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Best PIZZA places in the world! Still missing: your nominees...

Updated on February 12, 2009

Hungry? Tell everyone where YOU love pizza most

Begin drooling now.  Mmmmmmm.  This pie is from Modern Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut USA.  Thanks to Bruce Marshall for the yummy photo. Hey! where did that first slice go already?
Begin drooling now. Mmmmmmm. This pie is from Modern Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut USA. Thanks to Bruce Marshall for the yummy photo. Hey! where did that first slice go already?

Where's your favorite pizza from?

When you think of GREAT PIZZA, what place, brand or location comes to YOUR mind? I won't talk much in this article, but leave the specific details up to YOU, dear HubPages readers.

In this INTERACTIVE ARTICLE, we need YOU to tell everyone else the pizza you like most.

You don't have to be a great writer, just tell us the NAME and CITY (and COUNTRY) of where you enjoy your "little slice of heaven". And, tell us WHY you love it so, with a few details of what makes that place so very cool.


...SMALL AND SIMPLE? A small, quaint, dimly-lit mom & pop establishment with cheesy, oozy pizza served on paper plates with paper napkins and a red checkered tablecloth? A place that's so small they only serve pizza there, and almost nothing else?

...LARGE AND FANCY? A large, fancy restaurant with many waiters where the place has cloth napkins, real silverware, and tons of other food?

...IN A MAJOR CITY on the ground floor of a giant skyscraper? On a main street in one of the world's largest metropolitian areas? Inside an amusement park?

...IN A SMALL VILLAGE, far from humanity, removed from the masses, on a side street with a million oak trees, where parking lot is always packed...or maybe everyone parks on the street right outside?

Pizza has a long, celebrated history with traditions that reach worldwide.  In fact, pizza is so wildly popular almost everywhere that It has its own Wikipedia entry

Someone has to go first

OK, OK, you twisted my arm. Although I've been all around the world and have visited 49 states, I'll kick off this giant list with two of my local faves, then the rest is up to you guys:

FAMOUS PIZZA - Bethel, Connecticut, USA. It's right in the heart of this very small suburban village, far enough away from the nearby city of Danbury to make it feel like it's a world away. The pizza is juicy, filled with flavor, and you get wrapped in the aromas the moment you open the door. Next time I go, I'll take a few pix and post them here.

PEPE'S - New Haven, Connecticut, USA. This one is known by thousands all over Southern New England. In the middle of the historic Italian district on Wooster Street in downtown New Haven, you mostly park in the street because the lots fill up fast. The place's reputation speaks for itself: most evenings there is a line of people coming right out the front door and into the street or along the sidewalk, filled with hungy patrons ready to munch.

But there are hundreds, probably thousands more places. Let's hear your opinion. ALL opinions are welcome, as long as they relate to pizza.

So, tell me how wrong I am. Add YOUR favorite places and WHY you like them so much. And hey, add a link to their web site to give'em a worldwide free plug they'll really appreciate.

Have fun and bon appetit!

Tom Z (Tom Zarecki), lifelong pizza fan


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    • profile image

      Jack Kratoville 

      3 years ago

      There are a few that have come and gone. While no one tops the homemade pizza of my wife or mother, here are a few favs that are still around, in no particular order. Nanuet Restaurant, Nanuet, NY - Sam's Restaurant, East Hampton, NY - Posto's (Spunto's, et al), New York, NY - Pepe's, New Haven, CT.

    • TheaterProducer profile image


      4 years ago from United States of America

      Since the original publication date a new restaurant has opened in Brookfield , Connecticut. Forno has become my new favorite for pizza. When I left New York in the 1960's I left good pizza behind. Over the years I have become accustomed to a lot of what Conn. has to offer, and the offerings have gotten better too. Certainly the first two Conn. suggestions are good, and Frank Pepe ( has come to Danbury. Two other very good pies come from Augie's #1 ( and Mykonos ( But the best is Forno, brick oven (

      Ou don't have to take my word for it, stop by each and try them for your self. You'll be happy all the way home.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      papa johns. .

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The Pizza Machine in Springfield Illinois serves great tasting pizza and will lower an 'extra large' pie onto your seving table by way of a ceiling mounted crane assembly. This place has tons of personality and is perfect for pizza loving kids' birthday parties. Look it up on the net and see the picturres of the inside. This is worth a look-see.

    • Pcunix profile image

      Tony Lawrence 

      8 years ago from SE MA

      Town Spa, Stoughton, MA. Made with Cheddar and Romano cheese. People travel from Maine to eat there!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      There is three places you need to go to, it will change the way you feel about pizza forever. It's the best pizza you will ever taste. All three places are in ny. Don't worry it's not some greasy, fat pizza that comes from the freezer like most pizzerias in america. It's truly AMAZING. My family has been going to these places since like forver, its truly the best. They have been open for a very long time so they have to be doing somethung right. Haha im not kidding it's the best. It automatically made my favorite food pizza. Ok so the first place is called Lee's. It is in Staten Island, New York. This pizza is thin and amazing. They have been open forever and using a secret family recipe since they opened. Another pizzaria would be L and B pizza in Brooklyn. It's sicilian style but the most amazing thing u ever tasted. Crunchy bottom, soft top. Cheesy, saucy, simple, non greesy and perfect. Another would be John's pizza. This place has great pizza and is perfect if you love pizza loaded with toppings. The atmosphere is great, perfect casual place with over the top pizza. So next time you are in ny be sure to try these and you will love it!!!!

    • Dink96 profile image


      8 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      Here in Phoenix everyone raves over Pizzeria Bianco, even Martha Stewart has been there, but personally, I won't go to a joint that makes you wait for HOURS and d/n take reservations. I don't care how good the pizza is (and it is good there...but I'll remember them when they were in a little shopping mall and not so "trendy."

      One of the BEST Italian/pizza joints I've ever experienced is VITO'S PIZZA in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. A little tiny joint, but they make some of the best pies and Italian food I've ever had.

      We were on vacation pre-cruise and discovered this fabulous place---went back several times---it was THAT good!

    • profile image

      Dennis Jackson 

      9 years ago

      However, let me speak for myself and note that a double mozz sprinkled weith Parmesan at Modern Apizza on State St. in NOO Haven remains my fave. I will admit that this pie is only 95% consistent, but that may be becaase I've had so much of it that I have a meaningful sample, as opposed to other places.

      The whole Modern experience adds to it; friendly staff and customers, salads and pitchers of Long Trail and other drafts and soda available.

      Next would be a tie between good old Sally's on Wooster St. in New Haven's Little Italy, Roseland Apizza on a side street in Derby, and the aforementioned Zuppardi's.

      The best pizza in and around New Haven is a subject of much debate! I would leave Pepe's out of that debate, personally.

      Don't miss a cappuccino and incredible desserts at Libby's on Wooster St. I hear they've opened another location in North Haven. Lucibello's on Olive St. is good, but no atmosphere and closes at 5PM. BTW, of these, only Zuppardi's is open on Mondays to the best of my knowledge.

    • profile image

      Dennis Jackson 

      9 years ago

      My wife and loyal opposition when it comes to pizza prefers the likes of eggplant on her pah. Give me double mozz and possibly zaw-aeech, but eggplant? Yeesh!

      Anyway, her favorite is Zuppardi's at 179 Union Avenue in West Haven. It's a small place off the beaten track and without a lot atmosphere, except for the atmosphere of an authentic, no nonsense pizzeria with a long heritage and its own magical family recipe that people come for from miles around.

      Upon digging in, it is clearly related to the extended NOO Haven family of ah-beetz, which to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever partaken of and come away thinking that can be beat.

      It is noted that no state has a higher percentage of Italian-Americans than Connecticut (home of the 6 time NCAAW Champion UConn Women!), so this is fertile pah territory.

    • profile image

      Roger Rafson 

      9 years ago

      In Chicago I love Gino's East for pan pizza and Giordano's for stuffed. One of my favorite things to do is visit the Giordano's close to Wrigley Field and then walk over and catch a Cubs game!


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