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Smoothies, The Ultimate Meal For Light Bodies

Updated on April 13, 2014

Smoothies, Its What's For Dinner

My finished favorite smoothie looks like this and is so easy to clean up after your done.
My finished favorite smoothie looks like this and is so easy to clean up after your done. | Source

Blender - Wave Maker

I couldn't wait to get my Wave Maker 50242N Table Top Blender after a friend at work recommended I get one. You don't need a top of the line blender for making awesome smoothies, every time. This little blender does the job efficiently and effectively and is so easy to clean. This article Smoothies, The Ultimate Meal For Light Bodies was inspired after finishing reading The Three Waves of Volunteers by Dolores Cannon. This book describes Quantum Regression Hypnotic Healing Therapy, a form of hypnotic treatment, created by the author. In it she details the past lives of light beings sent to live human lives on Earth to help with our Ascension process, happening right now. The book emphasizes the importance of eating a more fluid diet to help allow humanity to more easily raise their vibrational frequency and ascend to the next evolutionary state.

I have read many, many spiritual books and one of the most important points mentioned over and over again is the fact that to ascend, our bodies must change. To make this transition we must change our diet, from one of heavy cooked foods to one of lighter, raw or live foods, preferably in liquid form. The point emphasized over and over again is that the process of cooking our food removes the life force and sometimes the nutritional value from our food. This requires that we have to eat more food to get the necessary energy and nutrition our bodies need.

Almost every book on the subject I have ever read, describes a vegetarian diet but if meat is something you can't live without, then chicken and fish are the way to go. Our bodies spend a lot of energy producing enzymes necessary to breakdown heavy foods such as meat, fried and cooked foods. This vast use of energy prevents the body from having the necessary energy to make the changes we need for ascension.

The reason for this is because of the preservatives put in foods and the chemicals used to grow foods, including but not limited too steroids used in meat products. Without going into the grisly details involving the raising of meat products in this Country, suffice to say, if you were to look into the practices behind how we raise cows and chickens, most people would stop eating meat tomorrow. However these preservatives are not just limited to meat but all food that is pre-prepared, that is why it is so important to good health to eat fresh foods.

I personally changed my diet over time, it wasn't a conscious decision, it just happened that I grew less fond of meat and more fond of eating organic, healthy foods. I must say the benefits are amazing in terms of energy, cost and health. Since I enjoy gardening I save an incredible amount of money every year on vegetables. There is nothing better to eat than garden fresh vegetables. When you learn how easy it is to save (canning and freezing) vegetables you will continue to eat what you grow well into the winter months. Don't get me wrong I do occasionally eat meat (chicken and fish) but 85% or more of my diet is fresh or saved vegetables.

More and more I find myself making Smoothies, The Ultimate Meal For Light Bodies and less and less do I feel the need for eating the decaying flesh of animals.

Drink Your Food

The benefits from learning to drink your food goes way beyond simple health reasons.
The benefits from learning to drink your food goes way beyond simple health reasons. | Source

Spiritual Standpoint

From a spiritual standpoint I believe eating meat is part of the fear based propaganda instituted into our society. What I mean by that is, when or if you ever have to put an animal down by taking them to the vet or by more traditional means, they know what is coming, instinctively or emphatically, they know.

What this shows is that animals know when humans intend to kill them or do them harm. Research into how plants and animals respond to the human consciousness to do intended harm, have shown various results. My own experience has lead me to believe that animals know without a doubt, when we intend to either harm them or kill them.

If anyone has ever been around animals that are being lead to the slaughter they will have no doubts that animals know, the end is near. Pigs and sheep will actually scream in fear, until you have heard them you probably wouldn't believe it but they know.

My point is that when animals that we intend to eat spend there last few minutes in abject fear it courses through their bodies and remains there after death. The meat is then processed and we consume it, including the fear tainted meat. We quiet literally consume fear on a daily basis in the form of the meat we eat. Do plants have the same fear in their metabolism, hard to say, however plants were also designed to provide food for a wide variety of species not just humans, so that might be harder to determine.

When you consume raw fruits and vegetables you get 100% of their life force if eaten within two hours of picking them. I believe that plants were designed to provide life and so it is inherent in their make up to be eaten but I don't know for sure. Spiritually it feels better and less destructive, if there was a way for humans to consume the necessary life force straight from the cosmos I do it but I haven't figure that out . . . yet.

Now granted, most of the vegetables and fruit we buy at the grocery store have been picked days in advance of our purchase, however I believe they maintain more of their life force in them from their inherent nature and purpose for existing, which is the consumption by higher sentient life forms, such as humans.

The Meat Eater Myth

Consider for a moment how humanity lived on this planet for millions of years and you will begin to understand the Meat Eater Myth. Humanity evolved originally in trees, back in the day, trees grew to incredibly large sizes and covered most of the land masses. They allowed early humans to easily move about without being subject to the many predators that lived on the ground. Trees supplied shelter and food for the early humanoids, although they did have to venture to the ground for water, when they couldn't find it in pools on large leaves.

Eventually mankind did move to the ground but continued to forage for food, rarely eating meat. The first big break through in our evolution was the creation of fire, inspired by our minds through reasoning and creative thinking. However it was not used for cooking just warmth and to keep other animals away.

Early humans did not have great strength, incredible speed, large claws or fangs and so we were designed to eat plants such berries, fruits and nuts, not hunt, kill and eat flesh. We foraged, lived in communities and used our numbers and cunning (fire and shelters) to out think other life and protect ourselves.

Humanity existed on this planet for millions of years before we developed weapons technology and the motivation to do so remains a mystery despite what our archeologists, scientist and historians try to convince us.

When the Earth supplies your every need, food, water and shelter, what motivation would early man have for creating weapons that can be used to kill other animals and humans? Do you really believe mankind suddenly realized that to grow a bigger brain we needed to kill and eat the flesh of animals? Early tools were used for creating shelters, chopping wood for fires and defense such as clubs or axes.

Humans had created fire, designed shelters, developed communities and lived peacefully for millions of years without the need to eat flesh, then suddenly in terms of the evolution of our species, we started killing and eating flesh.

Where did this desire and technology come from, what was the need for this sudden change in our development and how has it benefitted mankind? What was the purpose behind it? In the beginning there were not huge populations, there wasn't a any conflict for space and resources were abundant.

Has killing and eating flesh made us smarter? What has killing accomplished for humanity? How has the development of weapons improved the overall complexities of the human species?

According to our own theories created by archeologist and historians of the evolution of our species we only began to develop weapons in the last thirty thousand years, despite living on this planet for millions of years. The question that it raises is, why?

The answer is very simple, for control purposes.

What is the most proven way to control humans?

Through fear, fear of animals, fear of other humans.

Consider how humans exist now, every country on the planet has a military that teaches its youth how to kill. We are not born with the knowledge of how to kill, we must be taught.

Again the question it raises is who taught the early humans how to create weapons and use them to kill? What motivation would they have for learning this skill on their own?

Learning to adapt to your changing environment was what Charles Darwin proposed in his Evolution of Species, he did not coin the phrase survival of the fittest, that was added later by those that wished to impose the ideology of killing. To show that humanity learn to kill on their own as a means to and end.

This is why and how the Myth of the Meat Eater was developed, instituted and ingrained into our educational experience. I call it fear based technology, because everything in our society is based around fear, think about it! This myth was designed, created and ingrained into our society.

I have lived my life for the last five years with very little meat in my diet, with no health related repercussions. I'm not saying anyone has to live without it but what I am saying is that, it is a choice not a necessity.

Fruit Smoothies . . . For Breakfast.

One fruit smoothie fro breakfast will fill you up and keep you going until lunch.
One fruit smoothie fro breakfast will fill you up and keep you going until lunch. | Source

Making Great Smoothies

  1. I use three hand full's of ice and a cup of orange juice to begin with, just throw them in the blender as a base. Yogurt may be added or soy milk, if you prefer.
  2. I chop my fruit up into small pieces for easier blending. Don't peel your fruit as many of the important nutrients and protein are in the skin and the blender has no problem turning it into juice.
  3. Put the fruit into the blender in any order, it doesn't matter. Make sure you do not fill the blender up if your making a smoothie just for yourself, as the raw fruit will lose its life force after two hours. This will allow you to make just one meal for yourself, which is usually about one and a half cups. Drink in small sips don't gulp your smoothie, this will help with digestion and allow you to enjoy the taste.

Rate My Favorite Smoothie

5 stars from 1 rating of Favorite Fruit Smoothie


  • One Pear, slice into quarters and remove the core with seeds.
  • One Banana, peel and break into bite sized chunks
  • Two Slices Cantaloupe, remove seeds and core interior.
  • Half Cup Blackberries, add whole.
  • Quarter Cup (2oz,) Hemp Protein, pour over other ingredients.

Smoothie Ingredients

All the needed ingredients and tool for making my favorite smoothie recipe.
All the needed ingredients and tool for making my favorite smoothie recipe. | Source

My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

The great thing about smoothies is that you can build them to reflect your own personal taste and do not require one set recipe. This is my own personal favorite but I am constantly trying new blends, to find the ultimate smoothie.

I stay away from dairy products if I can help it, for sinus congestion reasons. Soy milk can be used as an alternative and is very good for you.

The blackberries will give your smoothie the classic purple hue but blueberries, raspberries and strawberries can also be used.

Smoothies for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Now I drink my food. I rarely have to chew my food anymore. I have a smoothy consisting of fruit in the morning, will eat what I call rabbit food for lunch over the course of my day at work and either eat a salad or drink a salad for dinner.

A friend asked me the other day, "Does it fill you up, don't you get hungry?" It does fill me up, actually more than traditional meals, I don't get hungry and it taste a heck of a lot better than fried or greasy food.

Because I prepare it myself I know exactly what goes into all my meals. I have a dishwasher in the house I bought in November (2013) and to this day have never used it. All I have to do is rinse a cup out and clean my blender, which involves three parts the lid, the blade unit and the glass container.

Now for the part that some might be thinking about but are afraid to ask, bowel movements. Yes, I was concerned and apprehensive in the beginning as to how it would affect me in that area of my life. However they are more regular, I have never had any adverse affects in terms of indigestion and they are much softer and easier to move. That department has improved my life in a way I can only describe as wonderful.

Now for the benefits that you may not know about, I have actually lost the twenty pounds of belly fat that I used to carry around and couldn't get rid of no matter what diet I tried. Because I have more energy, going to the gym or working out at home is no longer the burden it used to be. I feel better, don't get hungry before lunch but if I do, I just graze on 'rabbit food' or sometimes peanuts and drink one big meal at night when I get home.

The key, I believe, is that it frees up a vast amount of energy our bodies use to digest 'heavy' foods that are designed to slow us down and cause our immune system to constantly fight to keep our bodies in balance. My belief is that this is by design, it is a subtle way of keeping us going to health professionals, taking diet supplements and keeping us worn down from constantly eating foods that don't fill us up and have very little nutritional value.

Smoothies, The Ultimate Meal For Light Bodies allows our bodies to balance themselves more easily, through the digestive process.

It also allows us to have more free time, before it used to take hours to prepare and cook meals. Now I just slice up fruit and veggies and throw them in the blender (ten minutes tops), the parts that I don't put in the blender go in a old coffee container of ice cream tub (with lid) to be put in my compost heap twice a week.

By using the parts of vegetables and fruit that you don't use in your smoothies, it cuts down on waste that goes into land fills and helps to create a cleaner environment. This practice will help you to become more conscious of protecting our environment while learning to recycle.

I bought the kind of compost turner that you can get at Lowes, that is easy to assemble, has an opening on either end and you can turn every time you put something in it. Just add some top soil and maybe some leaves and you are good to go, you'll have great fertilizer in six months for your garden. If you live in a restricted area that won't allow for a large outdoor garden, you can always construct a raised bed or portable box to provide growing space for a small garden.

Calories for My Favorite Smoothie

Half Cup
One Cup


Vegetable smoothies are almost as good as fruit smoothies and provide all the nutrients a body needs.
Vegetable smoothies are almost as good as fruit smoothies and provide all the nutrients a body needs. | Source

Favorite Dinner Smoothie

Remember always to use ice and some form of liquid as your base for any smoothie as this will help your Wave Maker get going with the blending process. I prefer to use tomato juice or water for my dinner smoothies.

When constructing dinner smoothies be sure to chop your veggies into bite sized chunks and remove all unwanted parts of the plant, such as seeds or stems. My personal favorite dinner smoothie comes out a very dark green and has a tendency to have some fiber to it, remember to add your hemp protein, your body will thank you later.

  1. Three hand fills of ice and a cup of tomato juice for a base.

  2. Broccoli tops cut up into small chunks.

  3. Half a small cucumber, simply sliced will do.

  4. Lettuce leafs, add more than you think you will need at first.

  5. One tomato, or a half depending on how much tomato juice you use.

  6. I like onion but it has a strong taste, so don't add too much.

  7. One avocado, peeled of course, because they are so soft you don't have to cut them up.

  8. One carrot usually works fro me but make sure you cut this veggie up into small pieces.

  9. Then I add my hemp protein and perhaps a quarter cup (2 oz.) of my favorite salad dressing.

You may have a tendency to add too many ingredients in the beginning but try to keep it simply, as too may different veggies may make your dinner smoothie taste a little overpowering. By keeping the ingredients to a minimum it will give you a basic taste that you can then add too later for the desired taste.

Dinner Smoothies

Now what many people are unaware of is that vegetables can be used for smoothies as well as fruit and can taste very good, it is all a matter of personal preference. I personally like to drink my veggie smoothie for lunch and drink a fruit smoothie for dinner but it makes no difference to your body how you go about it.

When constructing a smoothie for dinner, think salad. Imagine what your favorite salad consist of and use those ingredients to make your dinner smoothie, even add salad dressing for that particular taste you love.

I have found that if one vegetable has a strong taste, such as onions, it may overpower your smoothie, so simply add less of this ingredient to your dinner smoothie. But the Wave Maker 50242N I purchased has never had any problems turning any vegetable or fruit into juice, including greens such as lettuce, broccoli, cucumber or kale.

Remember the important aspect of smoothies is that you are helping your body digest your food easier by breaking your meals down into liquid form, which it would do anyway. Your body will thank you by providing you with more energy throughout your day and making the moving of waste so much easier.

It may take your body a week or two to get used to this form of food intake but you will notice a difference in the removal of your food right away. The adjustment will be in taking in raw natural food that preserves the life force of what your eating (drinking).

Plants were designed by the Creator of All for the specific purpose of being ingested by higher life forms and so they do not experience fear when harvested such as cows and other livestock for food.

Remember the age old saying "You are, what you eat!"

So if you are eating the decaying flesh of animals in which their last experience in this dimension was that of fear and apprehension from the abuse and treatment they received by being harvested, you're in essence eating and consuming that fear as well, think about it!

Any hunter will tell you that an animal that must endure hardship and fear from being wounded and not killed quickly and efficiently, will taste much different. This is because adrenaline will be pumped through its body as it tries to survive its wound and fear of death, it is no different than a cow being abused as it is lead to the slaughter house.

While you may not recognize this, those that have created this culture based on fear, know quite well this simple fact and actually have encourage mankind to eat the decaying flesh of animals as a way of subtly propagating this fear based initiative by promoting beef and other animal products for consumption.

This conditioning has been ingrained into our educational process for generations, by promoting the need for animal protein for healthy bodies. However even Jesus condoned this process and encourage his followers to only eat fruits and vegetables, not meat, of course this little known fact is conveniently left out of the Bible.

As we move closer to the Ascension process learning to eat a more healthy diet will help raise our vibrational frequency and Smoothies, The Ultimate Meal For Light Bodies could be the answer for humanity to make this transition smoother.

Carbs For Basic Veggies

2 grams of carbs
Half cup
3 grams of carbs
Half Cup
2 grams of carbs
One Cup
7 grams of carbs
One Cup
12 grams of carbs
One Cup

Smoothies, Anyone Can Do It

Smoothies are so easy to make and to clean up afterwards and taste great.
Smoothies are so easy to make and to clean up afterwards and taste great. | Source


While I may have alternative motives for drinking my meals, namely ascending to the next level of human evolution, Smoothies, The Ultimate Meal For Light Bodies is a healthy way of consuming food while providing more energy for my body and creating less waste before and after the process of consumption.

I suspect that this way of consuming food may not be for everyone, as conditioned eating habits are difficult to break but once you begin you will almost immediately notice some positive results. I cannot guarantee that you will lose weight but I have with minimal exercise involved.

You may also notice that it saves you money at the grocery store because you become more conscious of the food you buy and its freshness and you buy less processed food that cost more. If you do begin to move away from meat products, you will definitely save money as beef, chicken and seafood prices are going through the roof.

This, by no means a revolutionary concept but this article Smoothies, The Ultimate Meal For Light Bodies was written to show anyone, that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I'm a little embarrassed that it took me so long to get on board the smoothie train but I'm so glad I did.

© 2014 somethgblue


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    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I saw that article when I was looking over your list of Hub Articles, so now I'm motivated to go back and read it as I don't make a lot of vegetable smoothies but would like too . . . and what is really odd is that I was just thinking about that very topic before glancing at my computer an noticing this comment.

      Interesting how synchronicity works, I read somewhere that for every person on the planet their are four or five angels/spiritual beings working in a higher dimension to make sure we gain the information needed for our lessons or blessings.

      I also read recently that there are far more spiritual alien people living right here on the planet with us, than most of us are aware of, to help us all connect to and grow.

      Thanks for commenting, look forward to reading your articles.

    • ItayaLightbourne profile image

      Itaya Lightbourne 

      6 years ago from Topeka, KS

      I wrote an article about the Green Smoothie recipes that I like to drink each day. I was on a mission to develop a way to have more vegetables in my diet that were still alive and would be more easily digestible. My recipes are a bit different in that I don't put any fruit in them. Lemons are as close as I get. For sweetening I add liquid stevia. Loved reading your journey with your smoothies!

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I love berries in my smoothies as being able to crunch the seeds is a favorite past time of mine. Berries always give the smoothie a deep, rich purple or red color but have also found that bananas give it a thick, smooth texture.

      Glad you liked the article, it has changed the way I consume food, for sure.

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 

      6 years ago from USA

      This was really intense reading for me. I have never read the benefits of smoothies explained in such detail. It makes the most sense to drink my way to a healthy body. By the way, your favorite smoothie recipe looks very appealing.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      To have you 'believe' my story I need to give you evidence it could have happened, since you have a fear of being wrong, you're mind will do most of my work for me.

      I give you terrorism, low flying airplanes, exploding buildings, talking heads telling you what happened, rumors, eye-witnesses, cell phone conversations, hi-jackers and so forth. I eliminate all evidence by collapsing the buildings into dust and hauling away the evidence.

      Since you don't want to be wrong and get along with your neighbor, you ignore the fact that airliners can't fly that fast or engineers tell you is impossible.

      Fear of being wrong prevents you from accepting anything else, cognitive dissonance rears its ugly head and you ignore it to preserve your sanity.

      If eating meat that is tainted by fear induced death were bad for you our Government would surely tell us, after all they are here to serve us not get bribed millions by the cattle industry.

      If fast food was made by using chemical preservatives that caused cancer surely the AMA would say something?

      If fluoride in our water wasn't there to mask all the other chemicals the put in the water surely someone would have told the public . . . by now!

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Often times in conversations, this how been pointed throughout my life on many occasions, I will simply skip pertinent ideas, points and elaborations and proceed to the 'meat' of the story, idea or concept, assuming of course the listener has the intelligence to fill in the gaps.

      This will lead to confusion and I will have to back up, show patience and explain the deductive reasoning, critical thinking or logic. I have learned to write and speak like a prosecutor leading the listener to that 'aha' moment, where my ideas make sense.

      Ever been to downtown NY City? Many huge sky-scrapers all around you, almost impossible to see the skyline. You hear a low flying jet, you look around for it but can't see it. You follow the noise of the plane because it is so low, it is unusual and you're curious.

      You follow its progress and suddenly before you one of the Twin Towers explodes in a huge fireball. You forget all about the airplane and your focus is on the exploding building in front of you. You're transfixed and stunned you have never seen anything like it, you forget all about the low flying airplane. It flies right on over the horizon as you stand there gaping a the burning building.

      Someone runs by on the street and says "Hey did you see the airplane fly into the building?" Of course you saw nothing of the sort because you never saw the airplane but suddenly your mind convinces you that is exactly what you witnessed. Someone ask you what happened and you repeat what the other guy said and they tell someone else and before you know the whole town is talking about it.

      The point is logically it could be assumed that is what happened but did it? This is how rumors start and why eye-witness testimony sucks.

      Based on MIT and Boeing (2006) it is physically impossible for commercial airliners to fly at the speeds shown on TV that day below 30,000 feet, so how did they do it?

      Now if I were to say no airplanes were used on that day, it would require that I explain myself in length. I assume that most people are aware that airliners can't fly 500 mph below 30,000 feet, that it defies the laws of psychics but of course most people don't know this information.

      Are you picking up, what I'm putting down?

    • fpherj48 profile image


      6 years ago from Carson City

      I see, blue.....I do understand now what you were saying. I also agree more than disagree.

      I have to confess that my problem (if "problem" is the right word) is that many years ago, I had to make a clearly intentional and focused shift in my attitude .....with just about everything. It was my last chance at having any sense of peace or happiness at all....& embracing the belief that life is MEANT to be much more than constant mountain climbing, an insane game of duck, dodge, & digging out.......IF we CHOOSE to do what we instinctively know is the authentic thing to do.

      I probably made little sense to you just now, but if we correspond for any length of time, it may begin to be a little clearer.....Suffice it to say, I'm not easily frightened by much of anything.....least of all the government.....those friggan criminals, delusional enough to think they have any degree of power whatsoever. At best they are worst, an enormous pile of horse $hit.

      "I have a fear of insulting my readers intelligence by explaining things too much." That statement may be the kindest thing I've heard anyone say in a while. I admit that I am an exacting an annoying degree. Believe me, my friends never hesitate to tell me so.

      I won't belabor this at the moment. It's not important now.

      Thanks for taking the time to help me "get" your message. Sometimes, it may not seem so...but I swear, I AM a natural brunette! LOL

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      My point is that the way in which they slaughter the animals to induce fear is the way in which they have created the whole society in general.

      Everything programed into our society is fear based, competition as a means of securing and keeping a job. Sports where there is the fear of losing, fear of losing what you have achieved through not having enough money.

      Fear of not going to Heaven if you have sinned, fear of your spouse cheating on you. Fear of being honest because how people might view you. Fear looking inside yourself for answers, fear of not being cool or having friends.

      It is all about fear, that is what I was trying to say, this is the way we are controlled. The biggest fear of all is the fear of being wrong. More people fail to recognize the truth because they have this fear of being wrong, than any other reason.

      Mistakes are how we grow and learn, we do not learn as much from success as we do failure, if we have the capacity to learn and grow from it.

      Sorry if I didn't make myself clear, I have a fear of insulting my readers intelligence by explaining things too much, my bad. Sometimes I tend to get off track, the whole meat eating agenda is really amazing to me that I could have bought into it for so long.

      Good to hear from you, thanks for stopping by!

    • fpherj48 profile image


      6 years ago from Carson City

      Mr. Man.....I remain open to the possibility that it "could be me,"......but lean strongly toward it being YOU, sweetie.

      My comment relates to the "fear" you describe that animals about to be slaughtered experience.

      Your comment doesn't seem to flow with the gist of my comment........even reading it both times you posted it.....I don't get it.

      Hello? Are you OK? Am I missing something vital?

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      The Powers That Be deal in fear based propaganda, control and lifestyle. They set up fear based websites that prognosticate Doom and Gloom conspiracies such as the ever popular Before Its News (BIN). They are the creators of terrorism as a means of always having an enemy for the sheep to fight and be afraid of.

      So why wouldn't they also literally feed us fear in the form of decaying animal flesh? Humanity survived on this planet for millions of years without eating flesh but only in the las thirty thousand years when we became 'civilized' did we turn into flesh eaters.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      6 years ago from Carson City

      blue...In addition to the useful (and delicious) info on smoothies, I must say I was taken by your explanation on the "fear" of animals en route to slaughter. I can honestly tell you this concept has never been presented to me......surely not in a way that struck so dramatically.

      I have seen several documentaries on the heartless and inhumane treatment of masses of animals intended for the family dinner table. These visions alone are enough for me to take a much closer look at our enormous appetite for meat here in the U.S.

      Another educational hub that I genuinely appreciate, Mr Man! Up+++

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Thanks for the comment Nadine, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and other articles I have written.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 

      6 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Wow I love this article and go along with all that you wrote in connection with our ascension process. Both Robin and I drink a liter of water first thing in the morning, followed by a fruit smoothie. For lunch we often eat rye bread with salad, cucumber and other herbs from the garden. I love cheese and nuts, so often that is our lunchtime snack. I will keep your interesting recipe on a Dinner Smoothie. Indeed we only eat veggies and fish at home. If we go out to dinner, especially with friends we might order a chicken dish, but lately I'm more and more influenced by the knowledge how chickens are being bred, so I then stick to a fish dish. I have not eaten meat for the last thirty years. Voted up and shared.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      We like smoothies too. Nice article. Very informative. I will try those recipes. Thank you. Hope you are well...


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