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Super Simple Two Ingredient Recipes

Updated on April 8, 2016

Hello all,

Today I have a very special treat for you! I have wanted to share my fun, easy and simple two ingredient recipes with you for a while. Some you might have heard of but some may be new to you as well. Let me know if you enjoy this hub and would like to see some of my favorite 3 ingredient recipes! Now lets get on to the yummy food..enjoy! :)

P.S- one recipe is vegan!


Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes..YUM!

This first recipe is a classic, that I enjoy eating two-three times a week, and why not it's healthy, and they're gluten free pancakes! What makes it even better is you only need TWO ingredients!


1 large banana

2 whole eggs


Start by heating up a pan on the stove (this helps the pancakes flip better) and spray with cooking spray, I like to use PAM original. Next you want to mix your banana and eggs. I like to mix my ingredients together in a blender, but mashing the banana with a fork will work just fine. And yes that's all the preparation you need to do! Now you want to put your mixture onto your pan and let the pancakes cook until they are light brown on both sides. This recipe will give you about 4-5 medium sized pancakes that are delicious! Enjoy!

If you want a fun topping try peanut butter, but I bet you will enjoy these pancakes on their own!

Two Ingredient Tuna Dip

Now this is one of my favorites if you're craving something a little salty and sweet! If you need an extra side for your lunch at work or you're just in need of an afternoon snack that's healthy, packed with protein and filling, then this recipe is one you will have to try. And personally an all time favorite of mine and a's boyfriend approved! Don't hate until you try it!


Sweet and Spicy Tuna single serve packet

2 tablespoons of light mayo


Start by draining your tuna and then mix your ingredients in a small bowl. Yes, its that easy! You now have a yummy and delicious snack!

This recipe is personally one that I could just eat with a fork because it's THAT good, but my favorite side to have with it is, Quaker's popped ranch chips. These chips are gluten free and not that bad for you compared to other brands. These add that extra bit of salty to satisfy your craving, which for me happens everyday at 3 PM! Let me know in the comments if you try these out and please leave your thoughts on it!

I do not own this photo*
I do not own this photo*

Two Ingredient Banana & Oat Vegan Cookies

This next recipe is my favorite out of them all. If you haven't tried these babies yet, you need to! But beware you may eat them all, like I do almost every time! My favorite part is, is that they can be gluten free, also you can add any toppings you like or just eat them plain. Either way, they are the absolute best snack to get rid of that sweet tooth!


2 whole bananas

1 cup of quick cooking oats (I use gluten free)

Optional* chocolate chips, dried fruit, peanut butter, etc.


Start by preheating your oven to 350'. Next grab a medium sized bowl and start mashing your bananas with a fork. Then slowly mix in your oats. Grease a baking sheet and place your yummy cookie mix by the tablespoonful. If you have any toppings you would like to add, start placing them on top of the cookies. (You can mix it into the batter but sometimes my ingredients wont stick that way). Next let them bake for about 10 minutes or until oats start to brown. Now you're finished!

Make sure to try some while they are warm, they have the best banana flavor. If you love bananas you will enjoy really enjoy these vegan cookies!

Get to Baking!

I hope you enjoyed today's article! If you decided to try any of these recipes or already have then leave your feedback below! I have also listed some of my other recipes that are a must to try. Also if you want to see a three ingredient article, leave a comment below! Enjoy! :)

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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I would try the last recipe


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