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Use Ghee NOT butter to Receive Many Major Health Benefits

Updated on April 11, 2012
Indian Ghee
Indian Ghee

What is Ghee (Clarified Butter) and why is it so healthy for you?

Ghee (clarified butter) is traditionally made by heating butter until it becomes a golden liquid. The coagulated lactose and other milk solids are removed in the process. Ghee has been used in India and neighboring countries for thousands of years as a Rasayana (a rejuvenating and longevity promoting food).

Ghee's chemistry holds the secret to its health benefits. Humans need both saturated and unsaturated fats as part of a healthy diet. Ghee is made from a well balanced combination of saturated and unsaturated fats. It is about 65% saturated fat and 25% monounsaturated fat with about 5% polyunsaturated fat content. Its saturated fat is mainly (89%) made from the easy to digest short chain fatty acids and it contains 3% linoleic acid which has antioxidant properties.

Ghee also contains the fat soluble vitamins, vitamin A, D, E and K. Long-chain fatty acids (most animal fats) cannot be completely metabolized by the body and can lead to cancer, blood clots and other complications. On the other hand short-chain fatty acids are easily assimilated and metabolized to release energy.

Because Ghee has such a high smoke point (485 degree Farenheit), it is an ideal cooking oil. The smoke point determines when an oil actually starts to burn and releasef free radicals due to oxidation. Since Ghee has a very low oxidation rate, it stays fresh even unrefrigerated for a long period of time.

It has been suggested that Ghee actually benefits the HDL:LDL ratio. One study has been shown that Ghee can lower high cholesterol. As a health promoting oil Ghee can help replace oxidized fats populating cell membranes and help the body to maintain a low state of oxidation.


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    • profile image

      Sam 8 years ago

      Hi! I was wondering if could provide links or more info on the studies you mentioned about. I was interested in learning more about ghee. Thank you!

    • perfumer profile image

      perfumer 9 years ago from California

      Thanks Anamika,I have been using Ghee for many years and enjoying its numerous health benefits.

    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S 9 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      As an Indian, I use ghee on almost everything. Congratulations on your 100th Hub! I too have reached that landmark yesterday.