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Try These Tomato Based Cocktails To Quench Hot Weather Thirst

Updated on May 26, 2009

Giving Up My Favorite Hot Weather Cocktail Recipes

It seems to me, hot weather can trigger a thirst so powerful it is almost impossible to quench. I am especially susceptible when the party is on and the temperature is climbing hot and fast. The fact that I spend a majority of my free time outside when it is warm has forced me to turn to my creative nature in order to enjoy the festivities and avoid drinking umpteen cocktails that make me more thirsty or sick to my stomach even. I am not a heavy drinker by nature. I know people who drink cold beer all day long. I have a few friends who sip wine, are rum and coke only and those who really like to mix it up and drink all the different kinds of mixed drinks. I do not go there, never did. However, I do have two favorite hot weather cocktails that quench my thirst and seem to be easy on my spirit. These are not creations of my own, just recipes I am willing to give up in hopes that others who like myself, might enjoy a thirst quenching cocktail on a hot, dry day.

Something About The Tomato Base

I am not sure what the reason is but it seems that cocktails made from a tomato base are a lot less harsh on my system than most others. I guess it could simply be that I never drink more than two or three and that is over a long period of the day. Some drinks go down like water and are easily consumed in volume and before you know it you have had way too much to drink. I don't really know what the answer is. All I know is I never have any adverse repercussions from the tomato base.

I would like to add that sometimes I use regular tomato juice and other times I use V-8 juice. Both have a tomato flavor and I like one as much as the other. We usually keep V-8 in our cooler at the lake so I am likely to use that as often as tomato juice. Keep this in mind for both of my recipes because I personally consider the two juices interchangeable in these recipes.

A thirst quenching favorite, tomato based cocktails
A thirst quenching favorite, tomato based cocktails

Bloody Beer

A simple twist on the classic glass of beer

One ice cold bottle of dark beer

One ice cold 12 0z can of V-8 or tomato juice

A twist of lime or lemon

Dash of salt and pepper

A friend to share with

Mix the beer and the juice in a small pitcher and make sure to keep this as cold as possible. Chill two 12 0z beer glasses or your favorite cocktail glasses in the freezer for thirty minutes until frosted.

Fill the two frosted, 12 oz. glasses with ice. Pour 1 half of the mixture in to each glass. Serve with a dash of salt and pepper and a twist of lime.

Dark Bloody Rum

This is one of my very favorite cocktails and the hotter the weather the more I enjoy it. I mix up a pitcher to share with the gang.

Dark Bloody Rum On Ice

1 quart of v-8 or tomato juice.

For this drink I like to use the thick, plain tomato juice the best but as I mentioned earlier I will often substitute V-8 in place of tomato juice. The choice is yours.

1/2 cup of Dark Rum

You can use regular rum but it seems to have a much better flavor using the Dark Rum, again this is a matter of taste.

1/4 tsp. of celery salt

1/4 tsp. of fresh ground black pepper

1/4 tsp. Tabasco sauce

1 sliced lime

celery sticks cut just a little longer than the serving glass


Mix the juice, Dark Rum, celery salt, black pepper and Tabasco sauce in a large pitcher and keep chilled. I like it just as cold as you can get it without freezing. I also like to serve this cocktail in a frosted glass so you might want to freeze the serving glasses for 30 minutes or so beforeĀ  hand.

Pour the mixture over ice, garnish the glass with a slice of lime and add a celery stick for a stir.

You can salt to taste if you like. You can also modify the amount of alcohol to your liking, more or less to taste.

Enjoy these hot weather cocktail favorites but remember to drink with care and do not drive when you are drinking alcohol.


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    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana

      Had to keep the drinking grounded.

    • profile image

      newsworthy 8 years ago

      If I had either of those drinks, I would probably slide off the roof.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana

      Hey Peggy,

      Sometimes I like that extra zip and sometimes I go with the mild taste. Moody, you know?

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Copied twice for some reason... I would probably add a bit of tabasco to the first recipe for some added spice.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      These sound really good. Thanks for sharing these recipes.