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Recipe For A Two Pot Vegaterian Casserole

Updated on November 5, 2012

Last Nights Vegaterian Casserole Toasted

It is a chilly Spring Morning

I had arrived home after a long long night shift, my relief was an hour late, the hand over took longer than normal, as the night had not run smoothly.

Major glitches with the run parameters,, which we had managed to fix, but needed reporting  with that and a couple of unusual abnormal ends. Not a particularly great evenings production from my point of view.

So tired and a bit grumpier than usual I wended my way eastwards home, now having to travel directly into the already risen sun. The early morning traffic had already picked up, the trip home now 40 odd minutes instead of the usual 20.

My CB was on but none of the normal early morning good buddies where around, most of them, already sevens having reached their salt mines, or sevens and catching some Z'S. Unlike myself now only having the unfamiliars there, so hung back and listened for weather reports in my direction.

My eyes were squinting from the sun and this compounded with the need to get some sleep.

Well on the last 2Km and then off to the kitchen for something to eat.

What to Eat

So finally, home the kettle put on the coffee in the plunger, now all set.

Out of the fridge come a bowl of a vegetarian two pot combination,a couple of slices of brown bread,

The toaster out, switched on and there we go.

No butter or oil on the bread  just the filling in the middle,

By the time the bread is toasted, the 2potcombo has had the chill taken off,

Coffee is ready, toasted sarmie ready, shoes off and just relax, calm the mind, and spend the next 5 to 10 minutes eating my sandwich, after drinking my coffee.

All is peaceful, the kids are off to school, that wife at work and me, well me sitting back for an hour before going to sleep.

All is peaceful.

Two Pot Casserole for 4 Hungry Vegeterians

Pot 1 Brown Basmati Rice

Pot 2 A mixture of stir fried vegatables, Italian Tomatoes and Chick Peas, herbs and spices

A delicate balance of ingredients and timing

Culminating in the fusion of the contents of the two pots in the right combination, then left fo the correct length of time for the tastes flavours to combine, and the rice to absorb the splendid juices,

Pot 1

Soak 2 cups of Bismati brown rice in 6 cups of cold water, do not use any of the preprocessed or so called polished rice. Soak for an half an hour.

Then bring the rice to a rolling boil for fifteen minutes to twenty or when the rice has just passed the al dente point,

Keep the rice on low.Make sure that the rice does not boil dry,

Pot 2

To make a respectable 2pot you will need the following.

Please read the following as well

Description of the vegetables and conversion tables

1 punnet of mushrooms, portabellini or mixed mushrooms, not just plain button or brown as you need a slightly smokey or earthy flavour. Sliced fairly thin .

1 large onion, chopped very fine.

1/2 a red pepper sliced chopped finely.

1/3 of a butternut peeled and cut into blocks not to big or too small, about bite sized.

3 Carrots peeled and cut in half and then into thinnish slices

2 large cloves of garlic finely chopped

That is your base of the dish.

For the rest you will need

2 baby gems cut into eights.

4 Baby Marrows cut into rings

4 Patty pans sliced into eights

10 to 15 Sugar snap peas or Mange touts which ever is available, cut into strips across its length.

That is the body of this dish

1 tin of Chick Peas. for your protien.

Now for the Sauce

1 Tin of Italian Tomatoes in its own juice

2 Tablespoons of Worcester sauce

1 Heaped teaspoon parsley

1 Heaped teaspoon origanum

1 or teaspoons of either Tumeric, Paprika or Mild curry powder

1 teaspoon of sugar, to reduce the acid.

This is then all put through a blender until smooth.

The Actual Cooking Process

a large sauce pan, on high add two to three tablespoons of Virgin Olive oil,

Add the base of the dish in other words the mushrooms etcetera, stir fry then until the mushrooms and onions are nicely browned,

Add a couple of tablespoons of the water from the rice pot, and then add the body of the dish. Cook, giving it a good stir after 5 minutes and add another tablespoon of the virgin olive oil. Then stirring occasionally  until the baby marrows are al dente.

Then add the chick peas, and cook for 10 minutes, then add the sauce to the pot and mix thoroughly, add a half a cup of rice water stir. Cook for a further five minutes.

Drain the rice remove pot2 and place it on the park plate of your stove. Slowly add the rice to pot2 and mix the rice into the vegetable mix, continue until you have added all the rice.Or if you feel there is too much rice for your taste. Let it stand on the stove for a few minutes to make sure that rice is nicely coated and warm.

The End Result

Add Salt and pepper to taste just before dishing up



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    • Just_Rodney profile image

      Rodney Fagan 7 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

      Smurtz, glad that you like the look of this healthy and tasty vegetarian meal.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • smurfz profile image

      smurfz 7 years ago from Kansas City

      Those look absolutely amazing! Definitely going to have to try these soon.

    • Just_Rodney profile image

      Rodney Fagan 7 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

      You will have your own closet space and 3/4 or king size bed I am not sure, as I only used it about 7 odd years ago. The lounge dining room, surrounding garden are communal. The size of the closet is a single hanging space about 4 foot wide and open shelving next to it, it is built in so you wont stub your toes when you get out of bed.

    • Candie V profile image

      Candie V 7 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

      ooooh!!!! Tempting!! How much closet space will I find? Is it 'communal' as well??

    • Just_Rodney profile image

      Rodney Fagan 7 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City


      Thanks for comment, have a look at my hub on the chickpea burgers, as well as the chickpea dip, you will enjoy those as well.

      @Candie V,

      you will always be welcome to Chez Rodney Bed & Breakfast, with hot meals on request. Have a moderately priced room available with access to a communal bathroom with both shower and bath. The next hub will have to be on the vegetables we have here, metric conversion, and that very very sensitive issue on substitutes.

      @Silvia Hayes,

      If you have managed to get Google translations for the food stuffs, good but you will definitely have to read my hub as well, this will be coming very soon. A plunnet is a spelling error and should be punnet. Sorry for the confusion.

      @Feline Prophet, I am not exactly sure of the indian versions of of the vegetables, however as we have a strong Indian presence in South Africa I am sure to be able to ascertain the correct vegetables to use in the recipes.


      Vegetables are really the best and these days sixty plus of the meals at Chez Rodney, are meatless and as time goes on it will climb even further. The value of protein in legumes is more beneficial and easier to digest. Watch out for more hubs of a similar nature.

      Thanks all for the comments and supplying me with and the idea for another hub, especially to supply you with the information required by my fans.

    • ftclick profile image

      ftclick 7 years ago

      It does look very tasty. Vegetables can really be exciting when doing it right, much more than meat unless meat is decorated with....vegetables.

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 7 years ago

      Sounds delectable - as do all your recipes! I just have to figure out what the Indian equivalent of some of those vegetables are!

    • Silva Hayes profile image

      Silva Hayes 7 years ago from Spicewood, Texas

      Just_Rodney, that sounds (and looks) lovely. I am off to Google mange touts, baby gems and baby marrows, plus the word plunnet, and I may have to substitute some ingredients, but I am going to make this! Thanks.

    • Candie V profile image

      Candie V 7 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

      Oh.. man.. Can I come live with you? Amazing stuff Rodney! Question: What's a 'baby gem' and what's a 'baby marrow'? You have some foods there we don't get up here. What can I substitute?

    • VictorG profile image

      VictorG 7 years ago from USA

      That looks yummy! I love chickpeas and never get tired of eating them. I just got a blender too, so can't wait to try this out.