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Grilled Chicken Breasts, sprinkled with humour

Updated on October 23, 2012
Barbeque Chicken Breasts grilled in the backyard taking advantage of the day's warm temperature!
Barbeque Chicken Breasts grilled in the backyard taking advantage of the day's warm temperature!
Marinated chicken breasts on screaming hot grill.
Marinated chicken breasts on screaming hot grill.
Turning one by one, making sure it's right.
Turning one by one, making sure it's right.

Get up and boogie! Get up and boogie!

Looking down, the sun’s smile a'flaring

the sky washed blue in hue and clear;

it's a day to put out the pale chicken

add fresh garlic and Italian dressing,

make haste the charcoal burning.

Ready or not,

the grill is screaming hot;

no time to waste, it’s in a blaze

chicken dear, lay here, lay here.

Turning one by one,

and surely side to side,

the colour blistered in devilish gold;

blushing vainly at the spectator sun,

“Would you come down and join the fun?”

Soft rosy freckled buns delayed no kiss ♥

to the mighty rugged iron grill;

twenty minutes cry yield, “I’m through!”

and the table laid set, ready to steal.

Simple Recipe: Sexy Grilled Chicken Breasts

Ingredients: (3 servings)

  • 3 fresh large Chicken Breasts (boneless and skinless)
  • 4 garlic cloves, chopped or crushed
  • ½ cup Kraft's Zesty Italian (piquante) Vinaigrette
  • olive oil


  1. Wash fresh chicken breasts thoroughly. Remove extra clinging fat. Make pokes on both sides of the chicken using a fork.
  2. Marinate with chopped or crushed fresh garlic. Add olive oil and half a cup of Kraft's Zesty Italian Vinaigrette.
  3. Let sit in the fridge covered 30-60 minutes OR overnight.

After 30-60 Minutes or the Next Day...

  • Prepare your outdoor "charcoal" barbeque grill. "Groom" before starting.
  • Grill must be proud and handsome; and screaming HOT!
  • Grease lightly onto the grid or cooking spray. Don't overdo. You want to avoid your grill looking like John Travolta! Though he's hot, but greasy.

Grease and John Travolta.
Grease and John Travolta. | Source
  • Initial grilling is two minutes on each side. Cover. The sun is watching!
  • Charcoal should still be fine; grill on medium heat. Heat is good!
  • Flip sexy chicken 10 to 12 minutes one time until tenderly cooked. The grill can handle all three breasts together, no problem!
  • Grill with the lid closed to bake the chicken and retain its moisture. More sexiness developing!
  • Throw in the flirty buns for a few minutes each side. Give it a little privacy kissing the macho grill (the chickens don't mind). Let blush, not burn.
  • Smile! Your tender, juicy, sexy goldie chicken breasts are ready. Serve right off the grill! Sorry grill, you had your time.
  • Start romancing your Sexy Grilled Chicken Breast sandwich. Don't delay!

Tip: Add a super hot sauce to make you more fired up. Savour it outdoors with a cold, cold beer or red wine or Coca~Cola. Chirpy chirpy chirp chirp! ≈ ♥ ≈


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    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Thank you too, Cris Sp!

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Hello sexy chicken! So with your permission, I've linked this hub with my latest hub: "How to recycle orange peel". --Thanks!

    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Oh hi Emily! Thanks so much for finding this hub wonderful! You just gave me a wide smile ear to ear! Happy, happy me! I had a funny thought about the whole idea. I'll try to apply humour where it fits onto my recipe postings. Thanks too for the rest of the votes! The chicken was really juicy good. Try it.

    • emilybee profile image

      emilybee 6 years ago

      I found this completely wonderful, especially the sexy buns and the Grease reference. What a great way to write up a recipe idea!! Voted up, useful, funny and awesome.