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What's for Dinner? Pepperoni can be classy!

Updated on August 25, 2011

Pepperoni can be classy! Spaghetti Pizza Casserole

Spaghetti Pizza Casserole

The Funeral Coordinator’s career was a difficult one. I was working at a large church and was given the role of Funeral Coordinator for a congregation of approximately 3,000 members. The Mercy Ministry was happening when every few weeks someone would pass on or there would be a family in need. Someone had cancer, was in a wreck, in intensive care, the church would have a high school retreat, there was always a need.

Spaghetti Pizza Casserole is just as easy to make two of as to make one of and the ingredients always seem to be on hand.

My son was in grade school during this time, and since I always was making the casserole to give away, we would in tandem always eat Spaghetti Pizza Casserole for dinner. Well, you know you are overusing a recipe when one day my son came in from school and said.

“What’s for Dinner?”

and when I said, “Spaghetti Pizza Casserole!”

He then said, “Awwwe… and with his little eyebrows raised, said, “Did someone die?”

We did not have Spaghetti Pizza Casserole for about three years after that I felt so bad, and we certainly needed to give the recipe a rest. My son especially liked it made with Spaghetti noodles instead of Angel Hair Pasta.

We had this casserole just last night. I made a half a recipe and it probably cost $3.00 dollars. Couple this with the Mandarin Orange Salad (another hub) and you have a dinner for 6-8 people for around $8.00-$10.00.

It makes a very pretty presentation and will make you look like a culinary genius.

Lynda Lou

Spaghetti Pizza Casserole

7 oz package thin spaghetti or Regular (preference)

2 T. Butter or Margarine

1/3 C. Parmesean Cheese

1 egg

1 lb. ground meat or sausage

1 Large Jar Spaghetti Sauce (We love Classico Tomato Basil)

4 C Mozzarella Cheese

1 Small Pkg Sliced Pepperoni

1 tsp Oregano or Italian Seasonings

Cook pasta. Drain and mix with butter, parmesean cheese, egg and line 13x9 (greased) pan with spaghetti mixture. Top with next ingredients, layered in listed order. Top with Pepperoni and Sprinkle seasoning on top.

Bake at 350 until pepperoni is done and casserole is bubbly 30-45 minutes. Cook casserole longer if refrigerated.

Pretty presentation with salad or sautéed veggies. Reheats excellent.


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