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Wing Sauce Recipe, The Best

Updated on June 8, 2009

Wing Sauce Recipe, The Best!

The Best Wing Sauce Recipe, Does it even exist? sure it does and I am going to give it to you. Why? you ask, well because i'm nice and I love buffalo wings, nothing makes the buffalo wing like a great wing sauce recipe. Ok, I have a confession to make, the truth is it's all about personal preference. I can create and make a wing sauce recipe that is out of this world and some people will just hate it. Now thats not really my fault but the simple fact is people are different and they have different tastes. I have brainstormed and come up with a solution to this problem, the answer is to share every wing sauce recipe I create, with you the readers and fans, surely by doing that at some point or another everyone will find something they call the best!

Wing Sauce Recipe, The base

 Ok this is the single most important part of your recipe, picking the proper base. We are going to focus this recipe on a traditional buffalo style wing sauce recipe. The first thing you need to do is to choose the proper base, there are a handful of bases that I like that are sold right in your grocery store:

  • Franks Red Hot
  • Louisiana Hot Sauce
  • Texas Pete
  • Cholula hot sauce
  • Tabasco

My favorite hot sauce base out of the general store bought is Franks Red Hot, simply because I love the flavor.

Unique Base Flavors

 OK here are some unique base flavors you can use if your are wanting to shake things up a little, most of these are not sold in stores but you can buy them online at stores like Hot These are sure to be a hit at any party and will make the best wing sauce recipe.

  • Barack Obama Hot sauce
  • Bee Sting "Thai Sting" sweet chili sauce
  • Black House Hot sauce
  • Gold N heat peach dessert hot sauce
  • Anchor bar hot sauce
  • Jim beam hot sauce
  • wing time hot sauce
  • Choke your chicken hot sauce

wing sauce recipe - The Mixology

 Ok by now you should have chosen a base for your wing sauce recipe, if you haven't the best way to do that is by sampling the desired hot sauce and finding a base you want to use for your sauce recipe. Lets move on now:

  • How hot do you want your sauce? Im talking spicy hot not temperature hot

The mixology is very simple depending on how hot you want your wing sauce, there is a secret ingredient used to adjust your heat index and that is good old fashioned butter or margarine.

  1. Lets start with a single small batch, take 1 cup of your desired hot sauce and pour it into a saucepan.
  2. Take 1/2 a stick of butter or margarine and add it to the hot sauce in the sauce pan.
  3. (Optional) add a teaspoon of minced garlic to the sauce mixture.
  4. Add a dash of salt and pepper
  5. stir constantly over low to medium heat until the sauce begins to simmer.

After the sauce cools a little carefully taste the sauce and determine if it is suitable for you, you can adjust the temperature, making the wing sauce recipe milder by adding more butter. You can also make your sauce hotter by adding more of the hot sauce base.

If you love buffalo wings and the flavor of hot sauce here are some other great hubs you may have some interest in:

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Just remember when it comes to making  the best, buffalo wings it's all about personal preference and your taste buds, trial and error be creative and your wing sauce recipe will be the best.


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    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Sounds spicy.

    • Springboard profile image


      8 years ago from Wisconsin

      Sounds pretty good. Other uses for the sauce besides wings?


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