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Sashimi Raw Fish Recipe

Updated on August 20, 2011

Why do people eat raw fish?

I love eating raw fish. Eating raw seafood is actually a delicacy in Japan called sashimi. It is not really limited to fish or seafood and go way beyond that. But in this article I would be focusing on seafood mostly tuna, salmon, and uni (sea urchin).

There are many restaurants that offer these kinds of dishes that are served raw. Mostly you will find them in Japanese restaurants. But ideally, you can serve them yourself just by going to the grocery and buying it. This way, you can have raw seafood at a more affordable price. If you have not tried eating raw fish or seafood, it is definitely something that I recommend.

I find that there's just something very sensual with the experience of eating raw seafood. It is one of my favorite things. There is just something so unique and fresh about its taste and texture that cannot ever be replicated by cooked seafood. I actually get into deeper detail about this in my personal blog post about raw fish recipes.

Salmon Sashimi

This is probably one of my favorites. Yes, most definitely a favorite. Raw Salmon has this unique and luscious taste that is just so creamy and filling in the mouth. It is an absolute delight. WIth the soy sauce in wasabi it is just an amazing mixture of tastes that will surely leave you coming back for more.

Making sashimi at a sushi bar

Tuna Sashimi

Raw tuna is also an absolute delight. although I would say that it is not as delicious as salmon sashimi, it does not mean that you should not try it. Tuna offers things that are very unique and incomparable to salmon. When I say that tuna sashimi is not as good as its salmon counterpart it is merely a personal preference. But nonetheless, eating raw tuna is also a very great experience. It is seriously a must-try.

Making Tuna Sashimi

Uni or Sea Urchin

And now of course to move on the my ultimate favorite raw sea food dish and that would be uni or sea urchin. It is usually served with rice and japanese sea weed wrapper as a sushi but can also be served as a sashimi, meaning just on your plate ready to eat.

I've always described eating uni as some sort of, well, it is a lot like tasting the ocean. But this is in a good way. I am sure many skeptics out there are thinking that the sea is salty or something like that. But what I really mean by this is that it gives you this sense of freshness of the ocean. It is more on the aftertaste, really. It is just this indescribable feeling and taste. Just thinking about it now makes my mouth water.

This is surely a must-try. It is highly recommended. It is what I consider to be the best raw seafood to eat. It is even better than raw salmon, in my opinion.

Uni Sushi (sea urchin)


Of course for the sauce I would recommend the soy sauce Kikoman. It is a Japanese brand of soy sauce that has this traditional way of making it. It truly has a pedigree in making soy sauce and this is very much reflected in the taste of their products. Of course don't forget to put wasabi or Japanese horseradish as an additive to the sauce. But don't put too much if you haven't tried it. Just the right amount, in my opinion, will create the perfect balance of tastes that one is aiming for.

Things to remember:

Eating anything raw is quite risky. Make sure that you are eating fresh fish and that it has not been stored in the freezer for too long. You also have to remember not to have it exposed in the open air for too long. It could be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Where to buy the fish is a very important factor. You have to make sure that the place you are getting it from is very trusted because there are many kinds of diseases that may arise from eating raw fish such as mercury poisoning or other kinds of food poisoning.

I think there is really a risk with eating absolutely anything. There's really nothing associated with just eating raw fish. Food poisoning can happen to you just by eating anything. So really, it is up to you whether you are up to the challenge of eating raw fish. All I am saying is that if you do not want to try it out then you are missing out on the great experience of eating sashimi or raw seafood. Don't forget to check out my cooking/eating blog for more information on eating stuff like raw food and many other things.


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    • jeremytorres profile image

      jeremytorres 6 years ago

      I love the taste of raw sea urchin.

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      Yum. Now I am hungry and am salivating like Pavlov's little puppy dogs! Tomorrow, I am going to the Wild Wok in our area for sashimi.

    • Harry Santos profile image

      Harry Santos 6 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines

      I love your "salty watermelon" description. It's such a wonderful way of putting it. :)

    • myriadmom profile image

      myriadmom 6 years ago from Hilo, Hawai'i Island

      Being from Hawai'i, I have been raised on raw seafood and it's absolutely one of my favorite things to eat. Raw wana (uni, sea urchin) tastes a lot like salty watermelon and was a special treat for us growing up.

      I completely agree with everything you say about raw salmon. In fact, I think I'll post a recipe of a local dish we make here using raw salmon.

      Great hub!