sogginess out of your sandwiches.

5. Be Sure To Take The Edge Off Your Onions.

Onions can give great flavor to your sandwiches and kick the flavor up a notch or two. Two great ways to take the bite out of onions are, 1. Soak your onions for 30 minutes in a plastic container filled with ice water. 2. Rub down your onions and toss them with fresh ground sea salt. Allow them to set with sea salt on them for 30 minutes then wash and serve.

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    • Anshuman-Sahni profile image

      Anshuman-Sahni 8 years ago from India

      Hi, thanks for the nice tips. You have given some new ways to us (foodies)to make our sandwiches more tasty.