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Types Of Roses

Updated on October 22, 2011

Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It is famous for its fresh appearance and beautiful smell. Different rose also have different meanings on different occasions.

A red rose is well known for the ultimate flower of love, but there are many other flowers to that you are as beautiful as a red rose.

The flower rose belongs to the family rosacea and the genus Rosa.

It has almost 100-150 species present however there are certain types of roses that are very famous and are commonly grown even in home gardens.

Below are some common types of roses:

Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybrid tea roses are the most common type of roses and the ones you would want to plant in your garden.

Hybrid Tea Rose
Hybrid Tea Rose

They have a large bloom and are supported by long straight stems.

They can grow as tall as 1.8 meters and as wide as 12.5 cm.

The hybrid tea roses are basically created by making a cross between two types of roses.

They can be of any color except blue and black but most common hybrid tea roses are light pink.

China Rose
China Rose
Damask Rose
Damask Rose

China Rose

The China rose or the Rosa chinensis belong to the central China.

They can grow 1-2 m tall. They have pinnate leaves each being 4-6 cm long and 1-3 cm broad.

The petals of the flower are pink or red. The fruit they form is deep red which is 1-2cm in diameters.

Damask Rose

The damask rose or Rosa damascena are also commonly known as the Rose of Castile. These roses are very famous of their characteristic fine fragrance.

The damask rose is basically a hybrid of two types of roses namely Rosa gallica and Rosamoschata.

The petals of the damask rose are purplish pink in color and the flower as a whole is a cluster of many petals.

The damask flowers are cultivated commonly for their special rose oil which is used in perfumes and rose water.

The petals of damask are used to flavor foods and to make tea as they are safe for human consumption.

Provence Rose
Provence Rose

Provence Rose

The Provence rose or the Rosa centifolia is a hundred petaled rose which is a complex hybrid of Rosa gallica, Rosa moschata, Rosa canina, and Rosa damascena.

These flowers are very beautiful and are usually orange in color. They were first breaded probably during the 1700s.

The have medium sized stems which are full of leaves. They have a very beautiful fragrance and are beautiful roses.

Gallic Rose
Gallic Rose

Gallic Rose

Gallic rose is also known as the French rose or the Rose of Provins. This species is most commonly found in Southern and Central Europe. 

It has a large stem with prickles and bristles. The leaves of this flower are pinnate and have 3-7 bluish-green leaflets.

These flowers penta petalous with each flower clustered in a group 2-4 flowers. The color of the petals is usually deep pink.

Musk Rose
Musk Rose

Musk Roses

The musk rose or the Rosa moschata are most commonly cultivated in the western Himalayas.

They are penta petalous flowers which are mostly white in color.

The stems are long and are filled with leaves.

Floribunda Rose
Floribunda Rose

Floribunda Roses

The floribunda roses before the 1940s were known as the hybrid polyanthas.

These flowers are small and usually bloom in the form of clusters.

They are very beautiful and are found in different colors.

But the most prominent color is light pink. They grow on a bushy habitat.

Miniature Rose
Miniature Rose

Miniature Roses

Miniature roses as the name suggests are extremely small roses.

They can attain a maximum height of 6 inches with their plants growing as tall as 2-3 feet.

These petite flowers are very attractive and are very popular.

Their petals are usually deep red and the leaves on plants are usually the same size as of their flowers.

Grandiflora Rose
Grandiflora Rose

Grandiflora Roses

The Grandiflora roses are a hybrid of floribunda roses and the hybrid tea roses.

They too like the floribunda roses bloom in clusters but in some cases they also bloom individually.

Climbing Rose
Climbing Rose

Climbing Roses

These roses unlike the miniature roses are extremely tall and grow up to 8-10 feet in height.

They grow against a flat substratum and are usually grown in garden fences and walls.

They are large attractive blooms and they may bloom singularly or in clusters.

Shrub Roses

This group of roses consists of hybrid roses of many different roses.

The most popular specie of this group is the English rose which was invented by David Austin.

This group includes a large range of roses and is probably the most diverse group of all the roses.


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    • profile image

      Ace 6 years ago

      love the miniature roses

    • Hui (蕙) profile image

      Hui (蕙) 6 years ago

      Amazing! Rose is always my favorite flower. I use the second picture as my desk, and hope you are ok!