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FAST & EASY Beef stew - for LAZY COOKS, like Me!

Updated on July 1, 2011
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Kathryn Skaggs is the founder of Mormon Women Stand, a community of over 40K LDS women and the popular blog, A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Oh So Delicious...
Oh So Delicious...


When I saw the request for 'Beef Stew' I totally had to giggle to myself. I remember all the years that I took the time to get that old recipe book out -- you know the one? It's the big red and white checkered "Betty Crocker Cook Book" -- that we all know and thought we loved. LOL I'm only kidding Betty! There's still a few recipes that I continue to use year after year. This is because my family is insistent that we have this or that dish, which is in that book. This usually happens during the holidays, when I try to suggest something different 'this year'. But they still want what Betty is cooking... tradition I guess.

Or maybe, it's because I am a 'Mormon" woman... and you know, we are supposed to be great in the kitchen? Well, anyway, I am a good cook when I choose to be, but I choose to do so many other things that often times cooking is the last priority on my list. I would rather read a book on Mormons and learn more about my religion... that goes to the top for me. Or study about women and learn from them and their experiences.

You know, come to think of it... I have never read a book about women, where they tell you much about their cooking life? Have you?

Now, just so I don't leave a negative impression and 'ANOTHER' stereotype about Mormon women, nurturing our families IS our number one priority. But, my children are grown now, except for my youngest son who is 16. He is as independent as I am. And besides, my awesome husband is a great cook. Things can really change for us woman as our families change. I like that. So my days of being in the kitchen, although even somewhat oppositional then, (I am smiling) are much less frequent now. I rock on special occasions though, and continue to amaze myself when I really want to pull it out!

These day though, I want it FAST and EASY! This woman has so much more to do, now that I am at a different place in my life. That only seems fair from my perspective. I remember when I had four of my children and my oldest was five. I know... your thinking I am crazy? Yes, I think I was... but I sure am glad that I was, because I can't tell you all of the joy these children of mine have brought to me.

Sometimes when reflecting upon what 'this' women, me, went through as I was raising them... I realize when I look at them now, and the lives they are leading -- that our children are a miracle. I am so impressed with each one of my children and the choices that they are making now in their lives.

Do YOU Like Your Recipes Fast And Easy.... ME TOO!

Enough bragging... but we women need to be proud of what it means to be a mother and the effort it requires to nurture our families. I have judged myself so harshly at times, because I felt that I did not measure up to what I 'thought' a Mormon women should be. I am so over that now. Thank heaven. But I know that you, most likely, have used somebody Else's standard to judge yourself by too. So, I know you can relate to this Mormon woman, with her personal thoughts. What we all come to realize, when we look back, is that we are the ones that have mis-perceived the expectation that we have judged ourselves by. How exhausting is that to recognize?

But recognize it we must! When we do, we set our own expectations for ourselves. And this, is when we really start to grow and develop into the women we are meant to be. We start to understand our value to others and our impact in their lives.

And finally allow ourselves, to BE, with the confidence of knowing -- that to be yourself, is enough.

Okay, let's get on with this Beef Stew thing, because I know this can help you 'pull it out' on a day that you need to, and not spend much time doing it.

Hey, I Don't Know About You -- But I've Got A lot More To Do Today.


So Lets Get Started
So Lets Get Started

'Make It Easy On Yourself'

FAST & EASY BEEF STEW... Coming Right Up!

I said I like it FAST & EASY, and I am going to deliver! Just to be honest here, I am really not as lazy as I said, just choosy. And we know, that is perfectly fine...

I haven't taken the time to read any of the others who have posted a recipe for 'Beef Stew'. I knew that if I did, I might be too embarrassed to post my recipe. Then I thought that for those of you who have not done 'Beef Stew' this simple and easy way, I would be cheating you.

This fast and easy recipe is for those who are NOT willing to spend the time making 'Beef Stew' the old fashion way anymore. This is for rebellious cooks, like me. I am putting this out there for those of you like me, who don't really enjoy spending a lot of their time in the kitchen these days.

As I said before, I used to do much more cooking than I do now. In fact, my husband has become quite the cook. He loves 'Beef Stew' and has even learned how to make it himself. He still does it his way. Although, I prefer my new, easy way to make 'Beef Stew.

I need to disclose a bit of false advertising that is alluded to in the title. I said this was fast and easy. It is. But this is done in a slow-cooker or a crock pot. Whatever you prefer to call it... So, in order to be honest, you should know that this recipe will need to have at least 3-4 hours to let it cook. But, the best part about this 'Beef Stew' recipe, is that you can throw it together in literally minutes! And that's the truth.

So, what is this recipe you ask? Well, it begins with a packaged mix. Now, don't go clicking me off until you hear me out. Believe it or not, when you serve this up, it will taste as good, if not better, than any 'Beef Stew' you have ever tasted before. And it took you only minutes to prepare.

If any of you have gotten into crock-pot cooking, you know what a dream it can be. Earlier in the day, you just toss things together, plug it in -- wipe things down, and your off for the day. You return a bit later, the house smells wonderful. The best part is you are not spending time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up after a big meal. Everyone is impressed, thinking you MUST have spent a lot of time to prepare this just for them. For some reason, it makes people feel good to know that someone has slaved in the kitchen for them... go figure? So this is a great compromise, where everyone is the winner!


At any grocery store, pick yourself up a package of the 'slow cooker' mix for 'Beef Stew'. You can follow the package directions if you like. (it will be in the mixes section with all the other packaged mixes)

Here is what I do with it...

I get approximately two pounds of stew meat, already cut.

I use red potatoes. I only need to scrub them up a bit and chop them in quarters, or smaller if you prefer.

I buy a nice bag of baby carrots. These are usually already cleaned and ready to go.

I then grab a nice onion. Whatever type you prefer will do just fine.

Now, all you do is literally toss the stew meat, cut-up red potatoes, the baby carrots and onions into your crock pot. Then follow the directions to add the proper amount of water to the mix.... stir that up and pour over top of all these ingredients. Now, just put the cover on your slow-cooker and forget about it. That's it!

Oh, I'm sorry if you are at home while this is cooking and you're supposed to be forgetting about the stew... because this smell is absolutely wonderful. The aroma is just like grandma's was when she would spend so much time to make 'Beef Stew' her very special way.

I would love to know what you think about this fast and easy 'Beef Stew' recipe that I have shared with you. I take no credit for it whatsoever. I just wanted to let you all in on this easy way to satisfy your hankering for an old fashion pot of 'Beef Stew', minus the work.


Do you think you will try this fast and easy BEEF STEW recipe?

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  • MsFran profile image

    MsFran 6 years ago from Here and There, Everywhere

    Wow, brilliant. I would love to try this recipe. Very nice hub, btw! Thanks!

  • profile image

    Jon 7 years ago

    I typed 'fast stew' into google and you were the top link.

    Your meandering introduction to the recipe took so long to read I didn't ever get to the ingredients and cooking bit. Then I realised the irony and wrote this comment.

    I am still hungry, and I'm still looking for a fast stew.

  • libby101a profile image

    libby101a 7 years ago from KY

    Thanks for the recipe! MMMM... sounds yummy!

  • Trinsick profile image

    Trinsick 7 years ago from Cali

    Hey I'm a fellow Mormon here in good ol Utah, great recipe!

  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

    Kathryn Skaggs 7 years ago from Southern California

    OK... turkey cooker:)

  • profile image

    turkey 7 years ago

    call me the turkey cooker

  • akirchner profile image

    Audrey Kirchner 8 years ago from Central Oregon

    Looks delicious~

  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

    Kathryn Skaggs 8 years ago from Southern California

    Hi jessica!

    Can't wait to hear the results, of how your beef stew turned out!


  • profile image

    jessica 8 years ago

    i just did this recipe and hope it comes out good i just added water till everything was under water not a lot hope it comes out great ill let ya know how it comes out thanks again

  • profile image

    Joiner mom of 4 8 years ago

    I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THIS AMAZING RECIPE. I have 4 kids and cooking is a chore, but this sounds easy

  • Proud Mom profile image

    Proud Mom 8 years ago from USA

    The Crock-Pot is my best friend. I recently got one with an air-tight seal.

    Thanks for the recipe! Sounds delicious!

  • jim10 profile image

    jim10 8 years ago from ma

    My grandmother makes her beef stew rather thick then puts it on top of mashed potatoes. I wonder if adding less water would work. I am always worried about leaving it on while I go out. Or else I would use it a lot more.

  • Lgali profile image

    Lgali 8 years ago

    nice hub

  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

    Kathryn Skaggs 8 years ago from Southern California

    Marisue -

    Awesome. My family will really enjoy that:-)



  • marisuewrites profile image

    marisuewrites 8 years ago from USA

    Great, I'll get the recipe up as a hub soon! =)) Merry Christmas, to you and yours!

  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

    Kathryn Skaggs 8 years ago from Southern California

    marisue -

    The kitchen is no doubt, the heart of the home. I still find, that whenever the family gathers, we always returns to the kitchen.

    I would love to read your book. Oh, and if you do make this easy beef stew - let me know your tweaks. And yes, I would love your cornbread recipe. It sounds great:-)



  • marisuewrites profile image

    marisuewrites 8 years ago from USA

    My life past and present has always centered around the kitchen. I come from a long line of cooks, and while much of their talent surpasssed me, time spent in the kitchen I find in common with them is that many of life's problems are discussed around the kitchen table, and solutions found among the cookies, meatloaf, or baked rolls.

    As a foster mom, cooking was a great time to spend one on one with a teen or two, as we talked about their feelings, their day, or their current woes or joy. Maybe I should write that book about how cooking affects most of my life and family and friends. Many of my hubs are centered around memories of laughter and cooking goofs. One of my aunts, a dear and true blue Church of Christ lady, was assigned to cook a big meal for visiting preachers, back in the 60's. Cooking was an art for her, but even the best make mistakes. She measured out a "palm" of salt instead of sugar for her cake, and it was the nastiest cake anyone ever tried to eat. Thankfully, she made more than one dessert, as was her habit.

    Even today, tho' my kids are gone from the home, I am in the kitchen more times than not, cooking somethng to chase away the blues, or satisfy a craving. This stew sounds great, my husband makes a delicious one as well, I'll have to write the recipe, as it's a pinch of this and a pinch of that. =))

    As a lover of books and learning, I can understand your distraction. =)) Do you like cornbread with your stew? I have a delicious recipe for corn fritters dusted with powdered sugar, good for "after stew" or without the powdered sugar, IN the stew.

    The crockpot is one of my favorite cooking utensils!!

  • profile image

    Mormon Soprano 9 years ago

    I use my slow cooker almost daily now. I put things together the night before, keep it in the fridge, and then pull out and plug in the morning. I have a similar stew recipie - I add 2 cans of Cream of Mushroom = 2 cans water and one pkg. dried french onion soup mix to a big pile of chopped veggies you have listed, and I pan sear the stew meat just prior in olive oil to seal in the juices. cook on low all day. Absolute heaven.

  • Shirley Anderson profile image

    Shirley Anderson 9 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    This sounds yummy! I don't believe that you're a lazy cook, though. :)

  • profile image

    Claudia Goldstein 9 years ago

    This looks easy to make, I'll have to try it sometime.....

  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

    Kathryn Skaggs 9 years ago from Southern California

    solarshingles -

    Nothing like comfort food, eh? Well, this easy beef stew won't disappoint. Oh, and you are right, some great bread is a must. Enjoy!



  • solarshingles profile image

    solarshingles 9 years ago from london

    Kathryn, you could really 'buy me' and terat me with beef stew anytime! I simply love it in large portions...and to be honest, I also eat some fresh white bread with:)

  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

    Kathryn Skaggs 9 years ago from Southern California

    Thanks Monsupress -

    It really is this simple. And do come back and tell me how it came out for you? I will wait anxiously to know if you liked it...

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment:-)


  • monsupress profile image

    monsupress 9 years ago

    Hope to try it during the weekend. Great post.

  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

    Kathryn Skaggs 9 years ago from Southern California

    Hi MoralEthics,

    Welcome to HubPages and thanks for visiting my site and becoming my fan:-)

    I look forward to hearing from you. I visited your profile and see that you are quite the gal. As well as a fellow 'Nana'!


  • MoralsEthics1960 profile image

    MoralsEthics1960 9 years ago from Florida

    looks awesome

  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

    Kathryn Skaggs 9 years ago from Southern California

    LOL... then make it! It really is sooo easy:-) Thanks for visiting!


  • MrMarmalade profile image

    MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

    I like the sound and the smell is getting to me.

    Thank you