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Simple Grocery Shopping Tips To Save You From Frustration

Updated on September 29, 2012

What could be more frustrating than having a bad grocery shopping day? You had your shopping list ready and you are all set but no one really knows how's your trip to the store is going to be.

There are probably many other shopping tips online but this tips I wanted to share are simple and is about on how you can avoid a trip back to the grocery store due to any mistake that can possibly happen. And since this tips are from my own and family experiences, I wanted to share the mishaps that had been encountered so you can avoid having the same situation.


Cart parking!

This could be a smart move specially on crowded grocery stores, and I'm used on doing this cart parking. Why I consider this smart? That is because I don't have to shove around other shoppers cart, bumping into one another on a busy shopping day. I know you know what I mean, and I find it annoying that some shoppers would park or leave their cart on the middle of the way or aisle. If you usually carry your cart around with you and wanted to try cart parking, just make sure that your cart has some stuff in it, don't leave it empty and park it on where you can see it. If you park your cart somewhere and it's empty, another shopper would assume no one is using it and they might use it, or an employee would grab it and return it on the entrance area assuming someone had abandoned the items or that those are returned items..

When I go grocery shopping to my local Seafood City supermarket, I would grab my favorite snacks, or some canned goods I needed then park my cart on the side where I can see it. I would grab items I need and return to the cart, put it there and leave again.

But when you do this and are ready to go to the cashier, check your cart first, make sure it is yours and that all the items in there are yours. I had few experiences while grocery shopping with mom. There's about 2 cases where another shopper took our cart thinking it was hers. And this one instance where we found some items on our cart that aren't ours. Probably another shopper mistakenly thought it was theirs.

The fish cleaning department
The fish cleaning department | Source

Now on fish cleaning topic.

And if you go into the fish and meat department, you must be alert too as sometimes mistakes happen here. When you go ask for your fish or any sea foods to be weigh, just make sure you know that the tag that goes on your fish is the name of the fish you have. The same way goes when you asked for your fish to be cleaned as in some rare occasion, wrong tags can be put into the wrong item.

This is how it works on Seafood City on the fish cleaning department. If you want your fish to be cleaned so you don't have to clean it at home, just tell it to the staff that will weigh the fish and you will be given a number. You can then continue grocery shopping around while waiting for your number to be called. When you hear your number called, find your fish on the counter, it has the number given to you attached to it.

But, don't just grab your ready fish and head onto your cart and into the cashier. Check the tag that was attached to your fish to make sure it is the right kind as two mistakes can happen here. Let's say it was a milk fish. Make sure it was a milk fish that was in there. The tag could be right but it could be the wrong fish that was inside your plastic bag. Or, you got your milk fish but the tag attached was wrong.

And so my experienced with this, I heard my number called, and so I went to get my fish. And while on the cashier, I noticed the fish I took that was on sale appeared to be expensive, and that's when I noticed that the tag attached to it was for Tilapia fish! And so the price that the cashier had scanned was for the Tilapia. Luckily, I noticed it while still on the store and so they made corrections to it.

The expiration dates.

This is the one that had sent me back on one occasion in the store, to return expired canned goods which happened the past 2 months ago. That's when I bought about 4 cans of canned foods my brother are craving for. And when I told to the cashier, that's when they went to check out their stock on the aisle where I got the goods.

Seems so simple right?! But this simple things that we sometimes forget to do while doing groceries are the ones that can send us back to the store. You probably thinking ,"Why would a store sell something that was already expired?" I don't think they intend to, it just that they maybe too busy or had forgotten to check their items. Either way, you still have to check and make sure that the product you have are still good and far from the expiration date or else you are going to end up driving back to the store too.

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Receipt please!

Aside from watching the cashier as she scans or punch in the product codes of your groceries is to looking at your receipt. (You can think, "of course I already knew that!") But this is for those who aren't used on checking their receipt and just leaves when it was handed to them. And my mom has an experienced with this while we were grocery shopping at the month of December.

What was that? She noticed something in her receipt that shouldn't be in there as she only got a fair amount of items. And this item that was on the receipt made the price expensive. And that was, a Christmas lantern. Yes, mom noticed a Christmas lantern on her receipt and that's worth $100. It was such a relief for her that she noticed it while still on the store, or else, she has to spend some time and gas to go back in the store.


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