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Coffee Lover Gifts

Updated on May 23, 2014

Gift ideas for your coffee lover...

Like millions of coffee drinkers I love my coffee in the morning, during the day or come to think of it, anytime except, right before bed time! I like it fixed up fancy once in a while, like after a cold snowy day on the ski slopes while on vacation, at a fancy hotel, I might just spring for a specialty coffee.

But more often I simply use a variety of whole coffee beans which I grind immediately prior to brewing it in our French press pot coffee maker, then take half and half and just a pinch of sugar. Over the years I have had plenty of coffee lover gifts ranging from coffee mugs to bags of coffee beans from exotic places, a coffee machine or two and I have loved them all, so will your coffee drinker.

If you have a coffee addict on your gift shopping list and your concerned because by your calculations you figure he or she spend entirely too much hard earned cash by buying a cup (or more) of coffee everyday at the cafe, fuel stop or convenience store, then you should consider gifting them a coffee maker for right in the kitchen, they'll save a fortune over the course of the next year and beyond...

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Coffee Lover Gift Idea Quick Picks

Here's a quick peek of Coffee lover presents in this gift guide...


e are always searching for the best gifts for coffee lovers out there. When somebody suggests a gift or we run across a cool present while out looking for new gift ideas, we'll spotlight it here at the top section of the gift guide for coffee drinkers. It could be something classic, or it could even be a new, highly rated present. If Coffee Lover Gift Guide shoppers like it enough to buy it, I'll incorporate it into the gift ideas for coffee aficionados page. So I guess I'm saying this is our coffee lovers gift test section!

Mr. Coffee














Keurig B60

Special Edition

Gourmet Single-Cup

Home-Brewing System





Good Coffee Makers

Brew it up! Percolators, drip coffee makers, french press pot...

First and foremost the coffee aficionado needs his or her coffee maker. I prefer the french press pot method myself, but to each their own. My grandma has a percolator coffee pot (lower left) she has used for as long as I can remember and you could never get her to switch, mom uses the drip coffee make (right) method where as my girlfriend would just as soon press a button and have it fill the cup with as little mess and fussing around as possible.

The French press style of coffee maker is quickly becoming one of the more popular for a reason, great taste. Here's our french press coffee maker which makes enough coffee to serve 3-4 people. They say the pressed coffee extracts essentials oils and such from the coffee for a superior flavor, in my opinion.

I think percolated coffee tastes really good compared to most other types of coffee brewing. The way the hot water circulates through grounds, and I love that familiar percolating sound created when the heats up it can be seen percolating in the clear bubble on the lid. Plus, no need to spend money on paper filters eliminating the worries about dioxin leaking from those nasty paper filters into your drink and negatively impacting the taste. It's my experience that you may also use less coffee than you would in other types coffee makers and still get rich, full flavor.

CorningWare French White 20-Ounce Mug w/Lid - Glass cup with a plastic lid make cooking, serving, and storing convenient...

This CorningWare mug holds 20+ ounces of coffee, even soup soup.

Corningware 20-Ounce Oven Safe Meal Mug with Vented Lid, French White
Corningware 20-Ounce Oven Safe Meal Mug with Vented Lid, French White

So last year for her valentines day wish my girlfriend said she wanted a nice big coffee mug with a lid to keep from spilling. She made it clear she did not really want a thermos insulated type of travel mug, but something rather simple a regular type coffee cup. So this is what I found and she loved it!


I'll be blunt here, this coffee system is for people that love a good cup of coffee but are just to busy or to even to lazy to spend the time and effort to brew a cup of coffee in on of the tried and true traditional methods. I admit there are times when the Keurig is handy and I'm not knocking the taste, a buddy of mine has a Keurig, believe or not he drags the thing on camping trips and runs it on an inverter, needless to say I have enjoyed many varieties of K-cups, i'll say it's a consistently good cup of java.

Brewing up a fresh cup of joe with the Keurig coffee maker takes just 3 easy steps, and the mug is full of with the boldest, bestest brew ever is ready to pour in less than a minute.

It's a single cup brewer and a world of favorite flavors. Green Mountain Coffee, Newman's Own, The Original Donut Shop, Kahlua, Tully's, Wolfgang Puck in fact K-Cups may include: regular coffees, flavored coffees, medium and bold coffees, iced teas, hot teas, apple ciders, iced coffees, hot chocolates, etc.

My buddy has one of these K-cup drawers under his Keurig Coffee Machine and it's really convenient because it takes up no extra counter space and your flavors are right there when your fiending for a cup of coffee.

The Prescription Coffee Mug - A great gift for coffee addicts...

BigMouth Inc. The Prescription Coffee Mug - Hilarious 12 oz Ceramic Coffee Cup in the Shape of a Pill Bottle - Perfect for Home or Office, Makes a Great Gift
BigMouth Inc. The Prescription Coffee Mug - Hilarious 12 oz Ceramic Coffee Cup in the Shape of a Pill Bottle - Perfect for Home or Office, Makes a Great Gift

I believe we all know somebody who just isn't the same till they have had their morning "prescription" of course I am referring to their morning cup of coffee. Here's a unique coffee mug that plays off of that theme and I think it's hilarious too. The right coffee lover will really enjoy this fun gift idea.


This french press coffee maker is on my wish list! After comparison shopping for some time I have decided that this is my next coffee maker. Why? Most importantly I really prefer the subtle flavor nuances of the press pot coffee maker and secondly I want something more durable than my current press pot which is glass. I want a press pot I can take camping or to music festivals and I learned the hard way when they confiscated my last one on the way into the festival campground, they said sorry no glass and bingo it was gone. Do you know how much they charge for a coffee at music festivals? It's atrocious.

I can just taste the pure flavor of the coffee with this premium double wall insulated French Coffee Press that keeps coffee hot much longer than a regular glass press. This press is extremely durable, built to stand the test of time. I want it!

When I was in college I had this coffee maker/coffee mug combo from Black and Decker and I really liked it a lot. It saved me a whole step in the morning ritual by brewing the coffee directly into my insulated coffee mug. It's ease and convenience saved me a fortune over stopping into the local coffee shop on the way to the campus. I highly recommend this for the single person who wants to grab a good quick cup of java and be on the way.

Have you ever had a cup of illy? It's absolutely awesome coffee! When we went on explorer canoe trips into the backwaters of the Boundary Waters up in MN my buddy and his wife would always bring illy coffee on the trip. They would rave on and on about the blend of coffee beans. All I know is that you could count on it always being a great cup of coffee.

A single perfect blend of premium Arabica beans, handpicked from nine different coffee-growing regions around the world, that undergoes 114 quality control steps before any can of illy is ever packaged, opened or served.

Discover the smooth rich taste of illy coffee. Purchase a case and receive 2 free logo cups + free shipping.

Photographers Love Coffee Too!!! - Here's that perfect gift for the photographer that craves coffee.

This looks like a zoom lens, but it's a novelty gift for the photographer.

Did you know that coffee beans degrade quickly after being ground, for the peak taste, use whole coffee beans. So one of the keys to great coffee is freshly ground beans and that's what this unique coffee maker does best. It automatically grinds whole coffee beans immediately before brewing so they're always fresh ground! Fully programmable with a clean design, this 12-cup coffee maker will feel right at home in any coffee lover's kitchen.

Many years ago my parents brought me back a package of coffee from Hawaii and ever since then I was hooked on Kona coffee There's just something special about the unique environment that comprises the Kona Coffee Belt, a scant 2 miles by 15 miles, which has perfect growing conditions for exceptional quality coffee beans. Coffee bushes simply thrive on those volcanic hillsides under that morning sunshine and then in afternoon it clouds up. The result is one of the finest coffee's in the universe.

I fill my coffee grinder with the right amount of roasted whole coffee beans and grind 'em to just the perfect fineness, then I pour them into my coffee press pot, pour in boiling water and let it sit for a bit. then I slowly press the plunger down on the french press and pour it up. Just tap the grinder button 2 or 3 times to achieve desired grind fineness.

This summer Jack need a new coffee mug and I got him this one. I asked him about it and he said that he loved it and he uses it all the time and that's about all I could get out of him which is OK, he's happy with it.

Add a touch of zesty coffee art to the kitchen with this delightful "Coffee Time" wall clock. Each clock features an acrylic painting that is decoupaged on by hand and finished off with lovely clock hands. This clock compliments the kitchen with it's warm and fuzzy image of a steaming cup of coffee and comfortable mix of warm, inviting colors. Made by hand in the USA!

Take Peet's on the road with you. This gift package includes a full pound of Major Dickason's Famous Blend ground ideally for the presspot, teamed up with a very nice brown Peet's Logo Travel Coffee Press mug.

Peet's Coffee - Deep-roasted and delivered fresh since 1966.

Once in a while I get this craving for a cup of that frothy deliciousness that oozes out of that espresso machine that costs more than my car, that's when I fork out a 1/2 an hours take home pay to satisfy my urge.

For those that want espresso regularly having an espresso machine at home can be both convenient and cost effective too. In fact having an espresso machine at home pays for itself in no time at all. And nowadays you don't need to spend a fortune on a nice unit either, just take a look at these espresso machines for espresso lover gift ideas.

Reusable "To-Go" Mug - Reusable travel cup replaces paper and Styrofoam coffee cups

Copco 2510-9963 Acadia Double Wall Insulated Travel Mug with Non-Slip Sleeve, 16-Ounce, White/Brown
Copco 2510-9963 Acadia Double Wall Insulated Travel Mug with Non-Slip Sleeve, 16-Ounce, White/Brown

This girl at work has one of these coffee mugs. I thought it was the typical to-go cup till I looked a little closer and realized it was a reusable cup.


Coffee Calendar - We are using the 2013 version of this wall calendar in the kitchen and I love the art work.

Coffee 2014 Deluxe Wall Calendar
Coffee 2014 Deluxe Wall Calendar

Is there's a better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee or two? Well, this 2014 Coffee Art Calendar is a great way to start off 2014. The 12 perky designs please the most discriminating coffee.


© 2013-2014 Flowski. All rights Reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Commercial reproduction of this Coffee Lover Gifts Squidoo Lens in part, or in whole without written permission is prohibited by law.

Images in this gift guide are either product images supplied by merchant partners and are provided for our use in connection with our affiliate relationship, or are stock photos purchased from Fotolia and are copyright protected DO NOT COPY THE PICTURES.


f you have any other ideas, leave a comment below and share your thoughts. I like to hear from you, and I appreciate your feedback. We use your input to make it better for future visitors. Also, a special thanks for shopping here. I appreciate it very much, you're awesome.

Comments & Suggestions - Please, Leave a Blurb! We sincerely enjoy reading your comments and use feedback to improve the gift guide...

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