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Deep Fried Ice Cream

Updated on July 7, 2014

What is Deep Fried Ice Cream?

Deep fried ice cream is a dessert. You start with a scoop of ice cream covered in a batter or crumbs and then it is fried in oil. Sometimes the ice cream is kept at much cooler temperatures than normal to prevent it from melting when you submerge the batter/ice cream combination in oil. Sometimes a raw egg is used to coat the ice cream for even more protection under the batter or crumbs. There are two variations one from Asia and one Mexican-American.

The Asian variety uses tempura batter to cover the ice cream before deep frying it. While the Mexican-American version usually covers the ice cream in corn flakes, cookie crumbs or nuts beforehand.

In any event it is a delicious treat for people of all ages and it leaves a lot up to creativity of the individual making it.

I remember the first time I had this treat I didn't believe it was possible to fry ice cream. It seemed like my deep fried ice cream would arrive with a puddle of melted sweet liquid but sure enough it came with a cold ice cream center and a warm crunchy outside. It is a great combination of hot and cold, smooth and crunchy and I fell in love with this wonderful food.

Here is some information and recipes I have discovered about deep fried ice cream.

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The History of Deep Fried Ice Cream

Wikipedia fried ice cream

There are conflicting stories about the creation of this delicious treat.

Here are some theories:

1893: Possibly served at the Chicago Worlds Fair.

1894: Possibly created by a Philadelphia company (ice cream wrapped in pie crust and fried in lard or butter)

1960s: Possibly created by Japanese Tempura restaurants.

Whichever theory you believe this is an amazing treat that has been improved and added too over time.

"Baked Alaska" vs "Fried Ice Cream"

What is a Baked Alaska?

A scoop of ice cream is placed on sponge cake or pudding and covered over with meringue. It is then placed in a hot oven and baked until the meringue firms.

What is Deep Fried Ice Cream?

A scoop of ice cream is covered with batter, corn flakes, or crumbs and fried in oil.

Both desserts are made using heat and ice cream. This differences include the method used to cook (oven vs. frying) as well as the ingredients used to cover the ice cream. However, both methods use insulation and quick cooking times to allow for a treat that is cold in the center and hot on the outer layer.

How to creatively make deep fried ice cream

What you will need

- A carton of ice cream (any flavor).

- 1 Egg

- oil, lard or butter (in a fryer or large pot)

- crumbs or batter (any of the following: cereal, cookie crumbs, bread crumbs, shredded coconut, muesli, tempura batter, cake batter, etc...)


- Sugar

- Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, mint, etc..

- Whipped Topping

- Honey

- Nuts

- Sprinkles

- Sauces ( chocolate, strawberry, caramel, etc..)

- Fruit (strawberries, blueberries)

- Candies

Use a ice cream scoop to make several ball of ice cream. Put the crumbs into a bowl and add sugar or spices if needed (eg. cornflakes, sugar and cinnamon). Most likely you will not need extra sugar if you use cookie crumbs. Roll the ice cream balls in the crumb mixture. Place the ice cream balls on a sheet pan in the freezer for 2 hours. Next beat the egg in a bowl and dip each ball into the egg. Then roll the ball in another layer of crumbs. Return the balls to the freezer for a few more hours. Heat your oil to 450 Degrees in a deep fryer or pot. Use a slotted spoon or frying basket to put the ice cream ball into the hot oil and remove it after 1 minute. Fry one ball at a time for 1 minute each. Increase of decrease the time if the coating isn't cooked well enough or the inside starts to melt. You can also adjust your fryer temperature as necessary. Afterwards it is ready to be served. Add honey, whipped cream, sauces, nuts or anything else you would like and Enjoy.

Videos - How to Make Deep Fried Ice Cream - Instructions from the people of youtube

Do you like Deep Fried Ice Cream?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      i'll eat anything fried, ice cream, chocolate bars, twinkies... love it

    • profile image

      blanckj 6 years ago

      Fried ice cream is something I haven't had in a while.