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Double Benefits of Cooking with Spices: Adding Flavor to Food Plus Curing Diseases

Updated on December 28, 2011

Do you know that spices we use for cooking not only add flavor to food and recipes but also have magical therapeutic properties which help cure various diseases. Interestingly, our kitchen loaded with rich spices is the main source of natural remedies for different types of diseases and problems. Some spices are rich in antioxidants and some are rich in iron and other minerals. Some heal blood related problems and some treat diabetes naturally, so there are a lot of benefits of using spices because they not only increase the taste and flavor of our food and increase our appetite on a neurological level but also treat some most common diseases. Now go ahead and read my list of some spices with therapeutic effects in this article.

Rich Spices of India
Rich Spices of India


The health benefits of garlic are well known all over the world. Researchers at various universities throughout the world have not only acknowledged but have totally recommended eating garlic every day to prevent cancer. Recent studies have shown that chronic cholesterol patients who ate garlic for just 3 months have noticed a reduction in their overall cholesterol levels. Another benefit of garlic is that it facilitates the circulation of blood and provides cardiovascular health benefits. It is used in India in almost each and every vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipe.



Basil herbal spice is high in antioxidants and its boost immune system. This spice also helps prevent hair loss. In India, basil is a sacred plant since ancient times not just because it has any connection to old Gods and Goddesses of India but due to its natural healing properties that have been experienced and appreciated by millions of Indians since Indus valley civilization. Also, if a person will consume 5 leaves of sacred basil or tulsi in the morning, he/she can prevent swine flu without any medicine. Tulsi or basil is a natural remedy for fever, cough, tiredness, etc. Indians use to drink tulsi or basil tea to prevent cold and cough in winters.

Sacred basil = Healing tulsi
Sacred basil = Healing tulsi


This is an excellent stomach tonic which aids in digestion and also eradicates bad breath. Also, parsley as a diuretic helps eliminate fluid retention. Parsley lotion helps eliminate acne.


According to some recent studies, fenugreek has been found effective in cases of low blood sugar. Fenugreek is also beneficial in increasing weight up a few pounds. Fenugreek helps women in increasing breast size and achieve proper lactation when breastfeeding. Also read my previous article: Benefits Of Fenugreek Herb - Where To Buy Fenugreek Seeds Online

Cinnamon spice
Cinnamon spice
Curry spices
Curry spices


This herbal spice is helpful for people having type II diabetes, especially diabetic patients who have difficulty processing insulin. Cinnamon helps the body respond to insulin.


While the curry is rather a combination of various spices, but it is very useful for health. According to an article published in, the curry helps in eliminating joint pains caused by severe and chronic arthritis. Another health benefit of curry is that it helps against cancer due to its content known as curcumin.


Turmeric or haldi has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect on both skin and inside organs of body. Turmeric’s powerful antiseptic is very good in relieving pain caused due to inflammation. Turmeric cream is helpful in reducing eye bags. There is no food or recipe made in my house which comes without addition of turmeric powder. Whether it is baingan ka bharta (Brinjal’s salan) or it is the famous rajmah recipe (red kidney beans), everything has one teaspoon of turmeric added to it and this is the reason why I have been able to heal my intestinal problems.

Real turmeric pic Indian
Real turmeric pic Indian


Nutmeg is also called jaiphal in Hindi and helps in lowering blood pressure. Its warming effect brings blood to skin, which reduces the overall pressure.

So after going through the details mentioned above, it is clear that yes there are double benefits of using spices in cooking because they add flavor to food and serve as natural remedies against infections and diseases.

Nutmeg or jaiphal in Hindi
Nutmeg or jaiphal in Hindi
Spices of India = Taste of India
Spices of India = Taste of India

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