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Imperia Pasta Machine Attachments

Updated on September 12, 2011

So you already have an Imperia Pasta Machine and now you want to widen your pasta making repertoire? Thankfully, Imperia has a wide range of attachments that easily attachment to their pasta machines, letting you create professional quality pasta shapes and variations.

As with all Imperia products, their Italian-made machine attachments have heavy duty construction and come with a lifetime warranty. Each attachment is made of either chrome-plated steel or stainless-steel, and are both hard wearing and easy clean.

Below are the most popular Imperia Pasta Machine Attachments, images of the pasta they produce, and links to Amazon where you can read reviews from those who have already purchased the attachment and purchase one yourself!


Motor attachement for an Imperia Pasta Machine

This motoriser attachment fits onto the Imperia 150 Pasta machine and removes the need to use the hand crank. This has a number of benefits – you no longer need to clamp the machine to a bench or table, and it frees your hands to collect the pasta as it comes out of the machine.


Ravioli - Imperia Pasta Machine Attachment

This ravioli maker attachment makes plump, delicious 1.5 inch ravioli quickly and easily. Simply feed two sheets of fresh pasta into the rollers along with your favourite filling and crank the handle to turn out fantastic fresh ravioli.


Spaghetti - Imperia Pasta Machine Attachment

Spaghetti is a long, thin pasta. Spaghetti means "thin string" or "twine". This attachment makes 2 mm width Spaghetti.


Tagliatelle - Imperia Pasta Machine Attachment

Tagliatelle comes from the verb tagliare which means 'to cut', and consist of flat, thin noodles.This attachment makes 2 mm width Tagliatelle.


150-24 Standard Double Cutter - Imperia Pasta Machine Attachment

The Double Cutter attachment combines 2 cutters - Fettuccini (approx. 0.25 inch) and spaghetti (approx 2 mm) Fettuccine comes from the word "fettucia," which means ribbon, and is a flat noodle, that is wider than tagliatelle.


Angel Hair/ Capellini - Imperia Pasta Machine Attachment

Capellini (literally "thin hair") is a very thin variety of Italian pasta. This attachment makes 1.5 mm Angel Hair noodles.


Pappardelle - Imperia Pasta Machine Attachment

Pappardelle are large, very broad fettuccine. The name comes from the verb “pappare,” which means ‘to gobble’ up. This attachment makes 32 mm width Pappardelle noodles.


Lasagnette - Imperia Pasta Machine Attachment

Lasagnette is a type of ribbon pasta which is a narrower type of Lasagna. This attachment makes 12 mm width Lasagnette.


Trenette - Imperia Pasta Machine Attachment

Trenette are a narrow, flat type of pasta. This attachment makes 4mm Trenette Pasta.


Round Spaghetti-Imperia Pasta Machine Attachment

Spaghetti is a long, thin pasta. Spaghetti means "thin string" or "twine". This attachment makes 2mm Round Spaghetti Pasta - fantastic with a bolognaise, pesto, or carbonara!


Cavatelli gnocchi
Cavatelli gnocchi

Millegnocchi 3-Type - Imperia Pasta Machine Attachment

This attachment makes 3 types of small Gnocchi - cavatelli, gnocchetti and rigatelli.


Not an pasta machine attachment but also very useful..

A pasta drying rack is the perfect accessory to hang your fresh pasta to dry. Multiple arms mean you can fit a lot of pasta in a small space instead of draping it all around the kitchen.


Make full use of your Imperia machine and dont settle for buying so-called 'fresh' pasta from the supermarket. 'Fresh' supermarket pasta often has a low egg content, can contain preservatives and uses heat treatment and modified atmosphere packaging to extend shelf life - meaning that 'freshly made' pasta could in fact be many weeks old.

You'll be amazed at the way a new fresh pasta variety can inspire delicious new meals and recipes.


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