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Unusual Mugs and Cups as Gift Items for the Christmas

Updated on September 18, 2012

MUGS are to use. In the meantime they are a very good souvenir item. By using a mug of your liking, you can express yourself clearly and on the other hand they will make a wonderful gift item. Universities, clubs, societies etc design mugs most of the time as their souvenir items by displaying the crest or the logo of the institute on the mug. But the following mugs will give you some other ideas to think as well. Some really uncommon thinking there!

Global warming mug

Are you concerned about the environment? Concern about global warming? Want to show up that you are concerned about the environment? Want to see through your very eyes how the world looks like after the polar ice caps are melt in the future? Then this is the ideal mug for you. No need to wait for another 20 years to see how the world will look after the global worming. Global warming mug will show you the result.

global warming mug
global warming mug | Source

The mug is covered with a map of the world. When you pour hot beverage in to the mug, it will show you the change in the landmasses of the world. The ocean rises and the landmasses disappear! It will give a hint of the danger we are faced and on the other hand it is an  Ideal gift!

This is not the only heat sensitive mug that is available in the market. Following are some other heat sensitive mugs.

On off mug

The mug is black (off) when there is nothing in it. It changes the color to white (On) when the mug is filled with beverage. Party is on!

Camera lens mug

Can you differentiate the two items in the image? One is a camera lens the other is a mug (a real mug where you can pour beverage!).

The mug comes in two models. The Nikon mug and the Cannon mug. All the components of a real lens are included in the mug. The lens cap, focus and zoom rings, auto focus switch etc.

So be careful, you have to think twice very carefully which one for coffee and which one for the camera if you place both items in the same place!

Camera lens mug
Camera lens mug | Source

One cup or 3 cups?

This again is a mug with quit an unusual design. There are 3 handles, you can use any of them  for a better grip.


Punch coffee mug

Like a mug with a very good grip? Then this is the mug for you. You can use all your fingers to grip the mug.

The Toilet mug – totally different American standard

I am sure none of you ‘d like to have a drink using this mug. In case you like here it is...

Not satisfied with none of the above? Or have a totally different idea for a mug. Then make it real and create your idea into a mug go to This is a site where you can design your own mug using their tools and then they will ship it to your address when you pay the cost for the mug.


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    • IndikaT profile image

      IndikaT 7 years ago from Kandy,Sri Lanka

      Thanks Andy for commenting and I am glad that my hub was useful to you

    • Ign Andy profile image

      Ign Andy 7 years ago from Green Home Office

      These really unique mug, you gave me an idea for Christmas gift. I love the on/off mug.