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Ways to Geek Out Your Gingerbread House

Updated on December 24, 2011

Some friends in our neighborhood let their teenagers decorate their annual family gingerbread house. Letting the kids tackle the dessert without any kind of theme restrictions resulted in an edible replica of a scene from their favorite episode of CSI Miami, complete with a gingerbread victim (with a bite taken from his head) and palm trees. Personally, I loved it and the pictures she posted to Facebook were liked and well-received by everyone on her list of friends. And I'll admit, the creative, culinary Christmas treat got me thinking about some of the other themes might be applied to otherwise traditional gingerbread houses.

Chuck Norris
When Chuck Norris builds a gingerbread house, it sells for a small fortune despite the terrible state of the current real estate market. And in tribute to this master of martial arts, you can build your own gingerbread dojo complete with Ninjabread Cookie Cutters! Bake them, frost them, then set up a badass fight scene with these amusing little guys.

Angry Birds
Why limit your fun to the popular Angry Birds phone app? Use Wonka candies like jawbreakers and gumballs to represent the pigs and various birds. You can save the creation, or get together with family and friends to play an edible version of everyone's favorite time wasting game.

Don't just limit this one to Christmas! And if you home school your children, it's a perfect learning opportunity. I've actually done this one with my boys, but we went the easy route and used Rice Krispy Treats.

Famous Buildings from Literature
Turn sugar cones upside down to create the spires atop the fabled building from the Harry Potter series. Tie some balloons to the top of your pastel cottage to replicate the house from the popular Pixar film, Up!

Video Game Themed
Now, I log more than my fair share of hours playing video games, mostly at Iron Realms Entertainment. The benefit of a F2P text-based MMORPG is that I'm only limited by the scope of my own imagination. However, popular games like Skyrim offer breathtaking graphics that both awe and inspire players. One girl went so far as to create an edible Skyrim Breezehome, located in the city of Whiterun. Bloggor Connor Flynn states:

"It has Alduin the dragon on the roof, what looks like Frosted Mini-Wheat shingles and candy for brickwork, and there’s even a dead giant spider right next to the house."

Regardless of the materials you use, whether you create them yourself or use a kit from a box, just be creative with your gingerbread house. Every year at my in-laws, each of the four grandchildren create their own themed house. Last year we had everything from a Walking Dead farmhouse being attacked by zombies to a My Little Pony stable compete with pink-frosted animal cracker horses.

What are some of the more unique gingerbread creations you've seen, or made yourself? I'd love to hear about them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!


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