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Imperia Pasta Machine - Why you should buy one

Updated on April 29, 2011

Let me guess...

You want to make your own pasta, and you want a pasta machine that:

  • is easy to use
  • will last a lifetime
  • is good value
  • is a brand you can trust
  • and most of all, makes great pasta

Look no further. An Imperia Pasta Machine is the world’s favorite homemade pasta machine for some very good reasons:

Reasons to buy an Imperia Pasta Machine

Imperia pasta machines are the traditional type of pasta machine used in kitchens right across Italy.

Trusted for generations, these machines are:

How to use your Imperia Pasta Machine

  • Built to last – an Imperia pasta machine uses heavy duty chrome plated steel construction and is designed to last a lifetime. There are many families who have used a single Imperia pasta machine for generations.
  • Affordable – no gimmicks or add-ons that you won’t use. When you buy an Imperia Pasta machine you are simply paying for a quality device that makes a great range of pasta – unnecessary items are left out and any specialist attachments can be bought separately if you wish.
  • Easy to use – An Imperia pasta machine is a simple machine that anyone can use. Simple instructions are included with every machine.
  • VersatileImperia pasta machines have been around for decades and there are attachments available for a wide range of specialty pasta, meaning you can make everything from ravioli using its ingenious ravioli maker attachment, to angel hair.
  • Easy to clean – An Imperia pasta machine doesn't have difficult-to-clean components – generally a wipe down is enough
  • Made in Italy – Why buy a cheap knock-off with a dubious origin? An Imperia pasta machine is made in Italy - the country synonymous with pasta
  • Proven performance and reliability – there have been literally tens of thousands of satisfied Imperia pasta machine buyers over many decades

Clearly I think that an Imperia pasta machine is the one to buy, but why take my word for it? The best way to get impartial views on these machines is to listen to those who have bought one. Thankfully, this is easy...

Imperia Pasta Machine reviews

Not only have Imperia pasta machines been voted 5 stars on Amazon more times than any other pasta machine, there are also countless reviews and recommendations from happy users. These reviews are from real people, and are impartial – the reviewers have nothing to gain from making a false claim. Do yourself a favor and read the reviews on Amazon.

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    • kiwitom profile image

      kiwitom 7 years ago from Perth, Australia

      Thanks for the comment RandonLife, I bought an Imperia pastamachine and its been brilliant, so I thought I'd spread the word!

    • RandomLife profile image

      RandomLife 7 years ago from Nashville TN

      Great hub!