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Fake Cake - Fakes Cakes For Every Occasion

Updated on August 31, 2011

A Fake Cake Is Useful

Here's a useful selection of plain fake cakes and decorated fake cakes to choose from. Whether you're buying a fake cake to use for practicing your cake decorating skills, using it as a display piece, or creating the illusion that an edible cake is bigger than it really is, there's a fake cake to suit all your needs below.

Wedding cakes are expensive, so if you want or need to cut costs, using a fake cake to make the edible cake appear more substantial is a great way of doing so. You could choose a fake tiered cake and just have the top tier edible, that way you get a whole lot more visual effect for your money.

See below for the fake cakes available. If you're looking for decorated fake cakes, they're just below the plain versions.

Fake Cake Plain

No matter what the occasion, a fake cake is a great way to save money. If you are using the fake cake to create the illusion of size, or if you need a cake for display purposes, these plain fake cake dummies are excellent.

Maybe you're new to cake decorating and want to practice, or maybe you're a seasoned pro who wants to try out a design before committing it to an actual cake, These are perfect for either scenario.

The fake cakes listed come in various sizes, go through to the product pages to find the size you need.

Using a plain fake cake is a great way to experiment with not only decorating designs, but also shapes and sizes. You can easily make a fake cake in a new shape and test it out before committing to making it for real. These are real money savers for cake bakers who love to experiment with their designs.

Fake Cake Decorated

Whatever the need for a fake cake, here's an excellent selection to choose from at prices to suit all budgets.

As you can see, there's lots of different types of fake cakes to choose from. All very realistic and visually appealing.

A fake cake is great for a number of different display purposes and though you can opt for a rented cake for a special occasion, it's more cost effective to buy one that you can keep and reuse, or just keep for the memory of the occasion.

These are all really lovely looking cakes that no one will know are fake unless they try to cut into them or try to grab a sneaky bit of topping. So long as your fake cake is out of reach, no one will be any the wiser!


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