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Short bread

Updated on March 28, 2015

Very Simple to Make, Tastes Great with Cup of Tea or Coffee.

Cheap to Make,costs Pennies.mostly Store Cupboard Ingredients.


150 g plain flour

75 g sugar

75 g butter or margarine


using a large mixing bowl,put in all ingredients in to it.

work all ingredients together with your hands, kneading the mixture as you go.

mixture should start to cling together with the heat of your hands.

avoid using any liquid to bind it if possible, as it makes the shortbread turn out soggy inside.

once mixture is bound together, get a baking tray and grease well.

put shortbread mixture in to baking tray , and press out with knuckles of your fingers

once mixture is 1-2 cm high, smooth out surface of mixture.

after this, fork the top of mixture as this allows the shortbread to cook all the way through.

put in preheated oven, gas mark 5 for 20-25 minutes.

once shortbread is golden brown in colour, the biscuit is made.

allow to cool in tin, i tend to cut it in to strips while its hot, when you try this when its cool, the biscuit tends to break up easily.

serve with freshly brewed tea or ground coffee.


Shortbread has been a part of my family as far back as I can remember,I can still taste my Mums shortbread when I was about five years tasted buttery and sweet.always came out of the oven piping hot.

Cost Effective.

Compared to most recipes,shortbread is very cheap to make,very few ingredients and you get a delicious tasty sweet biscuit.well worth giving it a go.

Mouthwatering sweet.

Variations are not limited.

Country staple.

In Scotland shortbread has been about for hundreds of years. It was first prepared and made as far back as the 12 th century. It's been a sweet staple in most Scottish people lives while growing up,and in to old age.its extremely easy to make,and it tastes great. Also it costs very little to buy the ingredients also. Anyone can make shortbread,I'm confident you could be the most inexperienced cook in the world,but you would still succeed at making shortbread. It's that easy to make. It can be prepared,cooked and cooled in just over one hour. Not bad for a tasty snack with a coffee or a cup of tea.

Traditional Scottish dish,family recipe.

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