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Best Gift Ever: The Home Micro Brew Beer Making Machine Kit

Updated on November 23, 2014
Background Photo used under Royalty Free License from
Background Photo used under Royalty Free License from | Source

Micro Brew Beer at Home Easily and Economically

Home brewed beer is popular, delicious and economical. There are many beer making kits available today, but if you know someone who loves beer but may be short on the time, skill, or patience that traditional brewing requires, The Beer Machine Brewmaster by The Great American Micro-Brewery Co. is the perfect gift.

The New Beer Machine Brewmaster makes it easy to micro-brew just about any type of beer at home for a fraction of the cost of beer sold in stores. Equally important, making your own beer at home allows you to brew a healthier, better-tasting beer.

The Beer Machine Brewmaster is a thoughtful and much appreciated gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, Weddings, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Retirements, and every occasion in between.

Micro-Brewed Beer is Increasingly Popular

With the increased vogue of micro-brewed beer, more and more beer lovers would like to try brewing their own beer at home, but are overwhelmed by the number of steps and work required even with the purchase of a complete beer making kit.

The Beer Machine Brewmaster makes home micro-brewing a lot easier and it is easier on the budget than buying commercially sold beers.

Plus it is also economical in size - taking up about the same amount of space as a six-pack of beer!

The Brewmaster Beer Machine Features Easy 1-Step Brewing

I know, that is hard to believe but this machine brews 2.6 gallons (or 28 servings at 12 ounces each) in 7 to 10 days -- and you don't have to do anything other than add ingredients.

This machine not only dispenses the finished beer, it also dispenses with separate fermentation, conditioning, and carbonation steps and equipment by incorporating those in one self-contained unit.

You can make the beer in a variety of flavors and strengths, from pale ale to the strongest stout and even invent your own special brews.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Beer Machine comes with a "no questions asked"

30-day Money Back Guarantee!

Beer Machine Brewmaster Model 2019
Beer Machine Brewmaster Model 2019

Features of The Beer Machine Brewmaster

  • Draft beer dispensing tap
  • Pressure (PSI) gauge to monitor brew quality, carbonation level, and dispensing pressure
  • Carbonation unit and pressure relief system for maintaining optimal brewing conditions
  • One Brewers Select premium beer mix, yeast, CO2 cartridges, and defoamer discs
  • 2.6 gallon (10 liter) capacity or 28 twelve ounce servings
  • Temperature gauge that displays the temperature inside the machine
  • Attachment for bottling so the beer is not exposed to outside air
  • 6 PET reusable bottles and caps which are designed for carbonated beverages

#1 Reason Why I like The Beer Machine - Can You Guess? (Scroll down to see Answer under the picture)

Altered Photo used under Royalty Free License from Dreamstime.
Altered Photo used under Royalty Free License from Dreamstime.

I know from experience that Santa leaves better gifts if you skip the milk and leave him beer and cookies -- especially if it is a micro-brew.
Try it and see for yourself!

This Beer Glass Set Makes A Great Addition to The Beer Machine

Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set, 6-Piece

Includes one 15.25 ounce classic pilsner glass, one 20 ounce English pub glass, one 16.5 ounce Belgian ale glass, one 20 ounce craft pub glass, one 14.75 ounce porter/stout glass, and one 23 ounce wheat beer glass. Made in the U.S.A.

See How Easy it is to Use The Beer Machine

CASE OF 12 - 16 oz. EZ Cap Beer Bottles - AMBER
CASE OF 12 - 16 oz. EZ Cap Beer Bottles - AMBER

For home bottling, these make a tight seal and are washable and reusable for the next batch.


But What About Taste?

Some of the Many Varieties of Beer You Can Brew

This set of beer mixes includes Dutch Lager, Golden Lager Mix, Vienna Mix, Honey Brown Mix, Canadian Red Mix and Pilsner Mix. Enjoy these and other delicious, full-bodied brew mixes available at


Note: The Beer Machine Brewmaster is NOT for Everyone

Home-Brewed Beer as Easily as Home-Brewed Coffee?

If you (or someone you are thinking of buying The Beer Machine Brewmaster for) are interested in micro-brewing beer at home as a hobby, The Beer Machine Brewmaster is probably not something that would be appreciated. Many hobbyist micro-brewers enjoy the complicated individual steps involved in the brewing process and would not be happy with the ease and convenience of The Beer Machine Brewmaster.

However, if you or the person(s) you are shopping for would like to enjoy home-brewed beer as easily as home-brewed coffee, and save money as well, The Beer Machine Brewmaster is perfect!

Have You Ever Brewed Your Own Beer?

See results

Giving The Beer Machine Brewmaster as an Engagement or Wedding Gift?

Here are some Wedding Party Beer Glasses

  • Bottom's Up 22 oz Best Man Handpainted Pilsner Beer Glass (Also available for other members of the wedding party
  • Bride and Groom Pilsner Beer Wedding Toasting Glasses Set With Swarovski Crystal
  • Hortense B. Hewitt Father of the Bride Glass Mug (Others also available)

See All Available Wedding Party Beer Glasses


You're almost at the end of our review. You must really like beer! Please read the short section that follows. It is very important.
Then scroll back to here and

ORDER YOUR Brewmaster Beer Machine Now

The Brewmaster Beer Machine takes up about as much room as a six-pack of beer in the fridge
The Brewmaster Beer Machine takes up about as much room as a six-pack of beer in the fridge

IMPORTANT TIPS Based on Personal Experience

To avoid disappointment with any home brewing process it is of utmost importance to make sure the equipment is sanitized, not just cleaned, before each use.

It is also critical to follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly. If you don't like the results from this machine, it is probably due to an error in one of those areas.

I also strongly recommend that you purchase the Beer Machine Brewmaster model 2019 as it is an improvement over earlier versions for several reasons. Construction and design have been improved.

The Beer Machine Brewmaster includes a custom pressure gauge that indicates brew quality, carbonation level and dispensing pressure. It also includes an auxiliary CO2 injector (and three cartridges) that allows you to serve beer on tap. The new top model ships with six reusable PET bottles and caps and pub-style handles that can be personalized with included labels.

Brewery Upgrade Kit
Brewery Upgrade Kit

Although you can use The Beer Machine Brewmaster as a Keg/dispenser, I prefer to bottle some of it and not let the beer sit in the machine when it could be making more.

The available Brewery Upgrade Kit (see photo) comes with a Bottling Platform, Filler, and twenty reusable 500ml bottles and caps that make that easy to do. (The Beer has a "shelf life" of 6 months.)

Please Remember

Always Drink Responsibly


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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      My Dad will love this in any season. He makes his own brew all the time.

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      Michey LM 5 years ago

      Very interesting for people who love beer. Blessings!

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      theallin1writer 5 years ago

      My husband would go bananas over this :)

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      pawpaw911 5 years ago

      I might have to give on of these beer making kits a try. I made some wine once, and didn't do that well at it, but maybe I could do better at beer.

    • profile image

      getmoreinfo 5 years ago

      Thanks for the great Home Beer Making Machine Kit gift ideas