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Types Of Honey

Updated on November 19, 2011

Honey is naturally produced by the enzymatic action of bees on the nectars of different flowers. These bees extract nectars from the stigma of flowers and take them to their hives where they reside. There they produce various enzymes that convert the nectar into the rich liquid known as the honey.

Bees store the produced honey in the combs of the hives and seal them with special wax. Honey is medically accepted as a highly beneficial liquid for our body. Its importance is stated in many religions particularly Islam. This wonderful fluid is highly viscous, thick and has a rich sweet taste.

Although the procedure of the production of honey is same i.e. naturally, they are divided into different types depending of the source from which the nectar for the making of honey is extracted. Today there are many varieties of honey available in the market.

Following are few common varieties of honey:

Acacia plant.
Acacia plant.

Acacia Honey

Acacia honey is probably the sweetest and the most popular variety of honey. This honey is made from the nectar of Acacia tree blossoms. It is a very pure and clear honey with a sweet yet mild and delicate floral taste.

It has a high concentration of fructose rather than sucrose which makes it a highly suitable liquid for the diabetics. Also it has been proved through various researches that the acacia honey cleanses the liver and regulates the function of intestine.

 It has a perfect taste which can also be used for the sweetening of various beverages.

Eucalyptus flower bud
Eucalyptus flower bud

Eucalyptus Honey

This honey is made from the nectar extracted from the eucalyptus plants. They are largely produced in Australia-where they are believed to originate, and California USA.

Since they are the from the eucalyptus family which consists of many species of plants, they are themselves of various varieties and colors.

However they have a specific herbal flavor and a taste which is common in all its types. It is not as sweet as other varieties of honey and its flavor has a hint of menthol. In many traditions the eucalyptus honey is believed to be the best cure for headaches and colds. 

Bee on Alfalfa flower.
Bee on Alfalfa flower.

Alfalfa Honey

Alfalfa honey is a delicate textured honey with a mild sweet and a specific floral aroma. It is largely produced in Canada and the United states.

It is too not a very sweet honey but sweet enough to be used as a sweetener in many dishes.

The best thing about this honey is that its taste when combined with other ingredients doesn’t overpower their taste and that is the reason why it is preferred as a perfect sweetener by chefs for many dishes.

Clover Honey

Clover honey is one of the most popular varieties of honey. It is usually produced in Canada and New Zealand and is made from the nectar of the white clover.

This honey has wonderful and a perfect taste. It is mildly sweet and very light. It is perfect for making many light sauces and dressings. Clover honey is usually of light amber or dark amber color.

Heather flower
Heather flower

Heather Honey

Unlike the other varieties of honey, heather honey has an extremely strong and a pungent flavor and is almost bitter. It has a rich floral aroma, a very thick texture and is dark amber in color.

Heather honey is highly rich in proteins and from the very ancient times is believed to have great healing and curing powers.

Due to their almost bitter taste they are served with different meats and seafood and for the making of strong black coffee. 

Avocado plant
Avocado plant
Blueberry blossom
Blueberry blossom

Avocado Honey

This honey as the name suggests is made from the nectar extracted from the avocado blossoms. This honey is commonly produced in southern Mexico and in Central America.

Avocado honey has a dark color and a rich buttery flavor. It is best eaten straight from the jar but can also be used as a sweetener.

Like all the other types of honey, the avocado honey is also believed to be a cure for many diseases and has rich protein content.

Blueberry Honey

Blueberry honey is produced from the nectar of small flowers of blueberry bush.

It has a light amber color has slightly tang taste and a pleasant flavor.

Blueberry honey is a mild and a light honey which is mostly used as a table honey. It is mostly produced in New England and in Michigan USA. 


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    • louisxfourie profile image

      Louis Fourie 7 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      Love honey, have started to be a honey farmer myself. thanks for this info.

    • hassam profile image

      hassam 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks for adding that! :)

    • joe w bennett profile image

      joe w bennett 7 years ago from Clinton, MS, US of A

      Another great variety is tupelo honey, made from the blossoms of the tupelo gum. Tupelo honey from the white tupelo gum tree is truly delicious and makes a first-rate table honey. Enjoyed the hub!