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What Is Veloute Sauce and How Do You Make It?

Updated on June 30, 2011
Seafood dish with fish veloute sauce photo: panduh
Seafood dish with fish veloute sauce photo: panduh

The French Mother Sauces - What Is Veloute Sauce?

There are four classic French mother sauces in French cuisine, from which all other sauces are made. These are allemande, bechamel, espagnole, and veloute sauces.

Veloute means velvet in French. A veloute sauce is basically a smooth, creamy white sauce made with a pale stock and then made thicker using a white roux. It is similar to a Bechamel sauce.

What Ingredients Are in Veloute Sauce?

The basic ingredients in a veloute sauce are flour, butter, and a light colored stock. The most common stocks used in veloute sauce are chicken, fish, or sometimes veal. Veloute sauces go superbly with any of these as well, plus it is a great sauce for vegetables.

What Are the Veloute Daughter Sauces?

The common 'daughter' sauces that are made with a basic veloute sauce are allemande, aurora, andalouse, Bercy, Hungarian, Normandy, poulette, supreme, Venetian, and sauce vin blanc.

Allemande is a very common sauce in traditional French dishes. It is a veloute sauce that has been thickened with cream and egg yolks. A bit of lemon juice is also added.

Andalouse is a spicy version of the classic veloute sauce, with garlic and peppers added.

Aurora is just veloute with added tomato puree.

Bercy sauce is a fish veloute sauce that includes white wine, lemon juice, and shallots.

Hungarian has onions, white wine, and paprika added.

Normandy style sauce starts out as a fish veloute sauce. Then liquids from cooked mushrooms and oysters are added. Egg yolks and cream are added last.

Sauce poulette has lemon juice, mushrooms, and parsley added to the veloute sauce.

Sauce supreme is a chicken veloute sauce which has added reduced sauces of cream and leftover liquid from cooked mushrooms.

Sauce Vin Blanc is a fish veloute sauce with added white wine and cream.

Venetian sauce has added shallots, tarragon, and chervil.

How to Make Veloute Sauce

Making a basic veloute sauce is pretty simple and straightforward.

First, you make a roux. This is just a fancy names for equal parts butter and flour mixed to make a paste. To make a roux, add the butter to the pan first. After the butter melts, add an equivalent amount of flour. Stir it together well and cook it. Stir constantly until it starts to change colors. It will take a few minutes. Once it has become a golden color, it's good.

After the roux is ready, add a light colored stock, usually chicken or fish. First, only add about half of the stock or less. Whisk it until the paste is completely dissolved and there are no lumps.

Then add the rest of the stock. Heat the sauce on a low heat. Stir it occasionally. It should start to thicken. It takes about half an hour to get the right consistency. Then, add any preferred seasonings. Strain the sauce to remove any unwanted particles. That's basically all there is to learning how to make a veloute sauce.

How to Make Fish Veloute Sauce Video

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      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      It was fascinating to learn about that. Thank you for very well explained.