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What is truvia? Is it Safe? The sweetest reality revealed

Updated on September 2, 2012

Is truvia safe for you to consume?

In the year of 2008 FDA has finally approved a newly invented sweetener namely Truvia. What makes this sweetener stand above the rest? What is truvia really made off?

At first let’s find out who are behind probably the most controversial sweetener in history of sugar alternatives that ever made in the 20th century. It was all started with the collaboration of two giant companies in food and beverage industries.

The Coca cola and Cargill, both have joined forces to carry out new approach for refining at the same time removing the natural bitter components of stevia, which has been an inseparable attachment to the plant since the very first time it was used as sweeter.

Is truvia safe? All right here is another fact, they did not just stop there; they also have been able to draw out the sweetest parts of stevia, as well as conducted a number of toxic tests as precaution before they launched the final product to the market.

They also have back up their finding with series of scientific approaches and studies to make sure that this product is really safe for consuming. In addition Japan has already been using Stevia before it was legal in the US.

Now is the time for the truvia vs stevia trivia question: Is truvia stevia?

The trade name for truvia is Rebiana which is scientifically separated from the rest of elements and become one single entity as the sweetest compound extracted from stevia plant.

The stevia which was originally found as a shrub in Paraguay and was renowned for its sweet tasting leaves. Stevia is 300 times more sweet than the sweet of sugar, and has been used for couple hundred of years.

So how is stevia vs truvia still confusing you? Is truvia stevia? Not anymore right?

Truvia simply the refined and maybe considered the better part of stevia which has been commercially produced by using new approaches in the making, and strongly backed up by health safety researches.

The result is simply new improved bitter-less and sweetest part that ever been made.


Any real truvia side effects that ever been displayed?

Truvia was created and supposed to be a healthier alternative to its predecessors and of course the sugar.

Natural flavors and sugar alchohol, the Erythtitol which also can be found in grapes and pears, are added to the Truvia.

The result is a new consistency in comparison to sugar, and proved to be better alternatives than chemically processed sweeteners such as sucralose.

Truvia has zero calorie, and a good choice if you have Diabetes.

All right we all know briefly what this product can offer to us. The bottom line is it has zero calorie so it is good if you are on a diet program. It may help you to cut weight fast.

However, despite of the huge “calorie advantage” and hundred more time sweeter than sugar attributes it has, any real truvia side effects you might be encounter later?

At first some people have reported to suffer from diarrhea after consuming Truvia.

This case rarely found, but the occurrence is possible, and the blame likely goes to the erythritol as the bulking agent.

Actually, this may or may not true, because erythritol has been used for very long, and naturally found in certain fruits.

So the best answer to this is that every person will have different reaction, or toleration over foods consumed, and truvia is not an exception.

It has erythritol a sugar alcohol which to some people it may act as a laxative causing diarrhea.

Nevertheless, some people are still worry about the long-term effect from consuming truvia, some people may have allergic reaction after consuming this type of sweetener.

I think, this is up to every person to come up with their own judgement, you get to decide whether truvia is safe for you or otherwise.

At the end, if you still have a doubt simply stop consuming it. Other than that let’s not think too much over this one object.

After all there are many other things in this world that are proven way more hazardous to our health like smoking, wrong eating habit, stress, pollution, and etc. Still thinking that truvia is not safe?


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    • greeneryday profile image

      greeneryday 5 years ago from Some tropical country

      glassvisage hello, tastes like the sweetest thing you can ever imagine what do you think? Nevertheless thank you for stopping by and left a comment.. cheers

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California

      This is good to know! I am often skeptical of these kinds of "fake sugars", but this actually brings Truvia up a level in my eyes. Just so long as it doesn't take like aspartame and the other sugar substitutes... I can taste it a mile away! How do you think it tastes?