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Discover benefits of ginseng that has been used for over five thousand years

Updated on September 2, 2012

Natural benefits of ginseng : America, China, Europe and Korea have realized it, why wouldn't you?

Ginseng is a type of plant, where usually grow under a shade, drained mountainous forest. Just like wasabi plant, ginseng is a type of herb, a perennial plant and well known as Panax from Araliaceae family.

It has five leaves on each stalk, green flower start to appear when the herb reaches the age of three years. After achieving certain stage, red berries will eventually start to grow on the top of flower, which is quite interesting to view.

For thousands of years China and Korea have exploited the benefits of ginseng since it provides various health care alternatives.

Later on this magical plant has been further discovered in North America, and believed to have been used in the same fashion just like in the Asia.

Basically you can find two main types of ginseng grow globally, the first one is America and second is Asiatic ginseng. The American ginseng has distinctive yellow to white root’s color, while on the other hand the Asian version is red.

So what is ginseng good for many ancient herbalists from both Asian and American at that time?

Most probably they have been introduced ginseng benefits for its ability to balance body energy level and state of mind. Other benefit of ginseng you may experience is to strengthen body against some diseases.


Superior health benefits of ginseng

The name Panax was given and derived from Panacea, a Latin name which to some Asian means “to cure”.

So where this herb name actually has its origin?

In China the name ginseng translation “Man’s Root”, since the part used is mostly the root, which somehow reminds us of carrot but different in color.

When you consume fresh ginseng, in overall vitality, brain function will get better, both mental and physical exhaustion will be rejuvenated.

How is this possible?

Traditional Asian physician believe that eating Ginseng will make your heart and nervous system to have more strength and endurance in case of any heavy physical activities occur.

In addition, ginseng will stimulate your endocrine to regulate all fundamental actions from inside such as balancing your body’s metabolism.

So how a fresh ginseng root will taste like? Well I think it has slight sweetness but more bitter in general.

People in China and Korea have cultivated ginseng commercially, but they still find the wild one is the more expensive and most valuable version.

More benefits of Ginseng

You can use ginseng to help you stand strong in case hardly get enough sleep due to required extra work, or perhaps you have travel a long way and get jet lag.

Taking ginseng in any of these sleepless situations will make you stand strong, and stay fresh instead of drinking caffeine from coffee.

Try to consume ginseng tea before heavy work out or any sport activities and gain the extra energy. Some people believe that eating ginseng regularly will cut high cholesterol level, improve sexual performance, increase stamina and fighting cancer.

In Europe and America, the use of this herb has been increasingly popular. They are mostly consumed for long-term benefit and as a preventive action.

Other than those purposes, people would use them when they are having colds, diabetes, rheumatism, insomnia, stress, anemia, and a lot more.


Would there any ginseng side effects that you need to know?

Of course this amazing root is not everybody to use, as they may have sensitive issue after taking ginseng.

Even the case is rarely found, maybe better for you to consult a doctor first. For some women taking ginseng will make them to suffer from period’s irregularity.

The most common effects are allergic reaction, nervous and insomnia. However for those who have trouble sleeping, most probably the effect is coming from taking a large dose of ginseng over long time.

When you are taking blood thinning medicine, avoid using ginseng, because it will neutralize the effect. Best possible solution for consuming ginseng is to have on and off way.

For instance you can have ginseng for a one or two of weeks, and then stop taking for the third and fourth week in a month. Alternatively taking it in first and third week, and stop taking in the second or fourth week.

You can repeat the same action for each month, and still can get the benefits as well as good sleep at night. The idea is to have everything in balance.

Nevertheless, ginseng will offer you both short and long-term benefits, as long as we use them wisely, and strictly follow the general guidance.

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    • greeneryday profile image

      greeneryday 5 years ago from Some tropical country

      beingwell, I consume ginseng and I feel more energized, thanks...

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 5 years ago from Bangkok

      Very informative article. I, too believe in the power of ginseng.