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Vegetable rolls, mango summer rolls

Updated on July 6, 2012

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The weather is crazy hot so I am up for some soothing food and summer roll is an obvious choice. There are hundred types of goi cuon - summer rolls but we'll go for mango summer roll today, the one which I made in VietTaste event and people love it the most.

I hope you'll find it somehow helpful.

Mango summer rolls, vegetarian rolls
Mango summer rolls, vegetarian rolls | Source

MAKE 20 rolls

5 oz. dried vermicelli, cooked, let drained and fluffy
20 rice papers
1 mango, cut into medium thick stripes
1 cucumber, cut into medium thick stripes
1-2 lettuce
Sweet basil (add unique zing)
gherkin/ pickle onion (optional)

Soy sauce, for dipping sauce


  1. Cook vermicelli - following how to cook vermicelli, wash herbs, peel and slice mango, cucumber and gherkin/ pickle onion.
  2. Prepare a wrap&roll station (a chopping board or a flat surface lined with damp tea towel), a large bowl of warm water and start to roll. Basically, quickly dip the rice paper into warm water then lie it on the working surface, place a lettuce leaf lengthwise, top with vermicelli, other ingredients and roll it tightly.
  3. Serve whole or cut each roll into for pieces. Serve with dipping sauce.


  • Arrange everything on the table, give everyone a plate and guide people to roll their own roll
  • Roll and serve at starter
  • Cut into pieces and serve as nibbles food

Serve with soy sauce, hoisin sauce, peanut sauce or your signature sauce


Be creative with summer rolls, when you know the rules you can break the rules . Freshness and balance is the key!

Happy cooking!

Have you ever make mango summer roll?

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    • huyenchi profile image

      huyenchi 5 years ago from London - Hanoi

      Thank you for dropping by and commenting. I'm sorry that I couldn't find the button to reply individually.

      Cristale: yes, of course, you can make fish and many other types of summer roll, I made the char-grilled fish summer roll and oven bake summer roll, both of them received good feedbacks.

      Handicapped Chef: I'm glad that you like it, if you could get hold of sweet basil, please add to the recipe.

    • Handicapped Chef profile image

      Handicapped Chef 5 years ago from Radcliff Ky

      This is a very nice dish looks light and tasty I will be trying this and sharing with friends.

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 5 years ago from Florida

      It could use some fish, but it looks pretty.