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Thoughts About GMO Corn and Thistle

Updated on February 25, 2014

What Is Genetically Modified Corn?

Genetically Modified corn, a.k.a. GMO or GM corn, is corn that has been genetically engineered to be herbicide resistant, or Roundup ready. Roundup is a herbiicide. Roundup kills plants. Roundup is poison. GMO corn lives through being sprayed with Roundup. GMO corn has also been engineered to contain it's own insecticide. Insecticides kill bugs. Insecticides are usually poison.

GMO corn has not been thoroughly tested in the United States to prove it is safe to eat.

It has been tested in other countries. A study published in The Food and Drug Chemical Journal, deemed the most thorough research ever published concerning health effects of GMO food crops, and the herbicide Roundup on lab animals, says in part, "The animals on the GMO diet suffered mammary tumors, as well as sever liver and kidney damage."

The study was conducted at the University of Caen in France.

Why were studies never done in the USA before GMO food was approved by the FDA and USDA, and made readily available in the American diet?

If a person suffers from preexisting health issues, would it be wise to ingest the foods that have been shown to cause chronic illnesses? Probably not.

Many common foods contain GMO corn. Chips, many cereals, cornmeal, and anything made from cornmeal, along with anything containing high fructose corn syrup, as well as many vitamin C supplements, are candidates for having GMO corn in them. Meat or dairy products from animals that have been fed GMO corn could be passing the Frankinfood along.

To avoid consuming these foods, buy organic as often as possible. Buy dairy products, meat, and eggs from grass fed, or free range animals. Braums is a great place to find these kinds of dairy products.

When buying fresh produce, look at the stickers on your apples, bell peppers, corn, and so on. A sticker with a 5 digit number that starts with a 9, is organic. A sticker with a 4 digit number is conventionally grown. A sticker with 5 digits that starts with an 8 is GMO. BUT! GMO products do not have to be labeled as such.

A Little Personal History

I suffered for years, off and on, with a chronic kidney disease. I was hospitalized many, many times. I had debilitating symptoms, and spent alot of time just plain not feeling good. I underwent many different testing processes. I was put on medicine after medicine.

I was told my right kidney was 80% scar tissue, and that my left kidney functioned 80%. This made my left kidney my "good" kidney. At one of the lowest points with my health issues, I was having to see my urologist every other day, before again, being admitted back into the hospital. At that time the doctors recommended the removal of my left kidney. Knowing I could not live with only the 20% function of my right kidney without dialysis, or a transplant, I refused the surgery. My exact words to my doctor were, "You can do anything else to me that you want to, but you can't have my left kidney."

I found out rather quickly that refusing treatment puts you on the fast tract to being stabilized (in my case lowering my temperature, and hydrating me) and dismissed.

Not too long afterward, I found myself in a health food store.

To make a long story short, I began following an herbal supplement plan. To date, I have never been back in the hospital due to my kidneys, and only to the doctor for the problem twice. It has been almost three decades.

Life In a Garden

Our Creator put the first man and woman in a garden. They were not placed into a drug store. In the garden they had the opportunity to live forever.

Many modern medicines treat only symptoms. If you have pain, you are normally given something to get rid of the pain, rather than to get rid of the cause of the pain. There are exceptions to this, but treating symptoms is common practice.

I am a firm believer in seeking medical attention when needed. But no doctor or other medical professional is able to help every person in every situation. There is so much about the human body still not understood. New things are learned everyday.

If you suffer from chronic health issues and the medical industry has failed to heal you, you may choose to look to the "garden".

God bless you..


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