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Drought, Food Shortage, World Hunger and Polar Shift

Updated on October 17, 2015

No Swimming, No Problem . . .

The continuing drought in some areas of the country are a direct reflection of the flooding in other areas.
The continuing drought in some areas of the country are a direct reflection of the flooding in other areas. | Source

Rising Sea Levels

While some areas of the country are reeling from drought other areas are underwater.
While some areas of the country are reeling from drought other areas are underwater. | Source

World Hunger, Millions May Starve to Death

The recent drought in the United States has many people worried and alarmed that global food prices may soar. Food experts world wide are predicting the increased likelihood of another food crisis mostly due to droughts in Russia and the United States that project reduced harvests in soy and corn respectively.

Philippe Pinta of the French Farmers Federation (FNSEA), says that due to severe weather events world wide, such as the reduced rainfall from weak monsoon's in India to the continued drought in the Midwestern US, that the world could be headed for another rise in global food prices such as was faced in 2007-2008 when wheat and rice prices doubled.

The monsoon rains in India and Thailand, the two leading rice producers in the world, was 15.2 percent below average and yet we have been lead to believe that the recent floods in both these countries was due to these same monsoon rains.

Because climate change world wide has contributed heavily to the melting of the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps, which in turn has raised Ocean levels, this has prevented rivers from dumping into the sea. These rivers are now backing up and flooding rich farm land world wide with salt water contaminating river-water.

The ongoing drought's in North America and Russia are due to record breaking Arctic ice melting. The Polar ice sheet in the Arctic acts as the Northern Hemispheres natural air conditioner.

The record Arctic Polar ice melt, set in 2007 was a reduction of Arctic ice to 1.66 million square miles by September 9th, this year scientist predict that the ice melt may fall below 1.5 million square miles by the end of August.

While officials continue to blame mankind for the climate change and extreme weather, green house gas emissions have been reduced not increased since global warming became an issue and it stands to reason that it cannot be completely to blame for the extreme weather, drought and flooding world wide.

Learning and understanding why these extreme weather events are happening and their cause will help the public to realize that we are not being told the truth by our public officials and the media. The Earth's wobble has increased exposing the Northern hemisphere to more direct sun light while forcing the World's Ocean currents into different patterns of movement.

Typically, the melting of Arctic sea ice slows down in August as the Northern Hemisphere moves toward fall, but this year, it has speeded up, Scambos said. "I doubt there's been another year that had as rapid an early August retreat," he said.

The Arctic Ice melt couple with the rapid melting of Greenland's continental ice sheet has the lead scientist at the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center Ted Scambos predicting that a new record will be set by the end of August and that the melting will continue into the fall.

The Arctic is known as the World's Air Conditioner so with the ice sheet almost gone it can no longer serve this function, increasing the likelihood of the drought in the Northern hemisphere continuing. Since America exports more than 30% of the World's wheat, corn and rice any increase in frequency of extreme weather, drought or flooding will have a significant impact on the World's food supply.

All of these warnings signs have many in the know concerned and worried over food shortages, price increases and the long term affects this may have on economies Worldwide.

Why then is the American media, government and media outlets Worldwide not warning their citizens to prepare for food shortages and/or water rationing?

Why are governments not warning the public to prepare for long term food shortages or putting any rationing measures into effect?

Is it because they know something we don't?

Drought or Flooding

Which would you prefer drought or flooding?
Which would you prefer drought or flooding? | Source

If You Had A Choice . . .

Which would you prefer drought or flooding?

See results

Volcanic Eruption in Ecuador

More volcanic activity in South America.
More volcanic activity in South America. | Source

Do You Live Here?

A map showing the counties in America experiencing drought conditions.
A map showing the counties in America experiencing drought conditions. | Source

What Aren't They Telling Us?

In light of the melting Polar Ice Caps, the Greenland Continental Ice melt, the rising sea levels world wide and continued drought here in America and abroad what is it they are not telling us?

Why is the public not being informed on what to do incase of a sudden coastal flood or earthquake, how to prepare in case of extreme weather?

Are these not legitimate concerns, shouldn't the public be informed and provided simple survival techniques for their families incase of power outages due to flooding, earthquakes and extreme weather?

Turn of the century drought worst in 800 years, study says

“This will not only reduce carbon uptake,” says Schaefer, “but will also would trigger a whole host of significant water resource challenges in a region already subject to frequent water shortages.”

What is being left out of many reports on the continuing drought is that these conditions are expected to not only continue but get worse and yet our government treats this situation as business as usual.

So again I ask you why?

  • Is it because our government is aware of coming Earth changes that will not only ensure that many of the current population of America but the World as well, need not concern itself with the future, as they have none?
  • Is it because not only will those living on coastlines throughout America and the World be wiped out from rising Ocean levels but that the survivors will not be able to feed themselves afterwards and die of starvation within six months?
  • Is it because if they tell us what is really happening to our Planet that they fear the infrastructure will breakdown and the public will panic?
  • Or is it that they fear the public will realize that they have been lied to about how long the government has known about this information and withheld it from them and will demand retribution?

Millions of people worldwide are now homeless due to rising Ocean levels and floods putting a strain on already fragile economies. In many of the poorest nations in the world a large majority of the citizens spend more than half of their monthly income on food and water.

  • Now with food shortages around the corner and sea levels continuing to rise why are governments world wide not more concerned with this issue?
  • Already Australia is turning thousands of boat people away from their shores as the flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes and rising sea levels continue in the Indonesia area do they know that this trend will get worse?
  • My question is why as these extreme weather issues, geological upheavals and rising ocean levels continue is not more information on how to prepare for these events being distributed to the public?

World Hunger

Most people equate starvation in areas of the World that are suffering from drought however over 3 million people in the Philippines are now starving from floods.
Most people equate starvation in areas of the World that are suffering from drought however over 3 million people in the Philippines are now starving from floods. | Source

World Hunger

Most people equate World Hunger with drought stricken areas of the World such as Africa, where 30,000 children die EVERYDAY from malnutrition. However in a growing trend brought about by the continuing Polar Shift that governments and the media Worldwide are ignoring, starvation is now being brought about by flooding due to rising Ocean levels.

Over 4 million persons were affected by the rains and floods that hit Luzon. Of this number, over 216,000 are still in evacuation centers. Rains and floods have damaged over P3 billion worth in infrastructure and agriculture.

As the Philippines continue to sink due to the ongoing seismic activity in the Indonesia area and Ring of Fire we will continue to see whole populations of humans suffer from malnutrition due to rising Ocean levels and flooding.

The worldwide media continues to blame the flooding on monsoon rains that stopped over three weeks ago and for the most part the World is buying it.

"We need something to eat. I haven't gone to work or been paid for a week," said Rogelio Soco, a construction worker and father-of-three in the small farming town of Apalit, about 60 kilometres (40 miles) from Manila.

The Philippines have now been sinking for almost two years and yet we are supposed to believe that this is all due to torrential rain?

Wake Up and Smell the Swamp Water people this is an ongoing trend that is happening World Wide and is causing World Hunger. No longer can we blame these flooding events on torrential rainfall or Monsoons. Ocean levels are rising and this due in large part to continued melting in the Polar regions, extreme weather, earthquakes and seismic activity on the Ocean floors.

Over 100,000 humans starve to death everyday on this Planet and that number is rising at an alarming rate. However this is due largely from ignorance on the topic of our global situation. Humans World wide need to wake up and demand answers from our governments but also we need to begin preparing for events that our governments clearly are not sharing with us.

Will the World continue to buy into the media sponsored reasons for Drought, Food Shortages and World Hunger or will they begin to realize that the Polar Shift is continuing to happen on a daily basis.


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