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What's for Lunch? Sandwich,Pasta Salad and Desert idea for lunch

Updated on May 27, 2013

Lunch ideas for the Summer

Now that spring has arrived and it's time for picnics in the sun with families and friends. I thought it would be a good idea to continue with my the series of articles. And as a prior Manager of a Deli here in the Oregon City area, I feel my experience would be of a great benefit to all you sandwich lovers out there.

So here are some yummy ideas for lunch with a few sandwich recipes, a pasta recipe, and a desert recipe that is great for the spring and summer seasons.

If you like avocados then this should be a favorite for you as well. I never did make up a name for this sandwich but it is of my own creation.

First you will need :

2 slices of Dark or Lite Rye bread

1/2 Ripe Avocado

2 slices of Tillamook Jack or Tillamook Pepper Jack

2 slices of Tomato


Mustard or Grey Poupon


1/4 sliced Cucumber

4 slices of cooked Bacon (optional)

Now to build the sandwich. I believe that sandwich building is an art in itself. The order in which you put the product on the bread highly imperative, to the taste and satisfaction of the said "Sandwich Connoisseur"

First lay out the two slices of Rye bread. Toast the bread if you like but, I think it is better not toasted. Cover both slices of bread with Mayonnaise and only put the mustard on one slice of the Rye bread. Slice and cube the ripe Avocado and spoon it out onto the mustard side of the bread. Then in this order add these ingredients. Bacon, Cheese, Cucumber, Tomato, and Lettuce. Oi-la! The best sandwich made-up bye me in the Pacific Northwest.LOL. It really is a healthy lunch and I believe that if you try it without the Bacon you will enjoy it just as much. For those whom love sprouts. Adding them to sandwich, is just as scrumptious.

Here are some other sandwich combinations:

For the meat lovers out there

A sandwich we used to call "The Gorge". You will need one Sub Sandwich roll. 2 oz. each of roast beef, turkey, and ham. Two slices of both cheddar and jack cheese. Sliced pickles, sliced tomatoes and a leaf of romain lettuce.

Another great sandwich is a Turkey sandwich with Cream cheese and sliced Cranberry sauce. Lay out the two slices of sour dough bread or wheat bread. On the bottom piece of the bread the Cream cheese. Then add 4oz. of sliced Turkey. On top of the Turkey add the Cranberry. Top it off with a piece of Lettuce. And it's like a Thanksgiving Sandwich anytime of the year. One of our best sellers, believe it or not.

There was also our "Mt. Charlie" sandwich. I love this one it's super tasty. You need one Onion Bun. Ya know like a Hamburger bun, but the onion kind. Mayonnaise, Mustard, 4 oz. of sliced Ham and Cheddar or Jack cheese. I think it's best with cheddar. Put the sandwich together with the meat on the mustard side of sandwich.Spread mayonaise on both sides of the bun, mustard on the bottom, then the Ham, a couple of slices of cheese. and then the top of the bun to finish it off. Put Sandwich on a microwave safe plate and heat in the microwave on high for around 50 seconds or until cheese is melted.

Pasta Salad is a great side dish to add to the plate. My sister gave me this recipe and I believe it's one of the best pasta salads I have ever had. You will need one large mixing bowl and these ingredients. It makes enough to feed around 5 people.


5 cups Elbow Macaroni (cooked according to back of package)

2 Eggs (boiled and chopped)

1 small can California black olives (chopped)

3 Vlassic Pickles cut and cubed

1/8 cup Pickle juice

1 Tbsp of French's Mustard

1/4 cup Mayonnaise

1/2 tsp. Mrs. Dash

This salad is meant to be served cold. Once you cook the pasta, strain it. Run cold tap water over the pasta until the pasta becomes cold. Add cooled boiled chopped eggs, can of olives, pickles, pickle juice,mustard, mayonnaise, and Mrs. Dash to taste. Best to use a small amount of Mrs. Dash seasoning or All Season to start and then add more if it doesn't have as much seasoned taste for you pallet. Mix together with a spoon and Enjoy.

*If the pasta is still to warm after rinsing it in cold water and adding the eggs and the rest of the ingredients. Chill in refrigerator before serving.

Lunch really isn't finished until you have a bit of desert to top it off. This recipe is simple and inexpensive:

Peanut Butter Cookies

You will need a fork, cookie sheet, and one large mixing bowl.


1 cup Jiffy Creamy Peanut Butter

1 Cup C&H Pure Cane Sugar

1 Egg

In large bowl mix Peanut Butter,Sugar, and Egg thoroughly. Pre-Heat oven to 350 degrees.

With hands roll 2 Tbsp. of Peanut Butter mixture into a ball and put on cookie sheet. Continue to make tiny balls and put them on the cookie sheet. Until you use all of the mixture and have them all on the cookie sheet( Pam cooking spray helps keeps the from sticking). Take the fork and press down to flatten making a criss-cross. Cook at 350 Degrees for 10-15 minutes.

Makes around 15 cookies.


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